Busting Loose From the Business Game. Mind-Blowing Strategies for Recreating Yourself, Your Team, Your Business, and Everything in Between

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Hallmarks of the "old" business game:

  • Get results, no matter what price you pay
  • Vulnerability to people and forces beyond your control
  • Scarcity
  • Endless to–do lists
  • Fear, stress, pressure, and constant struggle

Hallmarks of the "new" business game:

  • Extraordinary results without paying a price
  • People and outside forces aligned to support you
  • Abundance
  • To–do lists that get completed effortlessly
  • Fun, joy, calm, and relaxation

Don′t just "think outside the box"—dynamite the box and leap into The New Business Game

"The picture Robert paints for you in the pages that follow may surprise, delight, and excite you in what you instantly recognize as extremely positive ways. It may also shock you, disturb you, and seem unbelievable or even crazy to you. Regardless of what your reaction may be, initially and over time, this book will open your eyes to many new possibilities. It will stretch and challenge you in powerful ways and open new doors of opportunity for you."

—From the Foreword by John Assaraf, New York Times bestselling author of The Answer

"I approach business no longer from a perspective of scarcity but from abundance. I see the game of business not as war, where any opposition must be wiped out, but as a game in which each player is in a dynamic interplay of offense and defense."
—Karl Edmunds, Managing Principal, DMG Financial

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FOREWORD (John Assaraf).


CHAPTER 1 The Big Lie.

CHAPTER 2 The Big Truth.

CHAPTER 3 The Fantasy Factory.

CHAPTER 4 Dropping Anchors.

CHAPTER 5 The Physics of Fiction.

CHAPTER 6 The Two Ps.

CHAPTER 7 The Many Faces of Power.

CHAPTER 8 The Myth of Cause and Effect.

CHAPTER 9 Redefining the Nature of Business.

CHAPTER 10 The Sun and Clouds Effect.

CHAPTER 11 Assembling the Drill—Part 1.

CHAPTER 12 Assembling the Drill—Part 2.

CHAPTER 13 Stranger in a Strange Land.

CHAPTER 14 When the Going Gets Tough.

CHAPTER 15 Recreating Yourself, Your Team, Your Customers, Your Business, and Everything In Between.

CHAPTER 16 Red Pill or Blue Pill?




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Robert Scheinfeld
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