Handbook of Applied Cognition

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The Handbook of Applied Cognition provides a unique and comprehensive review and synthesis of the applied research areas that have benefited from the perspectives, methods and techniques of cognitive psychology and cognitive engineering. The Handbook opens by looking at the relationship between applied and basic research and goes on to overview applied research from various perspectives familiar to most cognitive psychologists, including knowledge and expertise; memory; judgement and decision making; human error; and social cognition. The chapters that follow focus on particular applied domains and are categorized under the following headings:
  • business and industry
  • computers and technology
  • information and instruction
  • health and law
Together these chapters provide a thorough review of each area, a detailed presentation of methodology and techniques, and discussions where appropriate concerning relationships to existing theory and models. With contributions from prestigious international researchers, the Handbook of Applied Cognition provides an authoritative resource and reference both for basic and applied researchers in the fields of psychology, industrial engineering, education, computer science, health and law. It will also appeal to advanced students covering the burgeoning field of applied cognition.
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Partial table of contents:


Applying Cognitive Psychology: Bridging the Gulf Between Basic Research and Cognitive Artifacts (D. Gillan & R. Schvaneveldt).

Applications of Attention Research (W. Rogers, et al.).

Knowledge and Expertise (N. Charness & R. Schultetus).

Applications of Social Cognition: Attitudes as Cognitive Structures (L. Fabrigar, et al.).


The Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive Engineering of Industrial Systems (N. Moray).

Applied Cognition in Consumer Research (J. Alba & J. Hutchinson).


Devices that Remind (D. Herrmann, et al.).

Knowledge Elicitation (N. Cooke).


Statistical Graphs and Maps (S. Lewandowsky & J. Behrens).

Instructional Technology (R. Mayer).

Cognitive Psychology Applied to Testing (S. Embretson).


Medical Cognition (V. Patel, et al.).

Designing Healthcare Advice for the Public (P. Wright).

Perspectives on Jury Decision–Making: Cases with Pretrial Publicity and Cases Based on Eyewitness Identifications (J. Devenport, et al.).

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Raymond S. Nickerson
Roger W. Schvaneveldt
Susan T. Dumais
D. Stephen Lindsay
Michelene T. H. Chi
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