Advances in Ceramic Matrix Composites IX. Proceedings of the symposium held at the 105th Annual Meeting of The American Ceramic Society, April 27–30, in Nashville, Tennessee, Ceramic Transactions, Volume 153. Ceramic Transactions Series

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Ceramic–matrix composites are strong, tough, environmentally stable, light in weight, and have the ability to withstand high operating temperatures. These characteristics make them viable candidate materials for high temperature structural applications. Twenty three are included in this volume describing the latest developments in the areas of ceramic fibers, processing and fabrication, oxide and non–oxide composites, carbon–carbon composites, geopolymer composites, mechanical behavior, corrosion and environmental effects, characterization, fiber–matrix interface, design of composites, and thermal/environmental barrier coatings.
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Preface ix

Ceramic Fibers

Fine Ceramic Fibers: From Microstructure to High Temperature Mechanical Behavior 3M.–H. Berger

Fabrication and Grain Growth In YAG and Mullite Fibers 27W.M. Kriven, K. Jurkschat, B.R. Johnson, WYoon, and C. Chiritescu

Raman and Rayleigh Imaging of the Corrosion Process of SiC Fibers 47M. Havel and Ph. Colomban

Processing and Design

The Use of Electrophoretic Deposition for the Fabrication of Ceramic and Glass Matrix Composites 57A.R. Boccaccini and C. Kaya

Fabrication of Reaction Sintered SiC Based Materials with Nanosize Particle Infiltration 67S.R Lee, J.O. Jin, and A. Kohyama

Production of AI203–Ti3AI Cermets by the Pressureless Reaction Sintering Process 81E. Rocha–Rangel, C.L Echeverria, R.L. Hernandez,VS. Cortes, and G.M. Gonzalez

Production of Multilayer Ceramic Laminates with Improved Mechanical Properties 89M. Bertoldi, M. Paternoster; and V.M. Sglavo

Designing with C/C–SiC Composites 103W. Krenkel

Preparation and Characterization of La–ln–Mg–O and La–ln–Ca–O Ceramic Matrix Composites 125C–F.KaoandC.–TWu

Oxide Matrix Composites

Development of Si3N4/BAS Ceramic Matrix Composite for Engineering Applications 141F.YU.Y. Fang, and K.W.White

Interfacial Behavior of Two Oxide/Oxide Composites 163N. Du Souich.Y Fang, U. Wilkund, and K.W White

Geopolymers and Geopolymer Matrix Composites

What are These Things Called Geopolymers? A Physicochemical Perspective 175K.J.D. MacKenzie

Effect of Blast Furnace Slag Addition on Microstructure and Properties of Metakaolinite Geopolymeric Materials 187C.K.Yip, G.C. Lukey, and J.S.J. van Deventer

Composite Cold Ceramic Geopolymer in a Refractory Application 211D.C. Comrie and W.M. Kriven

Microstructure and Michrochemistry of Fully–Reacted Geopolymers and Geopolymer Matrix Composites 227W.M. Kriven, J.L Bell, and M. Gordon

Mechanical Properties

Mechanical Behavior of Carbon–Carbon Composites at Room and Elevated Temperatures 253N. Sundaram, R.WTrice, and TJ. Bowman

Effect of Thermal Exposure on Microstructural and Mechanical Characteristics of Reaction Sintered SiC Based Materials 267S.R Lee.J.O. LinJ.K. Lee, B.H. Min, H.KYoon, J.S. Park,Y Katoh, and A. Kohyama

Fatigue Life and Crack Growth Behavior of AI - 8B4033 Whisker Reinforced Composite 277WJ. ParkYB. Choi, S.C. Huh, and H.K.Yoon

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Alumina–Copper Composites 285S. Menon and WG. Fahrenholtz


Characterization of Zirconium Diboride–Molybdenum Disilicide Ceramics 299A.L Chamberlain, W.G. Fahrenhottz, G.E. Hilmas, and D.T Ellerby

Sliding Wear Characteristics and Processing of MoSi2 Composites 309Y.H. Park, H.K.Yoon, S.R Lee, WJ. ParkY.B. Choi and S.C. Huh

Enhanced Wetting of Carbon–Coated Alumina Substrates by Aluminum Alloys 317E. Rocha–Rangel, RF. Becher and E. Lara–Curzio

Thermal/Environmental Barrier Coatings

Thermal Conductivity and Stability of Hf02–Y203 and LajZr207 Evaluated for 1650°C Thermal/Environmental Barrier Coating Applications 331D. Zhu, N.R Bansal, and R.A. Miller

Index 345

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Narottam P. Bansal
J. P. Singh
Waltraud M. Kriven
Hartmut Schneider
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