Gestalt Therapy Around the World

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Since its emergence more than sixty years ago, the influence of gestalt therapy as an integrative approach with existential–humanistic underpinnings has spread to almost all corners of the globe. Gestalt Therapy Around the World represents the first comprehensive exploration of the diversity in history, theory, training, professional associations and research in the international gestalt therapy community.

Initial chapters offer an overview of the field, including gestalt therapy s history and influences, concepts and process, contact and dialogue, techniques, experiments, and dreams. Subsequent chapters discuss the current state of gestalt therapy in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Britain, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, and the USA with insights from local experts into the history, training, theoretical contributions and research initiatives in each country. Final chapters trace the historical development of gestalt therapy and point to future directions and challenges.

By providing an international perspective, Gestalt Therapy Around the World offers trainees and established practitioners invaluable insights into a thriving and widespread form of psychotherapy.

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Contributors xi

Preface xvii

Acknowledgments xxi

Part One: Gestalt Therapy: Its Beginning, Theory, and Techniques 1

1 Fritz Perls and Gestalt Therapy: The Beginnings 3Eleanor O Leary

2 Key Concepts of Gestalt Therapy and Processing 15Eleanor O Leary

3 Dialogue and Contact 37Eleanor O Leary

4 Techniques, Experiments, and Dreams 61Eleanor O Leary

Part Two: Gestalt Therapy Around the World 93

Europe 94

5 Gestalt Therapy in Austria 95Nancy Amendt–Lyon

6 Gestalt Therapy in Britain 113Peter Philippson

7 History of Gestalt Therapy in Denmark 127Jan Tønnesvang, Mikael Sonne, and James Hammink

8 Gestalt Therapy in Finland 135Walter Arnold

9 Dawn of Gestalt Therapy in France 141Serge Ginger

10 Gestalt Therapy in Germany 151Almut Ladisich–Raine

11 Gestalt Therapy in Greece 165Despina Balliou, Katia Hatzilakou, Antonia Konstantinidou, and YiannaYiamarelou

12 Gestalt Therapy in the Republic of Ireland 177Eleanor O Leary

13 Gestalt Therapy in Italy 195Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb

The Middle East 211

14 Gestalt Therapy in Israel 213Nurith Levi and Shraga Serok

Asia 220

15 Gestalt Therapy in Japan 221Yoshiya Kurato

Australasia 233

16 Gestalt Therapy in Australia 235Brian O Neill

17 Gestalt Development in New Zealand: An Antipodean Approach 251Anne Maclean

The Americas 265

18 Gestalt Therapy in the Province of Quebec, Canada: From its Flourishing Days to its Phase of Questioning and its Perspective of Challenges for the Future 267Janine Corbeil

19 Gestalt Therapy in the United States of America 289Joseph Melnick

20 Gestalt Therapy in Argentina 305Myriam Sas Guiter

21 Gestalt Therapy in Chile 317Francisco Huneeus

Part Three: Reviewing the Past and Moving Onwards 325

22 The Present and Future of International Gestalt Therapy 327Eleanor O Leary

Conclusion 333Eleanor O Leary

Appendix 1. Worldwide Gestalt Associations, Institutes, and Professional Societies 335Denis O Sullivan

Index 365

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Eleanor O′Leary
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