iOS Hacker's Handbook

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They can crack the code. Here′s how to stop them.

The world loves iOS. Users love the convenience. Black hats love the vulnerability. This book arms you with the knowledge and tools to protect your organization′s iOS devices. If you′re a developer, it will also help you create hack–resistant applications.

These highly qualified iOS experts review iOS security architecture, examine the internals, and reveal the vulnerabilities. They show you how iOS jailbreaks work and explore encryption, code signing and memory protection, sandboxing, iPhone fuzzing, exploitation, ROP payloads, and baseband attacks. Here′s a complete toolkit for defending your iOS devices.

  • Examine the internals and identify the vulnerabilities of iOS

  • Explore all the elements of encryption, vulnerability hunting, and exploit writing

  • Review some common payloads and see what can and can′t be done on iOS with ROP

  • Learn more about kernel debugging and exploitation, with an overview of kernel structure and a look at auditing IOKit drivers

  • Look at techniques for fuzzing PDF and PowerPoint® documents in MobileSafari

  • Study different jailbreak types

Companion website

Source code and additional tools are available at [external URL]

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Introduction xv

Chapter 1 iOS Security Basics 1

Chapter 2 iOS in the Enterprise 15

Chapter 3 Encryption 47

Chapter 4 Code Signing and Memory Protections 69

Chapter 5 Sandboxing 107

Chapter 6 Fuzzing iOS Applications 139

Chapter 7 Exploitation 185

Chapter 8 Return–Oriented Programming 219

Chapter 9 Kernel Debugging and Exploitation 249

Chapter 10 Jailbreaking 297

Chapter 11 Baseband Attacks 327

Appendix References 365

Index 369

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Charlie Miller is Principal Research Consultant at Accuvant Labs and a four–time CanSecWest Pwn2Own winner.

Dionysus Blazakis is an expert on iOS and OS X sandbox security mechanisms.

Dino Dai Zovi is coauthor of The Mac Hacker′s Handbook and a popular conference speaker.

Stefan Esser is a PHP security expert and leading researcher of iOS security topics.

Vincenzo Iozzo is an independent security researcher focused on Mac OS X and smartphones.

Ralf–Philipp Weinmann holds a PhD in cryptography and has an extensive security background.

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