Developmental Psychology and You. 2nd Edition

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What makes you the person you are today?
How does a baby perceive the world?
Is the person without love damaged forever?
What can psychology tell us about the differences between the sexes? Discipline? Delinquency? Adolescent fads and fashions? Marriage and parenting? Ageing and later life?

Developmental Psychology and You is a lively and accessible introduction to the psychology of human development. The authors, who all have extensive experience in teaching and research, have selected topics that will appeal to new students of this subject and have presented them in a way that demonstrates their relevance to everyday life.The fully revised second edition includes a new chapter on gender development and gender differences, while the material on adult life and growing older has been expanded. New material has also been added on: developmental stages; cultural variations; early social interactions; the measurement of intelligence; and Vygotsky′s theory of cognitive development.
As in the previous edition, the style and design of the text are accessible and user–friendly; key concepts are highlighted throughout, and each chapter contains objectives, exercises, self–assessment questions and recommendations for further reading. A glossary at the end defines all the technical terms.
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List of Exercises.

List of Figures.

List of Tables.

Preface and Acknowledgements.

1. What is Developmental Psychology?.

2. First Views of the World.

3. First Relationships.

4. Early Influences and Personality.

5. Playing and Learning.

6. Developing Language.

7. Children's Thinking.

8. Intelligence and Experience.

9. Creativity and Artistic Development.

10. Moral and Social Development.

11. Gender Development and Gender Differences.

12. Childhood Problems.

13. Puberty and Adolescence.

14. Growing Older: Young and Middle Adulthood.

15. Growing Old.

16. Studying Development.


Author Index.

Subject Index.

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′This book provides an excellent introduction to developmental psychology. There is coverage from infancy to old age. The style is engaging with prominence given to practical and applied topics.′David Messer, South Bank University

"Given the extensive nature of the chosen topic – no less than the whole of developmental psychology – it is a testament to keen selective eyes and authorial skills that many of the essential features of the subject are conveyed in a readable and easily accessible style ... it succeeded in one of its chief aims, ′to whet the reader′s appetite′ for the discipline, sharpening as it did my own critical inclinations!" Tom Billington, University of Sheffield, British Journal of Educational Psychology, December 2003

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