Multiculturalism and Diversity. A Social Psychological Perspective. Contemporary Social Issues

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Multiculturalism is a theoretical, political, and educational perspective that has had great influence within contemporary psychology but of which the meaning and implications are not yet fully understood. InMulticulturalism and Diversity, Bernice Lott uses the lenses of social and critical psychology to illuminate the meaning and scope of culture and its relationship with diversity. Lott posits that all human beings in contemporary society are multicultural and focuses on the many dimensions and politics of culture and how these shape individual identities.

The definition of culture guiding this book is one that is inclusive and pertains to many human groups, large and small. The author argues that such an approach provides an authentic way of understanding how significant group memberships affect individual self–definition, experience, behavior, and social interaction. Multiculturalism and Diversity positions multicultural psychology as an active, changing, and dynamic field and is sure to stimulate reasoned debate, discussion, and questions for further empirical inquiry.

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1 Introduction: The Multicultural Person.

Multicultural Psychology and Cross–Cultural Psychology.

Interpretive Lenses.

Persons and Communities.

A Proposed Social Psychological Perspective.

Definitions and Common Themes.

2 Culture.

Culture is Part of Human Biology.

Diversity of Cultures.

Empiricism and Social Constructions.

3 Ethnicity.

Race and Racism.


4 Gender.

Differences in Relative Power.

Cultures of Gender.

Interactions with Ethnicity.

Gender Salience.

5 Social Class.

Doing Social Class.

Unequal Access to Resources.

Working–Class and Low–Income Families.

The Middle Class.

The Rich.

Moving On.

6 Sexual Identity Cultures.

Heterosexual Culture.

Sexual Minority Cultures.

7 The Cultural Mosaic.

Diverse Cultural Communities.

Cultural Identities: How Do I Describe Myself?

Conflicting Identities.

Cultural Intersections.

8 Some Implications for Research and Practice.



What Now?


Subject Index.

Name Index.

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"Readers will enjoy its clarity, succinctness, and current examples. A timely contribution, the book can enrich training for research or practice and should prove valuable for anyone interested in culture and diversity." (Psychology of Women Quarterly, 2011)

"For instructors and researchers looking for new and better ways to define and describe the difficult constructs of culture, diversity, and multiculturalism, Multiculturalism and Diversity lives up to the task....... Furthermore, its individual chapters may serve as helpful stand–alone treatises on the four major cultural groups." (PsycCRITIQUES, September 15, 2010)

"A very good introduction for academics and (separately) the truly provincial for whom college is the first step out of their cultural womb." (Prometheus 6, January 2010)

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