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A Companion to the Anthropology of Politics offers an unprecedented overview of the field, written by a breathtaking roster of contemporary scholars. This ambitious volume explores the key concepts and issues of our time from AIDS, globalization, displacement, militarization, and neoliberalism to identity politics and beyond in the words of the very individuals who have contributed to the development of this important field.

Each author reflects on concepts and issues that have shaped the anthropology of politics and concludes with thoughts on and challenges for the way ahead. The volume as a whole is written in an accessible manner, although each chapter is crafted in its author s own unique style. At the heart of the volume lies anthropology s distinctive genre: ethnography.

Offering a comprehensive understanding of anthropology s unique contribution to the study of politics, A Companion to the Anthropology of Politics will set a new benchmark for the field and will undoubtedly spur students and scholars to new heights in the decades to come.

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Synopsis of Contents viii

Preface xv

Notes on Contributors xvi

Introduction 1Joan Vincent

1 Affective States 4Ann Laura Stoler

2 After Socialism 21Katherine Verdery

3 AIDS 37Brooke Grundfest Schoepf

4 Citizenship 55Aihwa Ong

5 Cosmopolitanism 69Ulf Hannerz

6 Development 86Marc Edelman and Angelique Haugerud

7 Displacement 107Elizabeth Colson

8 Feminism 121Malathi de Alwis

9 Gender, Race, and Class 135Micaela di Leonardo

10 Genetic Citizenship 152Deborah Heath, Rayna Rapp, and Karen–Sue Taussig

11 The Global City 168Saskia Sassen

12 Globalization 179Jonathan Friedman

13 Governing States 198David Nugent

14 Hegemony 216Gavin Smith

15 Human Rights 231Richard Ashby Wilson

16 Identity 248Arturo Escobar

17 Imagining Nations 267Akhil Gupta

18 Infrapolitics 282Steven Gregory

19 Mafias 303Jane C. and Peter T. Schneider

20 Militarization 318Catherine Lutz

21 Neoliberalism 332John Gledhill

22 Popular Justice 349Robert Gordon

23 Postcolonialism 367K. Sivaramakrishnan

24 Power Topographies 383James Ferguson

25 Race Technologies 400Thomas Biolsi

26 Sovereignty 418Caroline Humphrey

27 Transnational Civil Society 437June Nash

28 Transnationality 448Nina Glick Schiller

Index 468

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AChoice Outstanding Academic Title of the Year

A magnificent collection. The most engaged and imaginative writing that anthropology has to offer, disclosing the inherently political nature of everyday life. Michael Burawoy, University of California, Berkeley

What is impressive about this collection is the way many authors take received ideas from political science, political philosophy, cultural studies, or world systems theory and, by subjecting them to ethnographic scrutiny, transform them in new and powerful ways. Anthropology makes a difference. Marshall Sahlins, University of Chicago

"The Blackwell Companions to Anthropology, of which this volume is the second to appear, are set fair to blow cobwebs from dormant minds ... this volume is an exemplar of scholarship at its meticulous, dynamic, and demanding best ... we have here an erudite analysis of problems of direct relevance to the lives of every individual person on our planet, and an inspired exploration of things to come . This is scholarly, sophisticated, unsparing, courageous political thinking, far removed from the shams, slogans, shibboleths, stupidities, and silliness of much of the political comment and conditioning purveyed by our mass media even by our elected representatives ... This is an admirable work that will fertilise the rugged field of the anthropology of politics for decades to come. All academic libraries need it. It would also be a salutary Christmas present choice for our pet political representative, an earnest hope of a positive revolution in political theory and practice. Reference Reviews

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