Sexual Murderers. A Comparative Analysis and New Perspectives

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Sexual Murderers successfully takes on the challenge of expanding upon the little that is known about the developmental and psychological profile of sexual murderers, with a range of startling empirical results that subsume and challenge traditional perspectives.

The English translation of the definitive, evidence–based book profiling sexual murderers, Les Meurtriers Sexual, proves an invaluable tool for criminologists, forensic psychologists and psychiatrists world–wide. It features material from a range of international contributors including chapters that delve into new case studies and broaden the reach of the research topic.

The text is divided into three parts. The firs part presents the results of the Montreal Study of Sexual Murderers, covering theories of developmental psychology, identification of psychopathologies, plus statistics and case studies. The second part uncovers the results of the Birmingham Study of Sexual Murderers, including research on the typology of sexual murderers. The third part covers a range of practical issues such as the role of profiling in investigation, and psychotherapeutic issues.This resource is integral reading for academics and researchers in criminology, psychiatry and psychology, as well as professionals directly involved in criminal justice – police, lawyers and psychologists.

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Sexual Murderers: Myth and Reality.


Chapter 1. Sexual Murder: Definitions, Epidemiology and Theories.

Chapter 2. Sexual Murderers and Sexual Aggressors: Developmental Paths and Criminal History.

Chapter 3. Sexual Murderers and Sexual Aggressors: Psychopathological Considerations.

Chapter 4. Sexual Murderers and Sexual Aggressors: Intention and Situation.

Chapter 5. The Factors Distinguishing Sexual Murderers from Sexual Aggressors: A Multivariate Analysis.

Chapter 6. Serial Killers and Sexual Murderers.

Chapter 7. Sadistic Sexual Offenders.

Chapter 8. Angry or Sadistic: Two Types of Sexual Murderers.

Chapter 9. The Motivation and Criminal Career of Sexual Murderers.


Chapter 10. A Comparison of Rapists and Sexual Murderers on Demographic and Selected Psychometric Measures.

Chapter 11. Identification of Motivations for Sexual Murder.


Chapter 12. The Role of Profiling in the Investigation of Sexual Homicide.

Chapter 13. Psychotherapeutic and Psychodynamic Issues with Sexual Murderers.




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Jean Proulx is Professor and Director of the School of Criminology at the University of Montreal, and Researcher at the International centre of Comparative Criminology of that university. His main research interests are personality profiles, sexual preferences, treatment issues, and recidivism risk factors among sexual murders, rapists, child molesters and incest offenders. Over the last twenty years, he has published four books and more than 100 book chapters or refereed articles, in French and English. Since 1989, he has been active, both as Researcher and Clinical Psychologist, in treatment programmes for sex offenders at the Philippe–Pinel Institute, a maximum–security psychiatric institution.

Eric Beauregard is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Criminology at the University of South Florida. his PhD dissertation, completed at the School of Criminology, University of Montreal, was on the hunting patterns of serial sex offenders. Before joining USF in 2005, Dr. Beauregard worked as a clinical criminologist for Correctional Service Canada, where he was responsible for the phallometric and criminological assessment of sex offenders. He evaluated more than 1200 different sex offenders either during their admission process or before their release. He has published a number of studies on the offending process of sexual offenders, criminal profiling, and sexual preferences of sex offenders.

Maurice Cusson is Professor at the School of Criminology a t the University of Montreal and Researcher at the International centre of comparative Criminology at that university. Over the last thirty years, he has written ten books and more than 50 book chapters or refereed articles, in both French and English. he has received four prizes for his books, including two from the Academie des Sciences Morales and Politiques de I′Institut de France. His main research interests are  homicide, crime prevention, the rational–choice perspective in criminology, and national security.

Alexandre Nicole is a clinical criminologist for the sex offender treatment programme at the Philippe–Pinel Institute of Montreal, a maximum–security psychiatric hospital. the institute id affiliated to the University of Montreal and M. Nicole also collaborates to various research projects related to sexual offending.

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