Entanglement. The Greatest Mystery in Physics

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Could fiction become reality? Will a time come when we are able to teleport across space or communicate between universes? The lines between science and science fiction are becoming increasingly blurred.

When Captain Kirk of Star Trek calls `Beam me up Scotty′ and when the spies in Philip Pulman′s The Amber Spyglass communicate between universes both are using the phenomenon known as entanglement. Now quantum mechanics promises that some of our wildest dreams may be realised. Recent experiments show not only that such bizarre effects might be possible but that they could become reality, perhaps even in our lifetimes.
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A Mysterious Force of Harmony.

Before the Beginning.

Thomas Young′s Experiment.

Planck′s Constant.

The Copenhagen School.

De Broglie′s Pilot Waves.

Schrödinger and His Equation.

Heisenberg′s Microscope.

Wheeler′s Cat.

The Hungarian Mathematician.

Enter Einstein.

Bohm and Aharanov.

John Bell′s Theorem.

The Dream of Clauser, Horne, and Shimony.

Alain Aspect.

Laser Guns.

Triple Entanglement.

The Ten–Kilometer Experiment.

Teleportation: "Beam Me Up, Scotty".

Quantum Magic: What Does It All Mean?



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" I am altogether happy that there is now a book on entanglement, almost 70 years after its discovery, and recommend it to people interested in the historical background and practical implications of quantum mechanics " (Nature, 21 November 2002)

" a book that s perhaps the best lay description of the evolution and current state of quantum physics available today " (Focus, February 2003)

" Amir D. Aczel′s short biographies of these quantum pioneers are lively and entertaining..." (The Times Literary Supplement, 11 September 2003)

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