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Genes, Culture, and Human Evolution. A Synthesis

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Drawing links between genetic and cultural development, this textbook on human evolution offers students a unique combination of cultural anthropology and genetics.

For too long, cultural anthropology and science have been portrayed as antagonistic. The authors believe that this is misguided and that recent findings in genetics and anthropology indicate that, to the contrary, a fruitful analysis of human culture and evolution demands integration of these fields of study. This text unifies cultural and genetic concepts: Genes, Culture, and Human Evolution demonstrates that empirical genetic evidence, based on modern DNA analysis and population studies, provides an excellent foundation for understanding human cultural diversity.

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Introduction by L. Luca Cavalli–Sforza.

1. Genetic and Cultural Theory: A Brief Overview.

2. Human Descent and Paleoanthropology.

3. Foundations of Classical and Molecular Genetics.

4. Genetics as a Key to Human Origins and Prehistory.

5. Fundamentals of Human Evolution: Mutation and Natural Selection.

6. Fundamentals of Human Evolution: Drift, Migration, and Quantitative Analysis of Human Genetic Diversity.

7. Cultural Evolution.

8. Geography of Human Genes and Correlation with Languages.

9. The Prehistory of Human Genes.

10. Voyages: Prehistoric Human Expansions.

11. The Neolithic Transition in Europe and the Peopling of the Americas.

12. Genes, Kinship, and Identity.

13. Cultural Clines, Clades, Cycles, and Waves: The Process of Cultural Evolution.

14. Genes and Culture in Medicine.

General Conclusion.

Appendix 1. The Denaturing High Performance Liquid Chromatography (DHPLC) Technique.

Appendix 2. The Hardy Weinberg Theorem.

Appendix 3. A Simulation of Drift.

Appendix 4. The Diversification of Languages.


Key References.



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This book lives up to its title.  It provides an invigorating and well–informed overview of human genetic and cultural evolution, one that transcends the disciplinary boundaries that become an irrelevance to a full understanding of where we come from, out nature and origins. (Anthropos, 2009)

"The important branch of evolutionary anthropology that concentrates on the co–evolution of genes and culture has been in need of its definitive textbook. Here it has found its perfect expression in one of those rare texts that is also a grand synthesis and a contribution in its own right." Robin Fox, University Professor of Social Theory, Rutgers University

"Stone and Lurquin have integrated what we know about bones, genes, and languages to produce a uniquely valuable account. By focusing on the science of human evolution, the authors avoid the stultifying debates about what is culture and does it evolve. With this volume, evolutionary anthropology becomes a coherent discipline accessible to all students and scholars in the human sciences." Marc Feldman, Stanford University

"The first textbook that uses evolutionary theory to combine the study of human culture and genetics."
Australian Journal of Anthropology
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