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Humid Tropical Environments. Natural Environment

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The humid tropics contain some of the world′s richest, most diverse, most important and most threatened environments. This book draws on recent work by geographers, biologists, ecologists, geologists and climatologists to present a complete and integrated appraisal of the natural environment of all the humid tropical regions of the world.

The book opens with a discussion of the problems of defining the humid tropics and of the need to link research on environmental processes in order to achieve an holistic understanding of environmental change. The authors then move to an examination of atmospheric circulation systems and associated climatic characteristics. Considerations of climate further inform detailed analyses of soil types and distribution, vegetation, landscape, and hydrological processes. The authors stress the interdependence of form and process and look closely and in detail at past and present human impacts. The issues surrounding the intensive exploitation of large zones of the humid tropics are discussed in detail, at local, regional and global scales.

Numerous case studies of contrasting environments support the argument throughout the book. The text is illustrated extensively with diagrams, maps and photographs. It is fully referenced and contains an annotated list of further reading by subject.

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1. Introduction.

2. Atmospheric Circulation Systems and Weather Disturbances.

3. Climatic Characteristics.

4. Humid Tropical Soils.

5. Humid Tropical Vegetation.

6. Landscape.

7. Hydrology.

8. Environmental Resources and Hazards in the Humid Tropics.

9. Environmental Issues Facing the Humid Tropics.




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"The value of this book is that it treats and compares an extremely wide range of topics. Because of the extensive bibliography the specialist or the person looking for details on any one topic is unlikely to be frustrated. A list of further reading is provided for each chapter and is a good introdution to the up–to–date scientific literature about the humid tropics. This text is likely to be widely used by students of many different disciplines."The Times Higher Education Supplement

"Three geographers have come together to produce a well–integrated text on the major features of the environment in the humid tropics, with emphasis on their interrelationships and the importance of the human dimension... This book merits wide readership and provides and excellent text for many university courses." B. A. Whitton, International Journal of Environment Studies

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