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Surfaces and Interfaces in Nanostructured Materials and Trends in LIGA, Miniaturization, and Nanoscale Materials. Fifth MPMD Global Innovations Symposium

  • ID: 2239370
  • Book
  • May 2010
  • Region: Global
  • 412 Pages
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
This volume combines the proceedings of two prominent symposia presented by TMS's Materials Processing and Manufacturing Division (MPMD).

Papers from the Surfaces and Interfaces in Nanostructured Materials Symposium bring together experts working on different aspects of study, such as fabrication, characterization, modification, and modeling, to identify and address important issues, such as structure–chemistry–property relationships; surface engineering approaches in the nanoscale regime; chemistry and atomic bonding at interfaces; kinetics, diffusion paths, and related effects at interfaces; fabrication of "bulk" nanostructures; and advances in interfacial modification/engineering techniques.

Proceedings from the Global Innovations Symposium on Materials Processing and Manufacturing: Trends in LIGA, Miniaturization, and Nanoscale Materials, the fifth in a series sponsored by the MPMD, provide description, insight, challenges, and projections for advances in miniaturized part manufacturing, evaluation, and applications. This collection provides a visionary look to where investments in materials research are likely to occur and what areas in materials R&D are ripe for discoveries that will have major impact on quality of life.

From <a href="[external URL] target="—blank">2004 TMS Annual Meeting which was held in Charlotte, North Carolina, March 14–18, 2004.
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General Phenomena & Processes.

In–Situ TEM Observation of Crystalline–to–Liquid Phase Change in Nanometer–Sized Alloy Particles (J.–G. Lee and H. Mori).

Superconducting and Mechanical Aspects of Nanocrystalline Systems (C.S. Pande and R.A. Masumura).

Critical Factors that Determine FCC to BCC Phase Transformation in Sputter Deposited Austenitic Stainless Steel Films (X. Zhang, A. Misra, R. Shulze, H. Wang, C.J. Wetteland and M. Nastasi).

Surface Damage Micro–Mechanisms in Clay–Filled PolymerNanocomposite (A. Dasari, P. Nerikar, S.D. Wanjale, J.P. Jog and R.D.K. Misra).

Grain & Phase Boundaries.

Diffusion Mechanisms in Grain Boundaries in Conventional and Nanostructured Materials (A. Suzuki and Y. Mishin).

Interfaced–Controlled Nanocrystal Phase Transformations (G. Wilde, P. Bunzel, H. Rösner, R.Z. Valiev and J. Weissmüller).

Differences in Lattice Constant Between the (100) and (111) Oriented Grains in Nanocrystalline Ni and Ni–20%Fe Electrodeposits (D.N. Lee).

Synthesis & Processing.

The Formation of Nanoparticles in Sapphire and Silica by Ion Implantation (J.M. Hampikian and E.M. Hunt).

Surface Nanocrystalline Metallic Materials Fabricated by Near SurfaceSevere Plastic Deformation (N. Tsuji, M. Sato, Y. Minamino and Y. Koizumi).

Plasma Engineered Nanostructured Spherical Aluminum Oxide Powders (T. Laha, K. Balani, B. Potens, M. Andara, A. Agarwal, S. Patil and S. Seal).

Hydrogen Storage Properties of Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes Grown in Oxygen Added PECVD (H.–S. Kim, H. Lee, J.–H. Kim, Y.–M. Kang and J.–Y. Lee).

Coatings & Surface Modification.

Modification of Nanotube–Based Materials by Ion Beam Deposition: Computational Studies (Y. Hu, B. Ni and S.B. Sinnott).

Nanoscale Silver Sintering for High–Temperature Packaging ofSemiconductor Devices (Z. Zhang, J.N. Calata, J.G. Bai and G.–Q. Lu).

Laser Induced In Situ Synthesis of Ultra Fine Carbide Composite Coatingon Steel (A. Singh and N.B. Dahotre).

Chemical Bonding and Morphology of Thin Carbon Films Grown on SiCSurface Via the Carbide–Derived Carbon (CDC) Process (A.V. Zinovev, J.F. Moore, J.N. Hryn, O. Auciello, J.A. Carlisle and M.J. Pellin).

Nanometer–Scale Coating for Nano–Structured Solids (P. Joshi, R.V. Pulikollu and S.M. Mukhopadhyay).

Auto–Organized Nanostructures in the Ti–Al–N Thin Film System (L. Hultman and A. Hörling).

Effect of Processing Parameters on Properties of Nanocrystalline FeCrP Electrodeposits (C.T. Kunioshi, N.B. de Lima, O.V. Correa, N.A. Castro and L.V. Ramanathan).

Influence of Surface Deposited Nanosized Rare Earth Oxide Gel Morphology on Cyclic Oxidation Behavior of Fe20Cr Alloy (S.M.C. Fernandes and L.V. Ramanathan).

XRD, HRTEM and FIB–SIMS Study of Interfaces in TiN/Cu Multilayered Thin Films (G. Abadias, A. Lamperti, C.E. Bottani, K.L. Gavrilov, J. Li, R. Levi–Setti and P.M. Ossi).

Self–Organized & Biological Materials.

Tribological Properties of Diamondlike Carbon–Metal Nanocomposites (R.J. Narayan and D. Scholvin).

Influence of Particle Size Distribution on Defects in 2–D Colloidal Photonic Crystal Arrays (E. Geiss, S. Hou, B. Yang, H. Marcus and F. Papadimitrakopoulos).

Building Microstructures of Organized Carbon Nanotubes by ChemicalVapor Deposition (Z. Zhang, Y. Zhao and Y. Zhou).

HA/DLC Composite Coatings for Improved Bioactivity and Biocompatibility of Orthopaedic Prostheses (R.J. Narayan).


Plenary Trends: Past Present and Future.

Perspectives on Nanosciences and Nanotechnology (M.S. Dresselhaus).

Nanoceramics, Nanotubes and Anocomposite Paving the Way forNanotechnology Revolution A Review of the Industry and Markets (T. Abraham).

The Big Opportunities and Challenges of Nanomaterials: Size Does Matter (abstract only) (K.A. Blakely).

Materials Processing and Manufacturing at the Nanoscale: Fundamental Research and Commercialization Opportunities (abstract only) (H. Doumanidis).

Nanoscale Integrated Circuits and Future Materials Challenges (C.M. Garner).

Nanostructured Ceramics: Processing, Applications and Commercialization(abstract only) (B.H. Kear and G. Skandan).

Small Volume Deformation.

Some Challenges in Understanding Mechanical Properties at the Nanometerand Micrometer Length Scales (abstract only) (W.D. Nix, F. Gang and J.R. Greer).

Indentation Size Effects in Face–Centered Cubic Thin Films: From Micro to Nano (abstract only) (Z. Zong, J. Lou, Y. Huang, Y. Huang, D. Yang and W.O. Soboyejo).

The Effect of Length Scale on the Plastic Stability of Nanolayered Metals(abstract only) (A. Misra, R.G. Hoagland, D.L. Hammon, X. Zhang, E. Vanderson, J.D. Embury and J.P. Hirth).

Mechanical Performance of ALD Films for Microdevice Coatings (abstract only) (N.R. Moody, T.E. Buchheit, B.L. Boyce, T.M. Mayer and S. George).

Using a Combined Modeling–Experiment Approach for Property Determination of Ultra–Thin ALD Films (abstract only) (J.M. Jungk, T.E. Buchheit, J.A. Knapp, T.M. Mayer, N.R. Moody, J.W. Hoehn and W.W. Gerberich).

Critical Thickness Theory and the Yield of Thin Beams (abstract only) (A. Bushby and D. Dunstan).

Adhesion of Hard Coatings on Electroplated Metals for Microelectronic Based Systems (abstract only) (D.F. Bahr, M.J. Cordill and N.R. Moody).

Nanoindentation Response of Dendrimer–Mediated Soft Metallic UltrathinFilms (X. Li, F. Huang, M. Curry, S.C. Street and M.L. Weaver).

Properties and Characterization of Materials for Microsystem/LIGA Applications.

New Nanoindentation and Scanning Probe Tools and Techniques (abstract only) (W.C. Oliver).

Fatigue of LIGA Ni MEMS Structures (abstract only) (J. Lou, S. Allameh, R. Rabeeh, B.L. Boyce, T.E. Buchheit and W.O. Soboyejo).

High Temperature Tensile and Creep Properties of LIGA Materials (abstract only) (T.E. Buchheit, S.H. Goods, B.L. Boyce, J.R. Michael and J.J. Kelly).

Characterization of Twinning in Electrodeposited Ni–Mn for Microsystems Applications (abstract only) (G.A. Lucadamo, N.Y.C. Yang, J.J. Kelly, A. Talin and D.L. Medlin).

Nanostructured Metals for Enhanced Performance of LIGA Components (M. Baghbanan, U. Erb and G. Palumbo).

Combining On–Chip Testing and Electron Microscopy to Obtain a Mechanistic Understanding of Fatigue and Wear in Microelectromechanical Systems (D.H. Alsem, E.A. Stach, C.L. Muhlstein, M.T. Dugger and R.O. Ritchie).

Fabrication and Testing of Ultra Small–Scale Samples (abstract only) (S.J. Polasik, H.L. Fraser, M.J. Mills, M.D. Uchic and D.M. Dimiduk).

Mechanical Property Measurements of Pure Ni, Ni3Al, and Ni–BaseSuperalloys at the Micron–Size Scale (abstract only) (M.D. Uchic, D.M. Dimiduk, M.J. Seekely, J.N. Florando and W.D. Nix).

Properties, Processes and Modeling.

Integrating Scientific Disciplines for Future Nanotechnologies (abstract only) (J.C. Barbour).

Mechanical Characterization of Nanoscale Gold Beam Structures Using AFM and Nanoindentation Techniques (abstract only) (X. Li, P. Nardi, C.–W. Baek, J.–M. Kim and Y.–K. Kim).

Mechanical Behavior and Oxidation of Pt–Ir Alloy Thin Films(abstract only) (R.R. Chromik, T. Bannuru, W.L. Brown and R.P. Vinci).

Deformation Behavior of a Cryomilled Nanostructured Al–7.5%mg Alloy (B.Q. Han, Z. Zhang, D. Matejczyk, F. Zhou, C.C. Bampton, F.A. Mohamed and E.J. Lavernia).

Tension/Compression Asymmetry, Anisotropy and Size Effects in thePlastic Deformation of Ti–6242 Single Colonies (abstract only) (D.M. Norfleet, M.J. Mills, M.D. Uchic, M.F. Savage and J. Tatalovich).

Average Stresses in Simulated Thin Films (abstract only) (P.C. Andia, T.J. Yurick, Jr., F. Costanzo and G.L. Gray).

Dislocation Formation During Vapor Deposition of Epitaxial Multilayers (X.W. Zhou and H.N.G. Wadley).

Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Single Asperity Contacts: Monotonic and Cyclic Loading (abstract only) (P.–R. Cha and D.J. Srolovitz).

Manufacturing and Evaluation of Layered Nano–Scale Materials.

Nanoimprint Technology: A Low Cost, Mass Manufacture of Nanostructures (K.P. Cooper).

Advances in Assembling Microsystems with Adhesives (abstract only) (J.A. Emerson, N.R. Moody and R.K. Guinta).

White Beam Diffraction Analysis of Plastic Deformation in 2D Systems (abstract only) (R.I. Barabash, G.E. Ice, N. Tamura, B.C. Valek, J.C. Bravman, R. Spolenak and J. Patel).

Stress Evolution During Electrodeposition of Ni Thin Films (abstract only) (S.J. Hearne, S.C. Seel, J.A. Floro, C. Dyck, W. Fan and S.R.J. Brueck).

Low Stress, High Reflectivity Thin Films for MEMS Mirrors (abstract only) (D.P. Adams).

Deformation Recovery Processes of Nano Indents Made in Erbium HydrideThin Films (abstract only) (J.P. Lucas and N.R. Moody).

Improved Hydrogen Sensing Characteristics of Nanocrystalline Doped TinOxide Sensor at Lower Temperature (abstract only) (S. Shukla, S. Seal, L. Ludwig and C. Parish).

Nanoscale Mechanical Characterization of Silver Nanowires and Cu2ONanocubes (abstract only) (X. Li, H. Gao, C.J. Murphy, L. Gou and K.K. Caswell).

Carbon Nanotubes and Other Fullerene–Related Nanocrystals in theEnvironment: A TEM Study (abstract only) (L.E. Murr, J.J. Bang and E.V. Esquivel).

Author Index.

Subject Index.

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Sharmila M. Mukhopadhyay
Sudipta Seal
Narendra B. Dahotre
Arvind Agarwal
John E. Smugeresky
Neville R. Moody
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown