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Display Advertising. An Hour a Day

  • ID: 2246411
  • Book
  • September 2012
  • 528 Pages
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
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Boost Conversions and Drive Results

A Step–by–Step Guide

Fueled by compelling new ad formats and targeting capabilities, display advertising is revolutionizing how marketers reach and engage with their audience. This ultimate how–to guide, with its practical and proven steps to do–it–yourself display advertising, gives today′s marketers the tools to succeed. Whether you′re a marketer, consultant, or small business owner, you′ll quickly learn the key concepts, trends, and best practices you need to know to develop, launch, manage, and measure a winning plan.

  • Identify, define, and assign value to the display advertising goals against which you′ll measure success
  • Walk through examples using the Google AdWords Display Network to reach targeted audiences and maximize campaign performance
  • Launch campaigns that stay within budget and provide the right message to the right audience at the right time
  • Present your message following best practices with rich imagery, video, strong calls to action, and more
  • Target and re–target your audience across millions of websites, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Determine the most effective ads, landing pages, and campaigns through testing and analysis
  • Take advantage of unique targeting options on Facebook and LinkedIn to further your reach

You′ll also find:

  • Strategies, techniques, and tactics to get the most out of your ads and budget
  • Measurement tools and analytics to quantify the return on your advertising investment
  • Real–world case studies that illustrate successes to learn from and mistakes to avoid
  • An example of a high–impact test strategy that any website can use

Praise for Display Advertising: An Hour a Day

"David and Corey help you navigate the complex landscape of ad networks and ad formats, and present the tools and techniques you need to effectively use and measure display ads. These are data–driven guys that have put together a roadmap that will help you focus your ad spend on productive display campaigns that can drive your bottom line." Justin Cutroni, Analytics Advocate, Google

"Dave and Corey′s new book adds much–needed clarity on the latest development in this area, and their metrics–focused approach offers the critical perspective to how to be successful in display advertising." Phil Mui, Ph.D., EVP, Chief Product & Engineering Officer, Acxiom Corporation

"No longer is display advertising a black art. Written by expert practitioners, this book breaks down the details for mastering your online campaigns. Get it before your competitors do, and put it to work!" Tim Ash, CEO of SiteTuners, chair of Conversion Conference, and author of Landing Page Optimization

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Foreword xvii

Introduction xix

Chapter 1 Online Advertising 1

An Overview of Search Engine Marketing 2

Search Engine Marketing 3

Pay per Click Advertising 4

Search Advertising vs. Display Advertising 6

Search Advertising 6

Display Advertising 9

Problem Solving and Distraction 13

Chapter 2 Overview of Display Advertising 17

The Display Advertising Landscape 18

Why We Focus on the Google Display Network 19

Identifying Display Ad Types and Formats 23

Text Ads 24

Image Ads 24

Video Ads 25

Rich Media Ads 26

Defi ning Advertising Objectives 26

Defi ning Your Goals 27

Direct Response Advertising 32

Branding and Positioning Goals 35

Chapter 3 Fundamental Display Advertising Concepts 39

The Ecosystem: Advertisers and Publishers 40

Display Networks Come of Age 41

Technological Advances Lead to Extreme Complexity 41

Starting Out with the Google Network 45

What Is This Page Really About? 45

Google–Owned Properties 46

AdSense for Content 48

The DoubleClick Network 53

Campaign Targeting Strategies 54

Targeting Campaigns with Keywords 54

Targeting Campaigns with Placements 54

Targeting Campaigns with Audiences 55

The Big Picture: The Process of Display Advertising  56

Chapter 4 Month 1: Planning Your Campaigns 59

Week 1: Defi ne Your Display Advertising Goals 60

Monday: Understand the Objectives of Display Advertising 60

Tuesday: Define Your Direct Response Goals 62

Wednesday: Defi ne Success Metrics for Direct Response Goals 65

Thursday: Defi ne Branding and Positioning Goals 67

Friday: Create Strategies to Measure Branding and Positioning 71

Week 2: Showcase What You Do Best 74

Monday: Solve Your Customers Problems 74

Tuesday: Look at Your Competition 76

Wednesday: Identify Your Competitive Advantage 79

Thursday/Friday: Defi ne and Find Your Customers 81

Week 3: Take Stock of Your Resources 83

Monday: Understand the Process of Success 83

Tuesday: Identify the Campaign Implementer 85

Wednesday: Identify the Market Researcher 86

Thursday: Identify the Graphic Designer and Developer 88

Friday: Identify the Analyst 89

Week 4: Plan Your Budget . 90

Monday: Choose between Bid Types 91

Tuesday: Understand How the CPC Auction Works 93

Wednesday: Understand How CPM Bids Compete in the Auction 96

Thursday: Understand How Google Spends Your Budget 97

Friday: Understand AdWords Billing Options 98

Chapter 5 Month 2: Targeting Your Audience 101

Week 5: Understand Targeting Options 102

Monday: Using Contextual Targeting 102

Tuesday: Using Placement Targeting 104

Wednesday: Using Audience Targeting 108

Thursday: Using Additional Campaign Targeting Options 110

Friday: Combining Targeting Types 112

Week 6: Find Good Keywords  114

Monday: How Google Determines Relevance 115

Tuesday/Wednesday: Using the Google Keyword Tool 117

Thursday/Friday: Using the Contextual Targeting Tool 123

Week 7: Find Good Placements  126

Monday/Tuesday: Use the DoubleClick Ad Planner 126

Wednesday: Using the Placement Tool 133

Thursday: Evaluating Placements 137

Friday: Automatic and Managed Placement Strategies 139

Week 8: Organize Campaigns and Ad Groups  141

Monday: Separating Your Display Campaigns 141

Tuesday: Organizing by Campaign Settings 145

Wednesday: Organizing by Themes 146

Thursday: Organizing by Audiences 149

Friday: Using Exclusions 150

Chapter 6 Month 3: Building Your First Display Campaign 153

Week 9: Choose Your Display Campaign Settings 154

Monday: Create a New Campaign 154

Tuesday/Wednesday: Target Locations and Languages 156

Thursday: Set Target Networks 160

Friday: Use Device Targeting 162

Week 10: Choose Your Bidding Style and Budget  164

Monday: Learn Manual CPC Bidding 164

Tuesday: Learn Automatic & Enhanced CPC Bidding 166

Wednesday: Learn CPM Bidding 167

Thursday: Learn the Conversion Optimizer 168

Friday: Set Your Budget 171

Week 11: Confi gure Advanced Campaign Settings 173

Monday/Tuesday: Learn the Ad Scheduler 174

Wednesday: Understand Rotation and Frequency Capping 177

Thursday/Friday: Integrate with Google+ 178

Week 12: Create Your First Ad Group 181

Monday: Add Keywords for Contextual Targeting 181

Tuesday: Add Placements for Placement Targeting 183

Wednesday: Add Audiences for Audience Targeting 185

Thursday: Exclude Placements, Audiences, and Keywords 186

Friday: Add Ads to Your Ad Groups 188

Chapter 7 Month 4: Creating Image Ads 191

Week 13: Study the Science behind Great Image Ads  192

Monday: Maintaining the Scent 192

Tuesday: Creating Strong Calls to Action 195

Wednesday: Using Enticing Imagery 197

Thursday: Writing Good Copy for Display Ads 202

Friday: Visual and Cognitive Psychology Concepts 204

Week 14: Understand the Rules 215

Monday: Supported Formats, Sizes, and File Sizes 215

Tuesday: Flash Ad Requirements 218

Wednesday: Editorial and Graphical Requirements 220

Thursday: Content Guidelines and Family Status 221

Friday: Site–Level Guidelines 225

Week 15: Dig Deeper on Image Ads 227

Monday: What You re Trying to Accomplish 227

Tuesday: Image Ads for E–Com, Lead Gen, B2B, and Non–Profi t Scenarios 228

Wednesday: Choosing Static or Rich Media Ads 231

Thursday: Importing Your Image Ads into AdWords 232

Friday: The Approval Process 233

Week 16: Build Ads with Display Ad Builder 235

Monday: Benefi ts and Drawbacks of the Display Ad Builder 235

Tuesday: Browsing Your Options Themes and Filters 236

Wednesday: Creating and Previewing an Ad 237

Thursday: Advanced Ad Types 240

Friday: Tips For Creating Unique Ads 242

Chapter 8 Month 5: Video Ads 245

Week 17: Understand AdWords Video Ads 246

Monday: What They Are, Where They Show and When to Use Them 246

Tuesday: Click–to–Play Video Ads 247

Wednesday: In–Stream and In–Slate Video Ads 247

Thursday: InVideo Ads 249

Friday: Evaluating Video Ads 250

Week 18: Create Video Ads 252

Monday: Best Practices for Video Ads 252

Tuesday: The AdWords for Video Interface 254

Wednesday/Thursday: Creating a Campaign, Ad, and Targeting Group 255

Friday: Guest Lecture by Charlie Stone 257

Week 19: Advertise on YouTube 258

Monday: Advertising on YouTube 258

Tuesday: Channel and Call–to–Action Overlays 260

Wednesday: TrueView In–Search and In–Display 261

Thursday: Additional Tools 262

Friday: YouTube Analytics 263

Week 20: Advertise on Television with AdWords 265

Monday: Is TV Advertising Right for You? 266

Tuesday: Networks and Targeting 267

Wednesday: Creating Your Own Ads 268

Thursday: Outsourcing Ad Production 270

Friday: Measuring the Success of a Television Campaign 271

Chapter 9 Month 6: Launch and Measure Your Campaign s Performance 273

Week 21: Launch the Campaign 274

Monday: Setting a Benchmark By Taking Stock of Where You Currently Stand 274

Tuesday: What to Expect and Do in Your First Week 275

Wednesday: Getting Familiar with Reported Metrics 277

Thursday: Calculating ROI 278

Friday: Linking Google Analytics and Google AdWords Accounts 284

Week 22: Use AdWords Reports 285

Monday: Understanding AdWords Conversion Tracking 285

Tuesday: Installing Conversion Tracking Code 286

Wednesday and Thursday: AdWords Display Network Reports 289

Friday: Using the Dimensions Tab 291

Week 23: Use Google Analytics 295

Monday: Campaign Level Report and Clicks Tab 296

Tuesday: Campaign Tagging for Non–Google Networks 297

Wednesday: Drilling Down to Ad Groups and Using Secondary Dimensions 301

Thursday and Friday: Very Useful Reports for Display 302

Week 24: Measure Branding and Positioning Goals  309

Monday: Dealing With Soft Metrics 309

Tuesday: Multiple Touch Point Analysis 312

Wednesday: Social Media Metrics Traffi c on Your Site 315

Thursday: Social Media Metrics Activity Outside Your Site 321

Friday: Correlation and Causation 324

Chapter 10 Month 7: Optimizing the Performance of Your Campaigns 329

Week 25: Refi ne Your Campaigns and Ad Groups 330

Monday: Evaluating Performance 330

Tuesday: Optimizing Ads 334

Wednesday: Optimizing Placements 337

Thursday: Optimizing with Contextual Keywords 338

Friday: Optimizing Audiences 339

Week 26: Expand Your Reach  341

Monday: Expanding Reach with Ad Group Bids 341

Tuesday: Adjusting Keyword and Placement Level Bids 343

Wednesday: Adjusting Audience Bids 344

Thursday: Using Ad Planner to Find More Placements 345

Friday: Using Display Campaign Optimizer 350

Week 27: Test Your Ads 352

Monday: Understanding Ad Split Testing 352

Tuesday: Understanding Statistical Significance and Sample Size 353

Wednesday: Setting Up a Split Test 358

Thursday: Interpreting the Results and Tools 361

Friday: What Should I Test? 362

Week 28: Create Effective Landing Pages 365

Monday: Understanding What Makes a Good Landing Page to Google 366

Tuesday: Understanding What Makes a Good Landing Page to Your Visitor 367

Wednesday: The Importance of Dedicated Landing Pages 374

Thursday: A/B Split Testing 375

Friday: Multivariate Testing 376

Chapter 11 Month 8: Advanced Topics 379

Week 29: Retarget and Remarket  380

Monday: Understanding Retargeting 380

Tuesday: Using AdWords Remarketing 382

Wednesday: Creating Remarketing Lists 385

Thursday: Using Custom Combinations 388

Friday: Leveraging Remarketing Best Practices 390

Week 30: Learn Tools for Testing Landing Pages 394

Monday: Understanding Google Analytics Content Experiments 395

Tuesday: Set up a Google Analytics Content Experiment 396

Wednesday: Run a Content Experiment 399

Thursday: Reading Content Experiment Reports 401

Friday: Running a Test with Optimizely 404

Week 31: Go beyond Clickstream Analytics 411

Monday: Using Qualitative Feedback 412

Tuesday: Using Visual Analytics 416

Wednesday: Using Form Analytics 419

Thursday/Friday: Evaluating the User Experience 424

Week 32: Target Topics 427

Monday: Understanding Topic Targeting and When to Use It 428

Tuesday: Adding and Editing Topic Targets 429

Wednesday: Working with Ad Planner Codes 431

Thursday: Managing Topic Exclusions 432

Friday: Using Topic and Audience Targeting Reports 433

Chapter 12 Month 9: Using LinkedIn and Facebook Display Ads 437

Week 33: Advertise on LinkedIn 438

Monday: Understanding LinkedIn Advertising 438

Tuesday: Knowing When to Use LinkedIn Advertising 440

Wednesday: Working with LinkedIn Ad Formats 442

Thursday: Setting LinkedIn Targeting Options 445

Friday: Selecting LinkedIn Bidding and Budget Options 447

Week 34: Launch and Measure LinkedIn Campaigns 448

Monday: Launching Your LinkedIn Campaign 448

Tuesday: Using the LinkedIn Interface 452

Wednesday: Integrating with Google Analytics 455

Thursday: Optimizing LinkedIn Campaigns 458

Friday: Taking LinkedIn to the Next Level 460

Week 35: Advertise on Facebook  462

Monday: Understanding Facebook Advertising Destinations 462

Tuesday: When to Use Facebook Advertising 463

Wednesday: The Ad Format and Where it Shows 463

Thursday: Targeting Options 467

Friday: Setting Your Pricing and Choosing between CPC and CPM 469

Week 36: Launch and Measure Facebook Campaigns 470

Monday: Launching Your Facebook Campaign 470

Tuesday: The Ads Manager 472

Wednesday: Facebook Insights Information 473

Thursday: Using the Power Editor 475

Friday: Integrating with Google Analytics 478

Glossary 483

Index 489

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown