Feelings and Moods

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Happiness, sadness, compassion, resentment, despair: just some of the feelings and moods that characterize the lives of each one of us.  They are part and parcel of our everyday lives and they affect everything we do, like a kind of mental climate that surrounds and permeates our activities and thoughts.  But what exactly are these ever–present feelings and moods? 

Here the leading psychiatrist Christophe André analyses feelings and moods as the contents of consciousness that mix together emotions and thoughts, the background sensations and impressions that are less intense than primary emotions like anger but longer lasting and more influential – a slight feeling of guilt can poison the entire day.  Their impact is more comprehensive because they owe their existence not to a particular situation or event that triggers them but rather to our relationship with the world in general. 

Drawing on his own practice as a psychiatrist, André explores some of the most important feelings and moods and shows how, by understanding them better, we can achieve a calmer, happier and more fulfilling life.

Written in the fresh and accessible style that has won him a large international following, Feelings and Moods will appeal to a wide readership.

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Chapter 1 – Feelings and moods: towards understanding

Chapter 2 – Feelings and moods: the pain and the pleasure

Chapter 3 – Rumination and losing control

Chapter 4 – Introspection



Chapter 5 – Painful feelings and moods

Chapter 6 – Anxieties

Chapter 7 – Resentment

Chapter 8 – Sadness

Chapter 9 – Despair

Chapter 10 – Fragility

Chapter 11 – Calm and energy

Chapter 12 – Regulating feelings and moods

Chapter 13 – Curing ourselves of the disease of materialism

Chapter 14 – Living mindfully

Chapter 15 – Compassion, self–compassion and the power of gentleness

Chapter 16 – Happiness

Chapter 17 – Wisdom

Conclusion – See you tomorrow, life


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′No one I know except for Christophe André can write in such a rhapsodic, poetic, poignant and personally honest way about such quintessentially human experiences as feelings and moods – energies which, while evanescent and subtle, run our lives in ways it is very easy to ignore.  This book illuminates the very real possibility of authentic well–being and happiness for each of us, right here and now, without anything having to change, however astonishing and improbable that proposition may seem.′
Jon Kabat–Zinn, author of Mindfulness for Beginners and Coming to Our Senses

′Moods establish the inner "weather" of the mind – perhaps bright and sunny, or overcast and troubled – and with his rare combination of head and heart, Christophe André shows what creates this weather and how we can change it for the better.′
Rick Hanson, author of Buddha′s Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom

′Christophe André leads us through a heartfelt encounter with the ubiquity and complexity of emotional life.  Take your time reading his evocative prose and find yourself rewarded with a new appreciation for how thoughts and feelings are foundational in achieving greater satisfaction and purposefulness in your life.′

Zindel Segal, University of Toronto
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