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Today, huge quantities of digital audiovisual resources are already available everywhere and at any time through Web portals, online archives and libraries, and video blogs. One central question with respect to this huge amount of audiovisual data is how they can be used in specific (social, pedagogical, etc.) contexts and what are their potential interest for target groups (communities, professionals, students, researchers, etc.).

This book examines the question of the (creative) exploitation of digital audiovisual archives from a theoretical, methodological, technical and practical point of view, especially in three main directions of work:

– The repurposing and republishing of existing audiovisual data.

– The building of community–centric audiovisual archives.

– The use of digital social media and Web 2 technology for the diffusion and sharing of audiovisual content.

This book presents a series of concrete examples of creative uses of digital audiovisual corpora for education, research and cultural heritage preservation and valorization.
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Introduction xi


Chapter 1. Analyzing an Audiovisual Corpus of A Thousand and One Nights 3Muriel CHEMOUNY

1.1. Introduction 3

1.2. Creating a thematic educational dossier based on A Thousand and One Nights 6

1.3. Perspectives: ASWs and new forms of digital writing 18

Chapter 2. Analyzing a Corpus of Traditional Bread Making 21Elisabeth DE PABLO

2.1. Introduction 21

2.2. Creating educational dossiers to raise public awareness 23

2.3. Creating a communication dossier for improving cultural events 36

Chapter 3. Republishing Audiovisual Resources 41Peter STOCKINGER and Elisabeth DE PABLO

3.1. Introduction 41

3.2. Breakdown of the (re)publication process according to genre 44

3.3. Rerecording audiovisual texts 47

3.4. Interactive video books 50

3.5. Thematic folders 53

3.6. Educational folders 56

3.7. Narrative path 59


Chapter 4. An Archive on the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Andean Populations in Peru and Bolivia 63Valérie LEGRAND–GALARZA

4.1. Introduction 63

4.2. Scientific methodology and ethical and participative approaches 65

4.3. The Andean intangible cultural heritage portal 75

4.4. Interests and perspectives of the project 89

4.5. Conclusion 102

Chapter 5. An Audiovisual Azerbaijani Cultural Heritage Portal for Educational and Academic Use 105Aygun EYYUBOVA

5.1. Introduction 105

5.2. Disseminating and transmitting cultural heritages via the Internet 107

5.3. Aims of creating an Azerbaijani cultural heritage portal (AACHP) in the ASA–SHS project  110

5.4. Principal aspects of cultural heritage approach in developing an Azerbaijani cultural heritage portal (AACH)111

5.5. Analyzing audiovisual corpora for AACH in ASA 118

5.6. Applications for the AACH portal and the ASW environment 135

5.7. Conclusion: advantages, benefits and perspectives 137


Chapter 6. Academic Communication via Facebook and Twitter 141Jirasri DESLIS

6.1. Introduction 141

6.2. The ArkWork portal 142

6.3. Facebook for sharing various types of information 145

6.4. Twitter as a means of publicizing short information 157

Chapter 7. Uses for Digital Content Sharing Platforms 169Jirasri DESLIS

7.1. Introduction 169

7.2. Flickr 170

7.3. Twitpic 172

7.4. ArkWork on YouTube 173

7.5. ArkWork on Dailymotion 181

7.6. ArkWork on Vimeo 183

7.7. Nomadic approaches: mobile communication for sharing academic content 184

Chapter 8. Uses for Content Aggregators and Community Networks 189Jirasri DESLIS

8.1. Netvibes, a content aggregator 189

8.2. Pearltrees, a content curation platform 196

8.3. Sharing information on community portals: the Louvre Community portal (communauté 199

8.4. Conclusion 207

Chapter 9. Tracing Video Usage: The Potential of VDI 209Francis LEMAITRE and Valérie LEGRAND–GALARZA

9.1. Introduction 209

9.2. Presentation of the scenario 211

9.3. Walkthrough 227

9.4. Conclusion 244

Glossary of Specialized Terms 247Peter STOCKINGER

Glossary of the Acronyms and Names 271Peter STOCKINGER

Bibliography 291

List of Authors 297

Index 299

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Peter Stockinger
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