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TMS 2008 137th Annual Meeting and Exhibition. Supplemental Proceedings Materials Characterization, Computation and Modeling. Volume 2

  • ID: 2239394
  • Book
  • May 2010
  • 370 Pages
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
This volume contains a collection of papers from 10 symposia, related to materials characterization, computation and modeling, held at the TMS 2008 Annual Meeting & Exhibition in New Orleans, Louisiana, March 9–13, 2008. Topics include characterization; three–dimensional materials science; computational thermodynamics and kinetics; integrated computational materials engineering; process modeling.
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Supplemental Proceedings: Volume 2: Materials Characterization, Computation and Modeling.

Characterization of Minerals, Metals, and Materials.

Evaluation of the Influence of Median Rank Expression Selection and Location Factor over Weibull Modulus in Brittle Materials Characterization (E. de Carvalho, and S. Monteiro).

Electostatic Leviation: An Emerging Materials Characterization Technique (J. Rogers, and R. Hyers).

Characterization of Gold in a Conventional Copper Refinery Anode Slimes Processing Circuit (T. Chen, and J. Dutrizac).

Characterization of Wastes from Water Treatment Plant (C. Vieira, J. Vitorino, R. Sánchez, and S. Monteiro).

Field–Emission Properties of Sulfide Minerals under High–Power Nanosecond Electromagnetic Pulses (V. Chanturiya, I. Bunin, and A. Kovalev).

Mechanical Characterization of Ramie Fiber Reinforced Polyester Composites (S. Monteiro, L. Santos, and F. Margem).

Surface Caracterization in Aluminium 6063 by Mecano–Chemical Treatment (I. Hilerio, and M. Barrón).

Influence of Weave Damage on the Strength of Composites Reinforced with Jute Fabric (A. Lima, S. Monteiro, and L. Terrones).

Dynamic Thermo–Mechanical Characterization of Coir Fiber Reinforced Polymeric Composites (S. Monteiro, R. Sanchez, H. Santafé Jr., and L. da Costa).

o–Phase Characterization of Superalloy Allvac 718 Plus (C. Sommitsch, C. Stotter, H. Leitner, I. Letofsky–Papst, S. Mitsche, and M. Stockinger).

Mechanical Behavior of Epoxy Matrix Composites Reinforced with Piassava Fibers (S. Monteiro, R. Aquino, D. Nascimento, and L. Motta)

Influence of the Precoursors setup on the Yield and Properties of HPHT Synthesized Diamonds (A. Skury, S. Monteiro, M. Bastos, G. Bobrovnitchii, and M. Temoteo).

Comparison between Aluminium 6063 Hardened Termochemical and Mecanochemically (I. Hilerio, and M. Barrón).

Thermally Activated Sintering of Kaolinitic Clay (S. Monteiro, and C. Vieria).

Investigations of Retained Deformation Energy after Hot Forming and Its Influence on the Abnormal Grain Growth of the Nickel Based Alloy 80A (M. Candic, B. Tian, S. Kleber, S. Mitsche, and C. Sommitsch).

Influence of Centrifugal Casting Processing Parameters on the Distribution of Reinforcing Particles in Aluminum Matrix Composites (T. Adelakin, O. Suárez, and G. Gutiérrez).

High Pressure Assisted Sintering of Nanostructured B–Si–Cu–Diamond Composites (A. Skury, S. Monteiro, M. Bastos, and A. Santos).

The Interface Behavior of Pyrite Powder in Non–Aqueous Environment (D. Li, Q. Chen, and Z. Yin).

Rupture Mechanisms in Composites Reinforced with Curaua Fiber (S. Monteiro, A. Ferreira, and F. Lopes).

Thermal Shock Behaviour and Mechanical Properties of Refractory Materials (Z. Bouressace).

Characterization of the Impact Resistance of Coir Fiber Reinforced Polyester Composites (S. Monteiro, L. da Costa, F. Lopes, and L. Terrones).

3–Dimensional Materials Science.

Spectral Representation and Reconstruction of 3–D Materials (D. Fullwood, S. Niezgoda, and S. Kalidindi).

Applications of Active Contours in Microstructural Analysis (A. Ontman, and G. Shiflet).

Image Registration Using Neural Networks as a Shape Discriminator (A. Ontman, and G. Shiflet).

3D Visualization of Solid Phase Morphology during Solidification of Al–Cu Alloys in Unconstrained and Constrained Growth Conditions (D. Ruvalcaba, D. Eskin, and L. Katgerman).

3D Microstructure Theories and Techniques (M. Glicksman, and P. Rios).

Porosity Distribution and Stress Concentration in ZrN as a Surrogate for PuN: Comparisons between 2–D and 3–D Measurements and Models (M. Garcia, S. Park, K. Wheeler, P. Peralta, and K. McClellan).

Nanostructure and Torsional Ductility of Heavily Cold Drawn Steel Wires (Y. Yang, J. Kang, J. Bae, and C. Park).

Computational Thermodynamics and Kinetics

First Principle Calculation of the Structural and Electronic Property of Zr Doped B13C2 (L. Yu, H. Ru, Y. Jiang, L. Zuo, and X. Xue).

Relaxed Monte Carlo Simulations of Atom Size Effects on Binary Alloy Phase Diagram (M. Févre, A. Finel, and Y. Le Bouar).

Kinetic Study on Chromium Ore Dissolution in CaO–SiO2–MgO–Al2O3 Melts (M. Jiang, Y. Liu, D. Wang, and L. Xu).

Model Study and Forecast on the Behavior of Rare Earth during Solidification Process of Heavy Rail Steel (C. Liu, L. Fang, and M. Jiang).

Numerical Simulation of Twin–Roll Strip Casting (J. Zhang, B. Wang, J. Fan, Y. Fang, S. Zhao, and S. Ren).

Monte Carlo Simulation of Perovskite Film Growth by Pulse Laser Deposition (R. Zhang, X. Xu, S. Zhang, and G. Gehring).

Diffusion Paths in Multicomponent Single–Phase Multilayered Assemblies (K. Kulkarni, and M. Dayananda).

Microscopic Phase–Field Simulation of the (Ni3Al) Phase Separation Process (Y. Lu, Z. Chen, and Y. Wang).

A Calphad–Based Phase Equilibrium Model of Mo–Ti–Zr–C (S. Kar, and D. Lipkin).

Phase Equilibria and Thermodynamic Re–Assessment of the Ti–Al–Nb System (D. Cupid, O. Fabrichnaya, F. Ebrahimi, and H. Seifert).

9th Global Innovations Symposium: Trends in Integrated Computational Materials Engineering for Materials Processing and Manufacturing.

Thermo–Mechanical Analysis of Continuous Casting with Reduction by Using Meshless Methods (L. Zhang, and Y. Rong).

Modeling Methods to Guide Recycling Friendly Alloy Design: The Impact of Compositional Data Structure (G. Gaustad, R. Peterson, and R. Kirchain).

Heat Transfer Coefficient Study for Air Quenching by Experiment and CFD Modeling (G. Wang, B. Xiao, L. Zhang, K. Rong, and Q. Wang).

Frontiers in Process Modeling.

Modelling Metal Powder Production by the Gas Atomisation Process (C. Lena, G. Djambazov, and K. Pericleous).

Simulating Morphology of Electrochemical Deposits in Shear Flow (A. Powell).

Simulation of the Dual Cooling Rates of Oil–Quenched Alloy Droplets Produced by the Uniform–Droplet Spray Process (S. Pillai, T. Ando, and T. Shoji).

Boundary Element Modeling of Solid Oxide Membrane Process (R. DeLucas, A. Powell, and U. Pal).

CFD Simulation of Mixing in Stirred Reactor (X. Cao, T. Zhang, and Q. Zhao).

A Generic Enthalpy Based Approach to Incorporate the Kinetics of an Equiaxed Eutectic Microstructure Fromation in Castings A Concept (S. Sundarraj).

A Nouvelle Thermo Physical Solution to the Bloom/Slab Deformation Problem in DC Casting of Light Metals (D. Sediako, and O. Sediako).

The Development of Flexible Hot Rolling Technology Based on Through–Process Modeling (P. Manohar).

Using Computational Techniques to Determine Aluminum Cast House Equipment s Environmental Carbon Contribution at the Design Stage (P. Sandhu).

Overview: Modeling Material Properties Critical for Process Simulation (Z. Guo, N. Saunders, J. Schillé, and P. Miodownik).

Author Index.

Subject Index.

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS)
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown