PESTLE Analysis of Vietnam 2012

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The Vietnamese economy grew much faster than the global GDP during 2001-2011 and is expected to continue the same growth momentum and grow to an estimated $206.2 billion at the current prices by 2017 with a CAGR of 6.68% over the next five years. The open investment climate and further liberalization of the services sub-sectors provides huge potential for investment in the economy.

Lucintel, a leading global management consulting and market research firm, has performed PESTLE analysis of Vietnam and offers its findings in its comprehensive research report, "PESTLE Analysis of Vietnam 2012."

The country has achieved significant economic growth due to its economic reforms but also faces serious challenges such as inflation and continuous currency devaluation. Lucintel’s research indicates that one of the major challenges of Vietnam is the persistent trade deficit faced by the country. Vietnam recorded a trade deficit of $9.84 in 2011. The increasing trade deficit has led to serious challenges in the country such as increasing current account deficit, increasing fiscal deficit, and increasing public debt. Vietnam is highly vulnerable to external shocks as the country is highly dependent on FDI for its economic growth.

Despite the shortcomings, the cheap labor and political stability makes Vietnam favorite destinations for global investors. Vietnam’s labor costs rank the second lowest in Asia followed by Cambodia. Vietnam is one of the fastest emerging economies of Southeast Asia which has shown a sustainable growth in the last five years. The country is at an advantage in terms of its demographics, which support its continued growth in domestic consumption. Approximately 70% of the total population is under 40 years of age which will be a driver of consumer spending in the coming years.

This unique report from Lucintel will provide you with valuable information, insights and tools needed to identify new growth opportunities and operate your business successfully in this market. This report will save hundreds of hours of your own personal research time and will significantly benefit you in expanding your business in this market. In today’s stringent economy, you need every advantage that you can find.

Features of This Report:

To make business, investment, and strategic decisions, you need timely, useful information. This market report fulfills this core need and is an indispensable reference guide for multinational materials suppliers, product manufacturers, investors, executives, distributors, and many more that operate in this market.

Some of the features of “PESTLE Analysis of Vietnam 2012” include:
- Trend and forecast of real GDP growth rate of Vietnam
- Trend of savings and investments as well as consumption expenditure in percentage of GDP of Vietnam
- Trend of consumption expenditure as percentage of GDP in Vietnam
- Trend of growth of population and unemployment rate in Vietnam
- R&D and technological factor of Vietnam 2012

Who Can Benefit From This Report?

This study is intended for senior level executives, sales, marketing and business development professionals at various nodes of value chain of this market. This multi-client market study from Lucintel is used by small to multi-national Fortune 500 companies and utilized for a variety of reasons as follows.

- Business development
- Strategic planning
- Business presentation
- Determination of market size and trend
- Competitive analysis
- Resource and inventory management
- Budgeting
- Investment decisions
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