Understanding the Nervous System. An Engineering Perspective. IEEE Press Understanding Science & Technology Series

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Understanding the Nervous System An Engineering Perspective Providing a fascinating alternative to the unwieldy life science sources, this book describes how the nervous system (including the brain) communicates with, sends signals to, and receives input from the sensory organs. Starting with the basic principles, the authors unfold the mystery of this communication with simple, elegant models to enhance your understanding of how the nervous system functions. Understanding the Nervous System provides engineers with simplified models of the auditory system, the visual system, and, to the extent that it is known, how the brain functions. IEEE Press also publishes a growing number of understanding technology books for the curious, non–specialist engineer Understanding Lasers An Entry–Level Guide By Jeff Hecht, Sr. Contributing Editor, Lasers and Optronics Magazine This introductory guide explains how lasers work and how they are used in the real world of medicine, telephones, compact discs, and supermarket checkout lanes. Written for students, hobbyists, and the just plain curious, this authoritative text is clear, succinct, and amply illustrated an ideal tool and a valuable reference for technical and nontechnical readers alike. 1992 Softcover 448 pp. IEEE Order No. PP0293–1 ISBN 0–87942–298–X Understanding Telecommunications and Lightwave Systems An Entry–Level Guide By John G. Nellist This introduction to lightwave telecommunications provides nontechnical managers and students with an overview of this emerging technology of lightwave systems and its impact on communications. Understanding Telecommunications takes you from the basic principles and standards of today’s telephone network to current and future technologies of microwave radio, satellite communications, digital switching, video transmission, and wireless communications. Yet the book’s simple treatment of the subject still gives readers a sophisticated understanding of the field. 1992 Softcover 200 pp. IEEE Order No. PP0291–5 ISBN 0–7803–0418–7
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Excitable Tissue.

Sensory Receptors.

Generation of the Action Potential.

Propagation of the Action Potential.

Dendritic Summation.

Lateral Inhibition.

Simple Neuronal Systems.

Skeletal Muscle Circuits.

The Auditory System.

The Eye as a Transducer.

Visual Pattern Recognition, Neural Networks, and "Household Chores".

About the Brain.

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