Forensic Science. Current Issues, Future Directions

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Forensic Science: Current Issues, Future Directions presents a comprehensive, international discussion of key issues within the forensic sciences. Written by accomplished and respected specialists in distinct areas of the forensic sciences, this volume examines central issues within each discipline, provides perspective on current debate and explores current and proposed research initiatives.

The forensic sciences represent dynamic and evolving fields, presenting new challenges to a rapidly expanding cohort of international practitioners. This book acquaints readers with the complex issues involved and how they are being addressed. The academic treatment by experts in the fields ensures comprehensive and thorough understanding of these issues and paves the way for future research and progress.

  • Draws on the knowledge and expertise of the prestigious American Academy of Forensic Sciences
  • Written by key experts in the diverse disciplines of forensic science
  • An international approach
  • Each chapter carefully integrated throughout with key themes and issues covered in detail
  • Includes discussion of future directions of forensic science as a discipline
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List of contributors vii

Acknowledgements xix

1 Introduction 1Douglas H. Ubelaker

2 General forensics no one else starts until we finish 6Julie Howe, Janet Barber Duval, Claire Shepard and Robert Gaffney

3 Criminalistics: the bedrock of forensic science 29Susan Ballou, Max Houck, Jay A. Siegel, Cecelia A. Crouse, John J. Lentini and Skip Palenik

4 Forensic pathology the roles of molecular diagnostics and radiology at autopsy 102James R. Gill, Yingying Tang, Gregory G. Davis, H. Theodore Harcke and Edward L. Mazuchowski

5 The places we will go: paths forward in forensic anthropology 131Dawnie Wolfe Steadman

6 Forensic toxicology: scope, challenges, future directions and needs 160Barry K. Logan and Jeri D. Ropero–Miller

7 Odontology dentistry s contribution to truth and justice 179Iain A. Pretty, Robert Barsley, C. Michael Bowers, Mary Bush, Peter Bush, John Clement, Robert Dorion, Adam Freeman, Jim Lewis, David Senn and Frank Wright

8 Forensic psychiatry and forensic psychology 211
Stephen B. Billick and Daniel A. Martell

9 Forensic document examination 224William M. Riordan, Judith A. Gustafson, Mary P. Fitzgerald and Jane A. Lewis

10 Digital evolution: history, challenges and future directions for the digital and multimedia sciences section 252David W. Baker, Samuel I. Brothers, Zeno J. Geradts, Douglas S. Lacey, Kara L. Nance, Daniel J. Ryan, John E. Sammons and Peter Stephenson

11 Global thinking and methodologies in evidence–based forensic engineering science 292Laura L. Liptai, Adam Aleksander, Scott Grainger, Sarah Hainsworth, Ryan Loomba and Jan Unarski

12 Jurisprudence 310ARW Forrest and RT Kennedy

13 Global forensic science and the search for the dead and missing from armed conflict: the perspective of the International Committee of the Red Cross 337Morris Tidball–Binz

14 Forensic systems and forensic research: an international perspective 366DN Vieira

15 Summary and conclusions 374Douglas H. Ubelaker

Index 399

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Douglas H. Ubelaker
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