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Tween Sensibility, Spending And Influence

  • ID: 2318817
  • Report
  • October 2012
  • Region: Global, United States
  • 48 Pages
  • Plain Language Media LLP
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Tween Sensibilty, Spending And Influence immerses you in the tween lifestyle with the latest data and analysis curated from 52 top-flight sources. Included in this comprehensive report are five essays supported by data and examples demonstrating how marketers reach tweens.

Tweens' spending patterns are as varied as tweens themselves. For marketers, finding the right way to reach them is complicated by the need to appeal to both tweens and their parents. And those parents can range in age from 20-somethings to 60-somethings.

This all-new 2013 edition of Tween Sensibility, Spending And Influence is your guide to the complex, lucrative tween market.

This comprehensive report:

  •  Provides critical insight into tween lifestyles so you can develop advertising and marketing campaigns that take advantage of their media habits, play patterns, back-to-school hopping, and more.
  •  Demonstrates strategies for targeting your marketing to both child and parent.
  •  Delivers the data you need about tweens' social media use, video viewing habits, and apps preferences.
  •  Guides you to who tweens influence - and who influences tweens.

Tweens are 21 million strong, spend an estimated $30 billion annually, and influence $150 billion of their parents' spending. One-click shopping is the norm in their lives. Google answers their questions, homework and otherwise. And the iPhone has been in existence for at least half of their lives.

Tween Sensibility, Spending And Influence reveals:

  •  How much spending money tweens have and how and where they spend it
  •  When to address tweens as children and when to communicate with them in a more adult-like fashion
  •  What tweens do with their time, online and off.
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  •  Basic Population Data: Tweens By The Numbers
  •  Youth Population By Age, Gender
  •  Projected Youth Population by Age, 2015 to 2035
  •  Changes In Population of U.S. Children Under Age 18, 2000-2010, By Race/Ethnicity
  •  Racial And Ethnic Minorities In The U.S.
  •  Americans' Views on Whether the Increasing Racial/Ethnic Diversity Of The U.S. Is Good Or Bad
  •  Differences In Parenting Beliefs, Based On Parents' Generation


  •  Tween Spending: What They Have, Where They Get It, And What Chores They Are Required To Do
  •  Amount Of Money Tweens Have, By Race/Ethnicity
  •  Amount Of Money Tweens Have, By Household Income
  •  Where Tweens Received Money During Past Month, By Race/Ethnicity
  •  Chores Tweens Ages 8-14 Do For Allowance, By Race/Ethnicity
  •  Chores Tweens Ages 8-14 Do For Allowance, By Household Income
  •  Where Tweens Received Money During Past Month, By Household Income
  •  The Cost Of Raising A Child
  •  Where The Money Goes In Raising A Child To Age 18
  •  Families Spend $601 Per Child To Keep Them Entertained During the Summer Months
  •  How Much Families Spend On Children's Summer Activities, Affluent Vs. All Families, Among Those Who Do Those Activites
  •  Children's Activities On Which Families Spend Money During The Summer, Affluent Vs. All Families .
  •  Costs Related To At-Home Summer Entertaining, Households With And Without Children, Among Those Who Spend On Each Activity
  •  Summer Entertainment Plans, Households With And Without Children
  •  Top Summer Chores for 6-17-Year-Olds
  •  Kids Are Chipping In Financially For Back-To-School Purchases
  •  Amount Parents Say Their Children Contributed Financially For Back-To-School Items, 2011 Vs. 2012
  •  What Tween Girls Spend A Month On Beauty Items
  •  Most Frequently Used Beauty Products By Tween and Teen Girls
  •  The Grandparent Economy
  •  Reasons Grandparents Spend Money On Their Grandchildren
  •  Allowance, Chores, and Children
  •  Reasons Parents Assign Chores To Their Tweens, Among Parents Who Have Assigned Chores To Their Tweens
  •  Kids Are "Impulsive Spenders"
  •  Key Factors That Cause Children To Spend Rather Than Save Their Money
  •  Most Parents Rely on Unpaid Babysitters
  •  What Schools Charge To Play Sports


  •  One In 10 Youth Participate In Athletics
  •  Top Sport-Related Activites That Interest Sports Non-Participants, By Age
  •  Expected Family Spending On Sports And Recreation Activities In 2012 Compared to 2011
  •  Tweens' Favorite Activities
  •  Tweens' Favorite Activities
  •  Grandparents Take Tweens To The Movies And Outdoors
  •  Most Frequent Activites Grandparents Do With Grandchildren, By Age


  •  Kids' Opinions Count When Purchasing Family Vehicles
  •  Kids' Influence On Family Car Purchases, 2007 Vs. 2011
  •  Children's Snack Habits: What They Like, Which Brands Are Cool, And Which Taste Good
  •  What Makes Kids Favor Select Brands, According To Tweens, Snacks Vs. All Food
  •  Children's Favorite Snack Brands, By Age, Gender
  •  Children's Opinions On Select Characteristics For Snack Brands
  •  Foot Locker Focuses On Kids With Pop-Ups, Increased Merchandise


  •  Children's Digital Media Use
  •  How Children Ages 6-11 Use Smart Devices
  •  Types Of Games Played Frequntly On Select Digital Devices, Children Ages 6-11
  •  Children Who Use Select Devices "A Lot" When Home Or Away From Home
  •  Video Viewing Habits Among Ages 6-12
  •  How Kids Consume Video, By Age Group, Per Week
  •  How Tweens Stream, Download, Record Content
  •  Demographics Of Tweens Who Video Chat Online
  •  Demographics Of Tweens Who Upload And Record Video
  •  Demographics Of Tweens Who Stream Live Video
  • App Evolution: A Closer Look At The Market For Educational Apps And Its Impact On Children
  •  Targeted Age Of Top Paid iTunes Education Apps, 2009 Vs. 2011
  •  Vast Majority Of Kid-Related Apps Are Free; Gaming Is Most Popular
  •  Tweens Favor Family Room Over Bedroom For TV Viewing
  •  Proportion Of Total TV Viewing That Takes Place In Each Room Of The Home, By Age Of Viewer
  •  Average Weekly Media Time, By Age, In Hours:Minutes
  •  Kids Use Tablets For Games Rather Than For Communication
  •  Tween Girls Gather Around The Computer On Saturdays At 5
  •  Top Online Destinations Among U.S. Tween Girls, By Total Unique Visitors, In Millions
  •  Most Popular Online Gaming Genres Among Tween Girls Ages 8-12
  •  Tweens Create Their Own Guidelines For Internet Use
  •  Children's Self-Imposed Rules Regarding Their Internet Usage
  •  Parents Outline Their Tweens' Online Habits
  •  Parents On Tweens And Cell Phones: When Should They First Get One? How Much Is Their Monthly Rate?
  •  Average Monthly Costs Of Tween Cell Phone Paid By Parents
  •  Appropriate Age For Child To Recieve First Cell Phone, Among Parents Who Have Yet To Purchase One For Their Child Reasons Why Parents Purchase Cell Phones For Their Tween
  •  Likely Ways Parents Would Consider To Reduce The Cost Associated With Their Tweens' Cell Phone
  •  Age When Tween First Receives His/Her Own Cell Phone
  •  Type Of Cell Phone Purchased By Parent For Tween
  •  Most Important Factors In Selecting Tween's Cell Phone Service
  •  Smartphone Ownership Spikes At Age 13
  •  Families With Tweens Embrace Tech Gadgets
  •  Devices Intended To Purchase In The Next 12 Months, Homes Without Children Vs. Parents Of Kids Ages 6-12


  •  Unraveling The Real Influences Behind Moms' Purchases For Tweens
  •  Major Purchases Parents Make When They Have Children
  •  Translating Children's Entertainment Properties Across Geographic And Cultural Boundaries
  •  How To Build A Kid-Friendly Blockbuster
  •  Reasons Why Tweens, Teens Dislike Entertainment Properties, By Age
  •  Iconic Characters That Viewers Most Want To See In Movies, By Age
  •  The Grey Area Of Youth Marketing: Reaching Kids With Products Designed For Teens Or Adults
  •  Casual Dining Resteraunt Chains Appeal To Families By Emphasizing Sophisticated Children's Menu Items And Low Prices
  •  Families' Favorite Casual Dining Restaurants
  •  Top 10 Casual Chains That Are Most Accommodating To Children, Say Parents
  •  Tween Opinions On Restaurant Menu Items
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown