Therapeutic Groups for Obese Women. A Group Leader's Handbook

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This text introduces an innovative psychological approach to overcoming the growing socio–economic burden of morbidity and mortality resulting from obesity.

Therapeutic Groups for Obese Women contains a 36–week programme and learning tools for clinicians to use with their participants. The treatment model separates the course into three twelve–week modules:

- Module One focuses on the key areas of emotional intelligence, ability to self–nurture and relationships.
- Module Two builds on participants’ understanding, addresses emotional and practical barriers to improved eating behaviour and deals with body image concerns.
- Module Three addresses emotional and practical barriers to increasing activity levels and revisits earlier themes in the programme.

In addition an integral set of worksheets and psychological tools are provided as appendices.

This workbook is an invaluable resource for clinicians and healthcare professionals who wish to run treatment groups for obese women with emotionally driven eating behaviour. It will also be of interest to family therapists, teachers and youth and community workers.

Online Resources:

The workbook appendices included in this book are available online free to purchasers of the print version.Visit the website[external URL] to find out how to access and download this material.
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Chapter 1 Guiding Principles.

Chapter 2 Transtheoretical Elements of the Treatment.

Chapter 3 Constituent Parts of the Treatment.

Chapter 4 Description of the Research Programme.

Chapter 5 Experience of Running the Treatment Groups.

Chapter 6 Training for Leading a Treatment Group.


Introduction to the Programme.

Session 1.

Session 2.

Session 3.

Session 4.

Session 5.

Session 6.

Session 7.

Session 8.

Session 9.

Session 10.

Session 11.

Session 12.

Session 13.

Session 14.

Session 15.

Session 16.

Session 17.

Session 18.

Session 19.

Session 20.

Session 21.

Session 22.

Session 23.

Session 24.

Session 25.

Session 26.

Session 27.

Session 28.

Session 29.

Session 30.

Session 31.

Session 32.

Session 33.

Session 34.

Session 35.

Session 36.


Appendix 1 Group Confidentiality Statement.

Appendix 2 Outline of the programme.

Appendix 3 Process of change.

Appendix 4 Food and mood sheet.

Appendix 5 How a child learns to manage feelings.

Appendix 6 Meal Planner.

Appendix 7 Questions for ′Food in the Family′ Exercise.

Appendix 8 Overview of first 12 weeks.

Appendix 9 Guided fantasy.

Appendix 10 Overview of first 24 weeks.

Appendix 11 Overview of entire 36 weeks.



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