Psychological Approaches to Rehabilitation after Traumatic Brain Injury

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The psychological effects of traumatic brain injury provide a major challenge to rehabilitation services. This text will increase understanding of the nature of these effects and provide practical guidance and illustrative case examples from experienced practitioners about psychological interventions for use in both rehabilitation and adjustment. The book is structured around five areas: psychological services; cognitive rehabilitation; behavioural and emotional interventions; vocational rehabilitation; and family interventions.

The text is aimed primarily at clinical psychologists and other members of the multi–disciplinary brain injury team. It will also be of considerable value to other professionals involved in rehabilitation and care after traumatic brain injury including those in both pre and post–qualification training.

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List of Contributors.


1. Introduction to Traumatic Brain Injury: Nigel S. King and Andy Tyerman.

Part I: Service Provision:.

2. Acute Neuropsychological Rehabilitation Services: Katherine N. Carpenter.

3. Post–acute In–patient Rehabilitation: Joanna Collicutt McGrath.

4. Community Rehabilitation: Andy Tyerman and Nigel S. King.

5. Residential Services: Andrew D. Worthington and Robert N. Merriman.

Part II: Cognitive Rehabilitation:.

6. Communication Difficulties: Pat McKenna and Claire Willson.

7. Memory Problems: Barbara A. Wilson, Jonathan J. Evans and W. Huw Williams.

8. Visual–perceptual and Spatio–motor Disorders: Andrew D. Worthington and M. Jane Riddoch.

9. Executive and Attentional Problems: Jonathan J. Evans.

Part III: Behavioural and Emotional Interventions:.

10. Behaviour Problems: Andrew D. Worthington and Rodger Ll. Wood.

11. Fear, Anxiety and Depression: Joanna Collicutt McGrath.

12. Post–traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury: Nigel S. King.

13. Facilitating Psychological Adjustment: Andy Tyerman.

Part IV: Vocational Rehabilitation:.

14. Return to Previous Employment: Roger Johnson and Sue Stoten.

15. Vocational Rehabilitation Programmes: Andy Tyerman, Ruth Tyerman and Peter Viney.

16. Supported Employment and Job Coaching: David Carew and Sylvia Collumb.

Part V: Family Interventions:.

17. Brain Injury and the Family: A Review: Michael Oddy and Camilla Herbert.

18. Working with Families: A Community Service Example: Andy Tyerman and Sandra Barton.

19. Familial Brain Injury: Impact on and Interventions with Children: Audrey Daisley and Guinevere Webster.


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"I recommend this text for mental health professionals unfamiliar with treating people who have sustained a TBI, as a training tool for students in rehabilitation disciplines, and for experienced rehabilitation practitioners.  Particularly now that soldiers from many countries are returning from the Afghanistan and Iraq wars with brain injuries, this book is necessary reading for professionals across the globe and especially in the United Kingdom." (Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation, 1 November 2011)

"This book is a "must" for clinicians in the field of rehabilitation after traumatic brain injury. Andy Tyerman and Nigel King have brought together contributions by experts who not only outline theoretical/legal issues relating to service provision, cognitive rehabilitation, behavioural and emotional interventions, vocational rehabilitation and family interventions, but ensure that the chapters very practical emphasis and case studies, as well as recommended reading, will make this book enormously helpful to a wide range of practitioners". Dr Laura Goldstein, Senior Lecturer in Neuropsychology & Honorary Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist, Institute of Psychiatry, London.

"This is a really excellent and useful book that will prove useful for the entire multidisciplinary team. There are some excellent review chapters and the whole book is written in a very clear and easy style. Many congratulations to the editors and the chapter authors."Professor Michael Barnes, Professor in Neurological Rehabilitation, Newcastle University and Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS, & President of the World Federation for Neurorehabilitation.

"Psychological Approaches to Rehabilitation After Traumatic Brain Injury explores the diversity of clinical presentation of patients following TBI, the impact on the patient and their relatives / carers, and the different models and approaches to rehabilitation. It will be a valuable resource to any professional working in brain injury." Doreen Rowland, Neuro Services Manager / Occupational Therapist, Defence Services Medical Rehabilitation Centre, Headley Court, Surrey.

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