The Biology of Disease. 2nd Edition

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The second edition of The Biology Of Disease is an introductory level text on the biological principles of human disease. The book is aimed at medical students and students on degree courses in bio–medical science. The book fuses the biological (physiological and biochemical) processes, which underlie the clinical manifestation of disease. As such, it brings together material, which is conventionally dealt with by several books. The authors have covered the fundamentals of each topic in a readable manner, which should encourage students to develop a fuller understanding, where necessary, by reference to more comprehensive text.

The Biology Of Disease
Integrates basic science and clinical medicine
Is written at introductory level
Incorporates additional case studies to emphasize the clinical applications of basic science
Highlights the clinical relevance of biological processes in reference to clinical practice

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List of Contributors.

Preface to the Second Edition.

Preface to the First Edition.

1. The Nature of Disease.

2. Psychological And Social Aspects of Disease.

3. Principles of Epidemiology.

4. The Molecular Basis of Cell Reproduction, Senescence And Death.

5. The Inflammatory Response.

6. The Immune System.

7. Principles of Infectious Disease.

8. Bacterial Infection.

9. Virus Infection.

10. Hypersensitivity.

11. Autoimmunity.

12. Immunodeficiency.

13. Transplantation Immunology.

14. Anaemia.

15. Nutritional Disorders.

16. Haemostasis.

17. Atherosclerosis.

18. Toxicology And Poisoning.

19. Inherited Single Gene Disorders.

20. Chromosome Abnormalities.

21. Principles of Neoplasia.

22. The Molecular Basis Of Cancer.

23. Tumour Viruses And Human Cancer.

24. Cancer: Invasion And Metastasis.

Case Studies:.

1. Neurotic Symptoms Following A Road Traffic Accident.

2. Depressive Illness In Pregnancy.

3. Fever, Vomiting And Neck Stiffness In A Child.

4. Shortness of Breath And Vaginal Discharge.

5. Fever And Chills With Rigors.

6. Fever, Confusion And Breathlessness.

7. Coughing Up Blood By A Retired Coal Miner.

8. Persistent Coughing Up of Blood And Ankle Swelling.

9. Breathlessness In A Young Man.

10. Diarrhoea, Jaundice And Rash.

11. Protein In The Urine And Hypertension.

12. Fever And Cervical Lymph Node Enlargement.

13. Neutropenia And Recurrent Infection.

14. Fever And Leg Ulcer.

15. Chest Pain Radiating Tothe Left Arm.

16. Sudden Death In A Young Man.

17. Easy Bruising And Recurrent Epistaxis.

18. Diarrhoea And Abdominal Distension.

19. Abdominal Pain And Diarrhoea.

20. Recurrent Epigastric Pain With Abnormal Liver Function Tests.

21. Sudden Onset of Severe Pain In The Leg.

22. Rectal Bleeding With Diarrhoea.

23. Heart Murmur And Cleft Palate.

24. Seizure, Aggressive Behaviour; Rett Syndrome Affected Sister.

25. Recurrent Miscarriage.

26. A Neonate With Dysmorphic Features And High Pitched Cry.

27. Meconium Ileus In New Born.

28. Back Pain, Lethargy And Weight Loss.

29. Easy Bruising, Weight Loss And Abdominal Discomfort.

30. Bleeding From The Nose And Gums With Fever.

31. Night Sweats And Cervical Lymph Node Enlargement.

32. Hoarseness And Weight Loss.

33. Burning Sensation On Urination, Weight Loss And Skeletal Pain.

34. Change of Bowel Habit And Rectal Bleeding.



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"This is a good all–rounder and useful for all years, a definite worthwhile purchase."Surgo – Glasgow University Medical School Gazette

"There are very few competing titles in this field, and this is certainly one of the best I have come across. I promise that time taken to dip into this book will be well rewarded." Cambridge Medicine – Cambridge University Medical School Gazette

"If your medical school is one of the many where general pathology appears to have fallen between the beanbags, this is a good book to recommend early on, so students can rectify for themselves a glaring deficit in their basic medical education." The Bulletin of the Royal College of Pathologists

"...if you knew this book well enough, the pre–clinical years of medical school would be a breeze!" Scope, Nottingham University Medical School Gazette

".there is a real market for an up–to–date text. The Biology of Disease satisfies this need admirably...a very good buy." British Journal of Biomedical Science

"Throughout the book there is a strong focus on clinical relevance, making it a highly readable and informative account of disease in general." Murmur, Cambridge University Medical Society Journal

Published Reviews of the 2nd Edition

"If you are wondering how many books you need to cover the mighty Scientific Basis of Disease (SBD) course, look no further.

.the book fill gaps in your knowledge as you go along to improve understanding, and can also be used during exam revision for quick reference without going into boring lengthy detail." GKT Gazette, Medical & Dentals Schools, December 2001

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