Cultural Competence in Health Care. A Practical Guide

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A manual written for health care professionals who care for patients from diverse religious and cultural backgrounds. First developed by doctors and nurses at Children′s Hospital in Boston, it contains detailed, practical information for working with dozens of religious and cultural groups and is designed to help providers best meet needs of their ethnically diverse patients while satisfying stringent new regulatory standards for culturally sensitive care.
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Preface xi

About the Editors xiii

Editors and Consultants xv

Introduction xxi

Culture of the Health Care Provider xxii

Purpose of the Book xxiii

Strategies for Providers xxiv

Part 1 Cultural Traditions 1

1. Africa 3

Cape Verde 3

Eritrea 7

Ethiopia 11

Nigeria 15

Somalia 18

2. Asia 23

Cambodia 23

China 27

India 31

Japan 35

Vietnam 39

3. Central America and the Caribbean 43

Central America and Mexico 43

Dominican Republic 47

Haiti 50

4. Europe 53

Greece 53

Gypsies (Roma) 56

Portugal 61

Russia 64

5. The Middle East 67

Saudi Arabia 67

6. South America 71

Brazil 71

7. North America 75

African American 75

Native American (North American Indian) 79

Puerto Rico 83

8. Nationality–Independent Cultural Groups 87

Deaf or Hard–of–Hearing 87

Families with Gay or Lesbian Parents 91

Case Study: Caribbean Culture 95

Part 2. Religious Traditions 99

9. Religion and Spirituality 101

Special Issues for Providers 101

Facilitating Discussion About Spiritual Matters 103

10. Religions 107

Buddhism 107

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter–Day Saints (Mormon) 111

First Church of Christ, Scientist (Christian Science) 116

Hinduism 122

Islam (the Faith of Muslims) 126

Jehovah′s Witness 131

Judaism 135

Eastern Orthodox 140

Protestantism (Christian) 144

Roman Catholicism 148

Santeria 153

Case Study: Rabbi Shapiro 157

Part 3. Tools 161

11. Utilizing Resources to Better Serve Multicultural Patients 163

Consultation on Cultural or Religious Issues 163

Interpreter Services 164

Pastoral Care 169

Other Members of the Health Care Team 169

External Consultants 169

Template for Collecting Cultural Information 170

Template for Collecting Information About Religious Traditions 172

12. Meeting Joint Commission Standards Related to Culture and Religion 175

Assessment of Patients 177

Patient and Family Education 179

Care of Patients 186

Patient Rights 190

Standards Update, 2001 196

Ongoing Challenges 199

Appendix 203

Standard for Nursing Practice: Culture and Care 203

Emergency Baptism Procedures 205

Ethics Committee Consultation 207

Ethics of Redirecting Goals of Care 209

Religious Objections to Blood Transfusions 214

Organ and Tissue Donation 216

Patient and Family Education 219

References and Other Resources 223

Index 229

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ANNE RUNDLE, R.N., has served as manager of specialty programs at South End Community Health Center in Boston, Massachusetts and Coordinator of the Center for Families at Children′s Hospital in Boston. She has founded a consulting firm that specializes in improving hospitals′ skills at patient communica–tions, called Health Care Competence ( She also is an instructor in the graduate school for health studies at Simmons College in Boston.

MARIA CARVALHO, LICSW, is a clinical social worker and head of the Spanish Service Team at Children′s Hospital.

MARY ROBINSON, M. Div., is a board–certified chaplain and Director of Pastoral Care at Children′s Hospital.

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