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Advanced Processing of Metals and Materials (Sohn International Symposium). Special Materials, Aqueous and Electrochemical Processing Thermo and Physicochemical Principles. Volume 3

  • ID: 2239381
  • Book
  • May 2010
  • Region: Global
  • 822 Pages
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
The final of a three–volume series on thermo– and physicochemical principles at the Sohn International Symposium, these proceedings include papers on leaching and flotation, aqueous and electrochemical processing, as well as special materials.

From the <a href="[external URL] target="—blank">2006 TMS Fall Extraction & Processing: Sohn International Symposium, held August 27 – 31, 2006, in San Diego, California.
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Professor H.Y. Sohn – Biography (R.G. Reddy).

It Is All About Energy (P.R. Atkins).

The Precious Art of Metals Recycling (F. Vanbellen, and M. Chintinne).

Nonferrous Metal Recycling in Korea: The Present and the Future (K.–I. Rhee).

The Role of Processes Modeling in Iron and Steelmaking (P.C. Chaubal).

Liquidus Relations of Calcium Ferrite and Ferrous Calcium Silicate Slag in Continuous Copper Converting (F. Kongoli, I. McBow, A. Yazawa, Y. Takeda, K. Yamaguchi, R. Budd, and S. Llubani).

Recent Developments in Copper Hydrometallurgy (Abstract Only) (J.O. Marsden).


Remembrance of Academic Mentors and Early Associates (H.Y. Sohn).


Non–Catalytic Growth of ZnO Nanostructures: Growth Mechanism and Structural and Optical Properties (Keynote) (A. Umar, H.–W. Ra, and Y.–B. Hahn).

Liquid Phase Migration during the Sintering of Functionally Graded WC–Co (P. Fan, O.O. Eso, Z.Z. Fang, and H.Y. Sohn).

Processing of Al Alloy–AlN Metal Matrix Composites (V.K. Namilakonda, and R.G. Reddy).

Silicon Carbide Composite DPF (Abstract Only)(Y. Lu).

Effects of SO42 , NO3 and Cl Ions on Crystalline of ZnS and CdS Nanoparticles (Keynote) (Q. Li, D. Bi, Z. Liu, and D. Zhang).

Transport Phenomena in Nanomechanical Systems for Molecular Manufacturing (Abstract Only) (D. Forrest).

Wear of Cu/WC Composites and Wear Model Application (Invited) (P. Deshpande and R.Y. Lin).

Study of Corrosion Resistance of Nano Composite Coating on Sintering Nd–Fe–B Permanent Magnet (W. Xu, B. Chen, and X. Zhu).


Synthesis of Compact Nanocrystal Oxides by Severe Plastic Deformations Methods (Keynote) (T.I. Arbuzova, N.M. Chebotaev, B.A. Gizhevskii, A.V. Fetisov, E.A. Kozlov, T.E. Kyrennykh, L.I. Leontiev, S.V. Naumov, A.M. Patselov, V.P. Pilugin, Yu.P. Sukhorukov, V.B. Vykhodets, R.G. Zakharov, and M.I. Zinigrad).

Synthesis of Ultrafine Particles of Aluminum Nitride by Evaporation of Aluminum in Argon + Ammonia Gas Mixture (S. Yokoyama, S. Kokubo, and M. Kawakami).

Synthesis of W, WC & WC–Co Nanopowders by Chemical Vapor Condensation Process(J.–C. Kim, and B.–K. Kim).

CFD Simulation of Flame Spray Process for Silica Nanopowder Synthesis from Tetraethylorthosilicate (TEOS) (B. Wan, Y. Ji, H.Y. Sohn, H.D. Jang, and T.A. Ring).

Chemical Vapor Synthesis of WC–Co Nanocomposite Powders (M. Mena, T. Ryu, H.Y. Sohn, G. Han, Y.–U. Kim, and Z.Z. Fang).

Enhanced Properties of High Capacity Nanostructured Metal Hydrides (Abstract Only) (B. Butler, J. Lu, Z. Fang, and H.Y. Sohn).

Hydrothermal Synthesis and Surface Modification of BaTiO3 Ultrafine Particles (J. Guo, Q. Li, and Z. Liu).

Vaporization Behavior of Group VIA to VIIIA Crystalline Carbonyls (D. Chandra, K.H. Lau, W.–M. Chien, and R. Chellappa).

Particle Size Dependence of Nano–Magnetite in Arsenic Removal (Invited) (C.T. Yavuz, J.T. Mayo, S. Yean, L. Cong, W. Yu, J. Falkner, A. Kan, M. Tomson, and V.L. Colvin).

Synthesis of Ultra–Fine LiFePO4/C and Its Electrochemical Performance (L.–s. Hong, Y.–j. Li, and X.–m. Xi).


Technological, Environmental and Commercial Drivers for the Use of Geopolymers in a Sustainable Materials Industry (Keynote) (J.S.J. van Deventer, J.L. Provis, P. Duxson, and G.C. Lukey).

Comparison of Oxidation Behavior of Nitride Based Hard Ceramic Thin Film Coatings Using Thermal Analysis Techniques (Keynote) (N. Solak, F. Üstel, S. Aydin, M. Ürgen, and A.F. Cakir).

New Eco–Process for the Preparation of Metal Oxide Varistors (Abstract Only) (R. Metz, J. Morel, R. Puyane, and M. Hassanzadeh).

Ceramics in the BaO–Al2O3–SiO2 System Working in Extreme Conditions (Z. Kovziridze, J. Aneli, G. Tabatadze, N. Nijaradze, D. Gvencadze, and G. Grathwohl).

Combustion Synthesis of Silicon–Based Structural Ceramics from Natural Sand (M. Radwan, K.A. El–Barawy, S.Z. El–Tawil, S. Shimada, and Y. Miyamoto).

Study of the Grinding Process of Titanium Carbide Produced with Self–Propagating High Temperature Synthesis (Z. Kovziridze, G. Tabatadze, G. Donadze, and D. Gventsadze).

Effect of the TiC Addition on the Corrosion Resistance of Al2O3–C Refractory (Q. Liu, J. Yang, Q. Liu, Y. Liu, and Y. Du).

Use of Refractory Carbides in Technique (Z. Kovziridze, G. Tabatadze, and N. Nijaradze).

Creation of the Conducting Polymer Composites Based on Silicon with Relay Effect (J.N. Aneli, M.M. Bolotashvili, and M.S. Kutsia).

Synergetic Effect in Conductivity of the Polymer Composites Based on Phenolformaldehide Resin (J. Aneli, Z. Kovziridze, D. Gventsadze, and N. Japaridze).

Preparation of Porous Ceramic Pellets by Multiphase Double Emulsion Method (L. Chai, X. Zhang, B. Peng, M. Cheng, and Y. Huang).


Computational Modelling of Heap Leach Processes (Keynote) (M. Cross, C.R. Bennett, D. McBride, D.A. Taylor, and J.E. Gebhardt).

Acidic Leaching of Turkish Lateritic Nickel Ore (F. Arslan, K.T. Perek, and G. Önal).

Gold Extraction from a Low Grade Ore Using the System of Metal–Ammonium–Chloride–Ammonia (S.–h. Ju, M.–t. Tang, S.–h. Yang, and Y. Luo).

The Leaching Kinetics of Phase–Transformed Chalcopyrite with Sulfate Roasting (N. Song, W.–l. Chen, J.–h. Du, and B. Yang).

Adaptability and Kinetics of Gold Leaching from Different Ores in Alkaline Thiourea Solution with High Stability (Y.–y. Wang and L.–y. Chai).

Leaching of Metal Nickel in Copper Sulfate Solutions in the Presence of Oxygen and Chloride–Ion (M.I. Kalashnikova, L.V. Volkov, J.M. Shneerson, and E.G. Saltykova).

Evaluation of Lead–Zinc Flotation Tailings (F. Arslan, Y. Aykaç, K.T. Perek, and G. Önal).

Flotation of Colloidal Lead Carbonate Using Series of Spargered Flotation Cells (F.J. Tavera, and R. Escudero).

Modeling Studies of Semi–Commercial Flotation Column for Beneficiation of Sillimanite Using Artificial Neural Network (V.K. Kalyani, Pallavika, V.J. Loveson, and A. Sinha).


Chemical Modeling of Calcium Sulphate Solubility in Hydrometallurgical Process Solutions (G. Azimi, J.F. Adams, M. Jones, H. Liu, and V.G. Papangelakis).

Hydrometallurgical Processing of Zinc Sulfide Raw Materials (A.V. Tarasov, E.M. Timoshenko, and P.E. Romanov).

Interfacial Emulsion Formation Originated from Organic Phase in Copper Solvent Extraction (X. Liu, G. Qiu, and Y. Hu).

Preparation of Gold Catalysts from Gold Dissolved in Aqua Regia (E.D. Park, E.–Y. Ko, K.W. Seo, M. Kang, and J.E. Yie).

Purification of Phosphoric Acid by a Mixture of Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Extractants (L.A. Guirguis, H.K. Fouad, and F.A. Salem).

Study on Phase Equilibrium and Physicochemical Properties of Me2+–Nh4+–SO42–H2O System at 298K (Abstract Only) (C.–h. Peng, S.–g. Mu, D.–w. He, S.–h. Ju, and Y.–f. Chen).

Anodizing of AZ31 Magnesium Alloy in NaOH Solution (L.–y. Chai, X. Yu, and O. Masazumi).

Effects of Additives on Anodizing of Magnesium Alloy AZ31 in Alkaline Solutions (L.–y. Chai, X. Yu, and O. Masazumi).

Complex Treatment of the Tetrahedrite–Siderite Mineral Deposit in Silver, Mária Bana, Slovakia (F. Sekula, F. Molnár, J. Schmiedl, and Zs. Szentirmai).

Raman Spectral Pattern and Chemical Components of Saturated Solution of Ammonium Octamolybdate Hydrate (D. Cao, W. Chen, H. Liu, and B. Jiang).

Study on the Standard Pattern of Raman Spectrum of Heptamolybdate Ion in Aqueous Solution (D. Cao, W. Chen, H. Liu, and B. Jiang).

Investigation on Chemical Components in Saturated Aqueous Solution of Ammonium Dimolybdate by Comparative Raman Spectroscopy (D. Cao, W. Chen, B. Jiang, and H. Liu).


Electrochemical Removal of Sn(IV) Ion from Aqueous Hydrochloric Solution Containing In(III) (Keynote) (K. Koyama, M. Tanaka, S. Fujiwara, and K. Saegusa).

Thermodynamic Analysis on the Dissolution Equilibria of MgCoO3(S) in the System of Mg(II)–NH3–CO32–SO42–H2O (C. Tang, B. Zhang, M. Tang, and S. Yang).

Active Carbons and Their Reactivation in Non–Ferrous and Noble Hydrometallurgy (V.M. Mukhin).

Decomposition and Characterization of Xanthate (B. Ramírez, R. Escudero, F.J. Tavera, and G. Ruiz).

Garden Dirt, Palm Trees and Ammonia Making Nickel in the Jungles of Cuba (Nicaro: The First 20 Years) (Invited) (Abstract Only) (L. Southwick).

Non–Traditional Methods of Heavy Metals Precipitation from Solution in the Form of Sulfide (M.I. Kalashnikova, J.M. Shneerson, M.V. Keskinova, and V.V. Chetvertakov).

Effects of Ore Mineralogy on the Bioleaching of a Nigerian Complex Sulphide Ore with Mixed Cultures of Mesophilic Bacteria (P.A. Olubambi, S. Ndlovu, and J.O. Borode).

Hydrometallurgical Treatment of Substandard Pb–Zn Concentrates with Production of Zinc, Lead and Silver (M.I. Kalashnikova, Y.M. Shneerson, A.Y. Lapin, P.M. Saltykov, and M.V. Keskinova).

Adhesion Dispersion of Apolaric Reagents in Flotation of Hydrophobic Minerals (V. Bredykhin, O. Shevelyev, A. Samojlov, E. Kazban, V. Kostjuk, and V. Kushnerov).


Electrochemical Production of Materials Using Molten Salts (Keynote) (D. Fray).

Direct Reduction of Vanadium Oxide in Molten CaCl2 (Invited) (R.O. Suzuki and H. Ishikawa).

Electrokinetics of Lead Carbonate, Silica and Alumina and Their Applications on Treating Water Polluted with Lead (Abstract Only) (F.J. Tavera, and R. Escudero).

Self–Tuning Chemical Sensors for Molten Metals (R.V. Kumar, and D.J. Fray).

Phase Field Modeling of Phase Boundary Shape and Topology Changes Due to Electrochemical Reactions in Solid and Liquid Systems (Keynote) (A.C. Powell, IV, W. Pongsaksawad, and U.B. Pal).

Anodic Dissolution Behavior of Titanium in Room Temperature Molten Salt (TMHA–Tf2N) (H. Nakagawa, T. Uda, K. Murase, T. Hirato, and Y. Awakura).

Evaluation of Carbon Materials Produced from Coconut Shell as Anodes for Lithium–Ion Batteries (M.A. Aziz and M. Alauddin).

Electrochemical Synthesis and Characterization of Tantalum Ethoxide (S.–h. Yang, Y.–f. Chen, J.–g. Yang, S.–h. Ju, M.–t. Tang, and G.–z. Qiu).

Prospects for the Use of Symmetric Alternating Current for Hydroelectrochemical Treatment of Various Metallic and Metal–Containing Materials with Selective Extraction of Valuable Components (V.A. Bryukvin, A.M. Levin, A.A. Palant, and V.M. Paretsky).


FLOGEN Technologies Inc.

Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources.

Korea Zinc Co. Ltd.

LS–Nikko Copper.

Outokumpu Technology.


Umicore Precious Metals Refining.

Xstrata Technology.

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Subject Index.

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