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Readings in Globalization. Key Concepts and Major Debates. Edition No. 1

  • ID: 2248863
  • Book
  • April 2010
  • 488 Pages
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
This unique and engaging anthology introduces students to the major concepts of globalization within the context of the key debates and disputes.
  • Introduces globalization through its basic concepts, rather than thematically; a distinctive approach that provides students with a better grasp of what social science has to offer on the topic
  • Utilizes concepts from interdisciplinary sources, bringing together work from key figures across a number of fields - from Weber and Marx, to contemporary figures in the field, including Beck, Bauman, Castells, and Homi Bhabha
  • Includes excerpts to illustrate ideas, all at an appropriate level of difficulty for an undergraduate audience
  • Offers all of this in the dynamic context of major debates surrounding the basic concepts and the fundamental realities of globalization
  • Designed so it can be used independently, or alongside Ritzer’s Globalization: A Basic Text for a complete student resource
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Introduction to the Book 1

1 Introduction to Globalization Debates 3

1 Is Globalization Civilizing, Destructive or Feeble? A Critique of Five Key Debates in the Social Science Literature 4
Mauro F. Guillén

Part I Political Economy 19

2 Civilizations 21

2 The Clash of Civilizations? 23
Samuel P. Huntington

3 Global Utopias and Clashing Civilizations: Misunderstanding the Present 29
John Gray

4 Can Civilizations Clash? 34
Jack F. Matlock, Jr

5 History Ends, Worlds Collide 36
Chris Brown

6 If Not Civilizations, What? Paradigms of the Post-Cold War World 37
Samuel P. Huntington

3 Orientalism, Colonialism, and Postcolonialism 43

7 Orientalism: Introduction 47
Edward W. Said

8 Orientalism and Orientalism in Reverse 54
Sadik Jalal al-‘Azm

9 Postcolonialism and Its Discontents 57
Ali Rattansi

10 Said’s Orientalism: A Vital Contribution Today 66
Peter Marcuse

4 Neoliberalism 72

11 Freedom versus Collectivism in Foreign Aid 75
William Easterly

12 The Great Transformation: The Political and Economic Origins of Our Time 86
Karl Polanyi

13 Freedom’s Just Another Word . . . 101
David Harvey

14 Neoliberalism as Exception, Exception to Neoliberalism 111
Aihwa Ong

5 Structural Adjustment 117

15 Structural Adjustment in East and Southeast Asia: Lessons from Latin America 119
Jim Glassman and Pádraig Carmody

16 The Social Consequences of Structural Adjustment: Recent Evidence and Current Debates 127
Sarah Babb

17 The Human Rights Effects of World Bank Structural Adjustment, 1981–2000 138
M. Rodwan Abouharb and David L. Cingranelli

18 How International Monetary Fund and World Bank Policies Undermine Labor Power and Rights 146
Vincent Lloyd and Robert Weissman

19 Who Has Failed Africa?: IMF Measures or the African Leadership? 150
Gerald Scott

6 Nation-State 157

20 Sociology and the Nation-State in an Era of Shifting Boundaries 159
Donald N. Levine

21 The Westfailure System 161
Susan Strange

22 Globalization and the Myth of the Powerless State 166
Linda Weiss

23 Globalization and the Resilience of State Power 175
Daniel Béland

24 Beyond Nation-State Paradigms: Globalization, Sociology, and the Challenge of Transnational Studies 179
William I. Robinson

7 Transnationalism 182

25 Transnational Practices 184
Leslie Sklair

26 Social Theory and Globalization: The Rise of a Transnational State 195
William I. Robinson

27 Revisiting the Question of the Transnational State: A Comment on William Robinson’s “Social Theory and Globalization” 198
Philip McMichael

8 World Systems 203

28 The Modern World-System: Theoretical Reprise 205
Immanuel Wallerstein

29 Competing Conceptions of Globalization 210
Leslie Sklair

9 Empire 214

30 Empire 217
Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri

31 The Global Coliseum: On Empire 226
Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri interviewed by Nicholas Brown and Imre Szeman

32 Retrieving the Imperial: Empire and International Relations 228
Tarak Barkawi and Mark Laffey

33 Africa: the Black Hole at the Middle of Empire? 234
David Moore

34 The New World Order (They Mean It) 240
Stanley Aronowitz

35 Adventures of the Multitude: Response of the Authors 241
Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri

10 Network Society and Informationalism 244

36 Toward a Sociology of the Network Society 246
Manuel Castells

37 Depoliticizing Globalization: From Neo-Marxism to the Network Society of Manuel Castells 252
Peter Marcuse

11 World Risk Society and Cosmopolitanism 260

38 The Terrorist Threat: World Risk Society Revisited 263
Ulrich Beck

39 Risk, Globalisation and the State: A Critical Appraisal of Ulrich Beck and the World Risk Society Thesis 271
Darryl S. L. Jarvis

40 Unpacking Cosmopolitanism for the Social Sciences: A Research Agenda 280
Ulrich Beck and Natan Sznaider

41 Cosmopolitanism and Nationalism 285
Craig Calhoun

12 McWorld and Jihad 288

42 Jihad vs McWorld 290
Benjamin R. Barber

43 Paris is Burning: Jihad vs McWorld by Benjamin R. Barber 297
Fareed Zakaria

44 Sovereignty and Emergency: Political Theology, Islam and American Conservatism 301
Bryan S. Turner

45 On Terrorism and the New Democratic Realism 305
Benjamin R. Barber

Part II Culture 307

46 Globalization and Culture: Three Paradigms 309
Jan Nederveen Pieterse

13 Creolization, Hybridity, and Glocalization 319

47 The World in Creolisation 322
Ulf Hannerz

48 Flows, Boundaries and Hybrids: Keywords in Transnational Anthropology 324
Ulf Hannerz

49 Globalization as Hybridization 326
Jan Nederveen Pieterse

50 Glocalization: Time–Space and Homogeneity–Heterogeneity 334
Roland Robertson

14 Critiquing Creolization, Hybridity, and Glocalization 344

51 Hybridity, So What? The Anti-Hybridity Backlash and the Riddles of Recognition 347
Jan Nederveen Pieterse

52 The Global, the Local, and the Hybrid: A Native Ethnography of Glocalization 351
Marwan M. Kraidy

53 Globalization and Trinidad Carnival: Diaspora, Hybridity and Identity in Global Culture 356
Keith Nurse

54 Mapping the “Glocal” Village: The Political Limits of “Glocalization” 360
William H. Thornton

55 Rethinking Globalization: Glocalization/Grobalization and Something/Nothing 361
George Ritzer

56 Dialectics of Something and Nothing: Critical Reflections on Ritzer’s Globalization Analysis 372
Douglas Kellner

15 McDonaldization 380

57 An Introduction to McDonaldization 383
George Ritzer

58 McDonaldization and the Global Culture of Consumption 389
Malcolm Waters

59 The McDonald’s Mosaic: Glocalization and Diversity 393
Bryan S. Turner

60 Transnationalism, Localization, and Fast Foods in East Asia 396
James L. Watson

61 Global Implications of McDonaldization and Disneyization 399
Alan Bryman

62 Glocommodification: How the Global Consumes the Local – McDonald’s in Israel 402
Uri Ram

16 World Culture 408

63 World Culture: Origins and Consequences 410
Frank J. Lechner and John Boli

64 Norms, Culture, and World Politics: Insights from Sociology’s Institutionalism 421
Martha Finnemore

Sources and Credits 425

Index 429

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
George Ritzer University of Maryland, USA.

Zeynep Atalay University of Maryland, USA.
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown