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Shape Casting. 3rd International Symposium 2009

  • ID: 2239397
  • Book
  • May 2010
  • Region: Global
  • 348 Pages
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
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This book provides an international update on the research and development that has taken place in the design and production of high quality castings. It includes comprehensive coverage of high quality castings, gating system design, process modeling, mechanical behavior and structure–process–property relationships. In addition, it explores in–depth the latest casting innovations in quality, reliability and process design. Topics covered include:

- Design of Filling and Feeding Systems
- Modeling of Casting Processes
- Liquid Metal Processing
- New and Innovative Casting Processes
- Structure–Process–Property Relationships
- Residual Stresses in Castings (both experiment and modeling)
- Solidification and Microstructure of Cast Alloys
- Case Studies (illustrating process design and/or quality improvement for high quality castings)

A collection of papers from the <a href="[external URL] target="BLANK">TMS 2009 Annual Meeting & Exhibition held in San Francisco, California, February 15–19, 2009.
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Symposium Organizers/Editors.

Session Chairs and Lead Reviewers.

Shape Casting: Third International Symposium.


Intrinsic and Extrinsic Metallurgy (J. Campbell).

Quality Indices for Cast Aluminum Alloys (M. Tiryakioglu, and J. Campbell).

Use of Standard Molds to Evaluate Metal Quality and Alloy Properties (G. Sigworth, and T. Kuhn).

Properties of B356–T6 Aluminum Cast via Permanent Mold and Advanced Squeeze Cast (ASC) Processes (G. Gegel, D. Weiss, and W. Edney).

The Relationship between Defect Size and Fatigue Life Distributions in Al–7% Si–Mg Alloy Castings (M. Tiryakioglu).

Improvement of an Existing Model to Estimate the Pore Distribution for a Fatigue Proof Design of Aluminium High–Pressure Die Casting Components (C. Oberwinkler, H. Leitner, and W. Eichlseder).

Advanced Cast Aluminum Alloys (A. Druschitz, and J. Griffin).


Influence of Hydrogen Content and Bifilm Index on Feeding Behaviour of Al–7Si Alloy (D. Dispinar, A. Nordmark, J. Voje, and L. Arnberg).

Oxide Entrainment Structures in Horizontal Running Systems (C. Reilly, M. Jolly, and N. Green).

Degassing: A Critical Stage in the Manufacturing of Al–Si Alloys for Automotive Castings (E. Velasco, R. Lopez, and J. Nino).

Heat Treatment of A356.2 Aluminum Alloy: Effect of Quench Rate and Natural Ageing (M. Jeyakumar, M. Mousa, M. Hamed, and S. Shankar).

Process Parameters Study for Net–shape Steel Casting (V. Richards, S. Lekakh, D. Kline, K. Chandrashekhara, and J. Chen).

Improving Build Speed in Rapid Freeze Prototyping through Increase of Heat Transfer (M. Leu, S. Isanaka, and V. Richards).

Cooling Property of Frozen Sand Mold for Casting of Lead Free Bronze Cast (H. Nakayama, S. Tada, T. Nishio, and K. Kobayashi).


Oxide Film and Porosity Defects in Magnesium Alloy AZ91 (L. Wang, H. Rhee, S. Felicelli, A. Sabau, and J. Berry).

Assessing Casting Quality Using Computed Tomography with Advanced Visualization Techniques (G. Geier, J. Rosc, M. Hadwiger, L. Fritz, D. Habe, T. Pabel, and P. Schumacher).

Reconstruction, Visualization, and Quantitative Characterization of Multi–Phase Three–Dimensional Microstructures of Cast Aluminum Alloys (H. Singh, A. Gokhale, Y. Mao, and A. Tewari)/

Correlation of Thermal, Tensile and Corrosion Parameters of Zn–Al Alloys with Columnar, Equiaxed and Transition Structures (A. Ares, L. Gassa, S. Gueijman, and C. Schvezov).

Solidification, Macrostructure and Microstructure Analysis of Al–Cu Alloys Directionally Solidified from the Chill Face (A. Ares, and C. Schvezov).

The Modification of Cast Al–Mg2Si In Situ MMC by Lithium (R. Hadian, M. Emamy, and J. Campbell).

Effect of Strontium on Viscosity and Liquid Structure of Al–Si Eutectic Alloy (S. Shankar, S. Prakash, M. Malik, M. Jeyakumar, M. Walker, and M. Hamed).

Characterization of the Melt Quality and Impurity Content of an LM25 Alloy (K. Haberl, P. Schumacher, G. Geier, and B. Stauder).

Novel Methods and Applications.

Ablation Casting Up–Date (J. Grassi, J. Campbell, M. Hartlieb, and F. Major).

The Nemak Cosworth Casting Process – Innovation (G. Byczynski, and R. Mackay).

Development of an Aluminum Alloy for Elevated Temperature Applications (K. Sadayappan, D. Weiss, M. Sahoo, and G. Gegel).

Controlled Diffusion Solidification (CDS): Conditions for Non–Dendritic Primary Aluminum Phase Al–Cu Hypo–Eutectic Alloys (A. Khalaf, P. Ashtari, and S. Shankar).

Favorable Alloy Compositions and Melt Temperatures to Cast 2XXX and 7XXX Al Alloys by Controlled Diffusion Solidification (CDS) (P. Ashtari, G. Birsan, and S. Shankar).

The Application of Positron Emission Particle Tracking (PEPT) to Study the Movement of Inclusions in Shape Castings (W. Griffiths, Y. Beshay, D. Parker, X. Fan, and M. Hausard).

Microstructural and Surficial Characteristics of Lead Free Bismuth Bronze Produced through the Frozen Mold Casting Process (S. Tada, H. Nakayama, T. Nishio, and K. Kobayashi).

Pressure Mold Filling of Semi–solid Ductile Cast Iron (B. Heidarian, M. Nili–Ahmadabadi, M. Moradi, and J. Rassizadeghani).


Prediction of Columnar to Equiaxed Transition in Alloy Castings with Convective Heat Transfer and Equiaxed Grain Transportation (W. Mirihanage, S. McFadden, and D. Browne).

Prediction of Deformation and Hot Tear Formation Using a Viscoplastic Model with Damage (M. Pokorny, C. Monroe, and C. Beckermann).

A Diffusing Runner for Gravity Casting (F. Hsu, and H. Lin).

Process Modelling and Microstructure Prediction in Gravity Die Aluminium Castings with Sand Cores (R. Squatrito, L. Tomesani, and I. Todaro).

Autonomous Optimization in Casting Process Simulation (C. Heisser).

Modeling the Formation of Porosity during Low Pressure Die Casting (LPDC) of Aluminum Alloy A356 (E. Khajeh, X. Shi, and D. Maijer).

Predicting Residual Stresses Caused by Heat Treating Cast Aluminum Alloy Components (C. Wu, and M. Makhlouf).

Internet–Based Casting CAE System (T. Jing, and B. Liu).

Author Index.

Subject Index.

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John Campbell
Paul N. Crepeau
Murat Tiryakioǧlu
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