Who Will Take Over the Business?. Succession Planning for the Canadian Business Family

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Praise for Who Will Take Over the Business?

"With dead–on observations and vital advice, Who Will Take Over the Business? is the key to a successful transition to the next generation. Any entrepreneur considering retirement should take its lessons to heart. Having gone through the process myself, I can attest to the wisdom of the authors′ work."
Joseph L. Rotman, Chair, Roy–L Capital Corporation

"I like business reports that fit on one page, but each page of this book made me want to read the next. Who Will Take Over the Business? shows how important it is for business families to get advice from professional advisors. I have recommended this book to every member of my family."
Jack May, Co–Founder, Maple Lodge Farms

"For over 150 years, as a family business we have learned many of the valuable lessons contained in this informative book, sometimes the hard way. I recommend Who Will Take Over the Business? to anyone looking for insight as they face the many challenges that can present themselves when family businesses are in transition."
Hartley Richardson, President and CEO, Richardson Financial Group

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Preface xv


Chapter 1: Victor′s Situation 3

Chapter 2: Discussion Time 11


Chapter 3: Laying the Groundwork 19

Atlas Plastics: Hold or Sell? 19

Where Are We, and Where Do We Go from Here? 22

What′s the Financial Picture? 25

Who′ll Run Atlas if the Family Keeps It? 27

Chapter 4: How Do I Sell a Company? 35

Preliminaries 35

Getting Down to Business 39

Th e Process 41

Private Equity or Strategic Buyer? 46

Chapter 5: Talking Taxes Making a Good Deal Better 53

Understanding the Tax Implications 53

Th e Estate Freeze and the Trust 54

What Are Victor′s Tax Options? 56

Just What Is Wrong with the

Old Trust? 62

Chapter 6: Let s Make It Legal Getting the Deal Done 69

Private Equity Partner: Pros and Cons 73

Tying Up Loose Ends 75


Chapter 7: My Family Is My Business; My Business Is My Family 83

Defi ning the Business 83

Discovery Meetings 88

Deciding to Move Ahead Together 91

Chapter 8: I Invested My Life in My Business How Do I Invest the Proceeds? 99

Defi ning the Goals 99

Deciding What Matters 101

Where Do We Go from Here? 104

Combine and Conquer 107

Chapter 9: What Should My Estate Plan Look Like? 111

Taking Care of Rose 112

What To Do about Robert 115

Planning for Victor and Anne 118

Chapter 10: Ensuring the Outcome Innovative Insurance Solutions 125

Getting Down to Business 127

Epilogue 135

Appendix A: People in Victor Banks′ Story 139

Appendix B: Financial Data: Atlas and Personal Assets 143

Appendix C: Th e Banks Family Empire Before and After the Private Equity Deal 145

Appendix D: Asset Allocation of the Investment Portfolio 149

Appendix E: Th e Insurance Solution 151

About the Authors 153

Index 159

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Susan Latremoille
Peter Creaghan
Frank Archibald
Linda Betts
Arnie Cader
Sheila Crummey
Tony Ianni
Steve Landau
Ron Prehogan
Pearl Schusheim
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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