Financial Derivatives. Pricing and Risk Management. Robert W. Kolb Series

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The Robert W. Kolb Series in Finance is an unparalleled source of information dedicated to the most important issues in modern finance. Each book focuses on a specific topic in the field of finance, and contains contributed chapters from both respected academics and experienced financial professionals. As part of the Robert W. Kolb Series in Finance, Financial Derivatives aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of financial derivatives and how you can prudently use them within the context of your underlying business activities.

For the public at large, financial derivatives have long been the most mysterious and least understood of all financial instruments. Through in–depth insights gleaned from years of financial experience, the contributors in this collection clearly explain what derivatives are without getting bogged down by the mathematics surrounding their pricing and valuation.

Financial Derivatives offers a broad overview of the different types of derivatives futures, options, swaps, and structured products while focusing on the principles that determine market prices. This comprehensive resource also provides a thorough introduction to financial derivatives and their importance to risk management in a corporate setting. Filled with in–depth analysis and examples, Financial Derivatives offers readers a wealth of knowledge on futures, options, swaps, financial engineering, and structured products.

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Introduction xxii

Acknowledgments xxiv

PART I Overview of Financial Derivatives 1

1 Derivative Instruments: Forwards, Futures, Options, Swaps, and Structured Products 3G. D. Koppenhaver

2 The Derivatives Marketplace: Exchanges and the Over–the–Counter Market 21Sharon Brown–Hruska

3 Speculation and Hedging 43Greg Kuserk

4 The Social Functions of Financial Derivatives 57Christopher L. Culp

PART II Types of Financial Derivatives 73

5 Agricultural and Metallurgical Derivatives: Pricing 77Joan C. Junkus

6 Agricultural and Metallurgical Derivatives: Speculation and Hedging 89Joan C. Junkus

7 Equity Derivatives 103Jeffrey H. Harris and L. Mick Swartz

8 Foreign Exchange Derivatives 115Robert W. Kolb

9 Energy Derivatives 125Craig Pirrong

10 Interest Rate Derivatives 135Ian Lang

11 Exotic Options 143Robert W. Kolb

12 Event Derivatives 157Justin Wolfers and Eric Zitzewitz

13 Credit Default Swaps 177Steven Todd

14 Structured Credit Products 199Steven Todd

15 Executive Stock Options 211Robert W. Kolb

16 Emerging Derivative Instruments 221Steve Swidler

PART III The Structure of Derivatives Markets and Institutions 231

17 The Development and Current State of Derivatives Markets 233Michael A. Penick

18 Derivatives Markets Intermediaries: Brokers, Dealers, Pools, and Funds 249James L. Carley

19 Clearing and Settlement 263James T. Moser and David Reiffen

20 Counterparty Credit Risk 283James Overdahl

21 The Regulation of U.S. Commodity Futures and Options 295Walter L. Lukken

22 Accounting for Financial Derivatives 305Ira G. Kawaller

23 Derivative Scandals and Disasters 313John E. Marthinsen

PART IV Pricing of Derivatives: Essential Concepts 333

24 No–Arbitrage Pricing 335Robert A. Strong

25 The Pricing of Forward and Futures Contracts 351David Dubofsky

26 The Black–Scholes Option Pricing Model 371A. G. Malliaris

27 The Black–Scholes Legacy: Closed–Form Option PricingModels 387António Câmara

28 The Pricing and Valuation of Swaps 405Gerald Gay and Anand Venkateswaran

PART V Advanced Pricing Techniques 423

29 Monte Carlo Techniques in Pricing and Using Derivatives 425Cara M. Marshall

30 Valuing Derivatives Using Finite Difference Methods 441Craig Pirrong

31 Stochastic Processes and Models 455George Chalamandaris and A. G. Malliaris

32 Measuring and Hedging Option Price Sensitivities 477R. Brian Balyeat

PART VI Using Financial Derivatives 501

33 Option Strategies 503Stewart Mayhew

34 The Use of Derivatives in Financial Engineering: Hedge Fund Applications 525John F. Marshall and Cara M. Marshall

35 Hedge Funds and Financial Derivatives 541Tom Nohel

36 Real Options and Applications in Corporate Finance 559Betty Simkins and Kris Kemper

37 Using Derivatives to Manage Interest Rate Risk 575Steven L. Byers

Index 591

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Robert W. Kolb
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