Teach Yourself Microsoft Excel 2000

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Looking for quick, solid answers to all your Excel 2000 questions? Find them in Teach Yourself(r) Microsoft(r) Excel 2000. This book skips the technical jargon and gets right to the heart of the matter, saving you time and frustration. Topics covered include: creating, formatting and managing worksheets, performing calculations with formulas and functions, using multisheet workbooks, integrating your data and charts into Web pages, creating stunning 3-D charts, and more.
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PART I: Getting Started with Excel 2000.

Chapter 1: Getting Familiar with Excel.

Chapter 2: Basic Worksheet Creation.

Chapter 3: Formatting Your Worksheet.

Chapter 4: Managing Your Files.

Chapter 5: Printing.

PART II: Enhancing Excel Worksheets.

Chapter 6: Modifying Your Worksheet.

Chapter 7: Using Formulas and Functions.

Chapter 8: Using Dates and Times.

Chapter 9: Adjusting Window and Worksheet Display.

Chapter 10: Working with Multiple-Sheet Workbooks.

Chapter 11: Creating Graphics and Pictures.

PART III: Creating Charts with Excel.

Chapter 12: Creating a Chart.

Chapter 13: Changing the Look of Your Chart.

Chapter 14: Manipulating Chart Data.

PART IV: Database Applications.

Chapter 15: Using Excel for Database Applications.

Chapter 16: Using Pivot Tables.

PART V: Advanced Excel Skills.

Chapter 17: Importing, Exporting, and Linking Files.

Chapter 18: Hyperlinks and the Internet.

Chapter 19: Creating Macros.

Personal Workbook Answers.
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About the Author Dennis P. Taylor has been involved in various forms of computer education for nearly 20 years. Initially teaching programming languages COBOL and BASIC, he branched into presenting orientation classes to early users of personal computers. As a consultant and teacher focused on business users, he has presented over 2,000 seminars and classes in a variety of computer topics, primarily in the area of desktop software. His clients have included Amoco Oil, IBM, Amgen, US West, Lexmark, Levi Strauss, Texaco, StorageTek, the federal government, and the state of Colorado. Specializing in spreadsheet software, Dennis coauthored five books on Lotus 1-2-3 in the late 1980s and early 1990s. He has written and presented over a dozen videos and CDs on various versions of Microsoft Excel, including Excel 2000, for Keystone Learning Systems. Dennis lives in Boulder, Colorado, and is an avid listener of classical music, especially opera, and spends far too much time reading maps and almanacs, solving math and crossword puzzles, and playing word games. He welcomes comments and suggestions at dennistaylor@msn.com.
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