Authentic. How to Make a Living By Being Yourself

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Have you ever felt a tension between who you are and what you do?

You are not alone.

Thinking about getting up and telling the world what you stand for is daunting enough; actually doing it is terrifying – but the rewards are incredible. Imagine spending every waking hour doing what you love … Authentic shows how to do just that.

Authentic is a lifestyle book based on practical experience. Neil Crofts’ vision of a role allowing him to be true to himself and make a positive impact on the world around him convinced him to break out of a conventional, and highly successful, corporate career. Authentic is about giving others the courage to follow in Neil′s footsteps.

Authentic is also about doing business with a profound positive purpose, and the fundamental advantages that this has over more conventional ways of doing business. It shows you how to have multi–dimensional success and everything you need by just being yourself.

Authentic, offers inspiration for individuals tired of career conformity. Neil Crofts shows how we arrive at a situation where many of us feel irrevocably tied to jobs we don’t enjoy. He demonstrates the steps you need to take to find out who you really are and what you want from life, and finally, he reveals how you can turn all that into a business that is Authentic to you.

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Preface: Coming Out.

How This Book Works.


Section 1 – Another Way to Look at the Society We Live In.

Dysfunctionality epidemic.

Indentured slavery.

Addiction to short–term hits of happiness.


Societal therapy.

The problem with decisions.

What is Authentic?

Section 2 – What Are You Going To Do About It?

Preparation 1: To tell the truth.

Preparation 2: Perception and reality.

Preparation 3: Finding your ‘natural language’.

Preparation 4: What is my point in life?

Action 1: Eating Your Energy.

Action 2: Exercise your mind.

Action 3: Taking control of your life.

Action 4: Avoiding distraction and inspiring change.

Action 5: Editing your address book.

Action 6: Changing habits.

Action 7: Making your plan.

Action 8: Coming out and being yourself.

Section 3 – Being the Change.

Getting started.

Working for yourself.

Validating the plan.

Simplify, simplify.

Time and motion.

Finding collaborators.

Designing your organization.


The meaning of success.

Section 4 – Those Who Are Already Doing It.

Organic Express.

Yeo Valley.



Solar Century.


Reading list.

About Authentic Business.


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"…who is truly evangelical on the subject…" (The Guardian, 12 August 2003)

“…advises would–be authentics to ‘come out as yourself’...” (Sunday Times, 18 January 2004)

“…Neil’s book tells of his personal journey to authenticity and includes a guide to taking the steps yourself…” (Positive News, Winter 2003)

"... it is a wake up call and a well researched, very useable wake up call at that ... This is a read to be taken seriously …" (Weekly Telegraph, 12 November 2003)

“… offers inspiration for individuals tired of career conformity.” (Global Law Review, 5 April 2004)

“…does make great points…” (Be Unlimited, May 04)

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown