What Makes Winning Brands Different?. The Hidden Method Behind the World's Most Successful Brands. J-B Ed: Test Prep

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what makes winning brands different the hidden method behind the world′s most successful brands How can you overcome the worst marketing odds and set virtually any brand on a new path to growth?

∗ A fruit juice suddenly experiences a growth rate of 35% even though the consumer finds it more watery, sweeter and more artificial than 100% pure juice products.

∗ A mini car becomes an overnight success that lasts years although it looks and handles like a shoebox on wheels.

∗ A pasta brand achieves market dominance against 400 competitors in the same market, and this despite the fact that it has no objective quality advantage.

According to Andreas Buchholz and Wolfram Wördemann, who have reached the end of a six–year research project on how and why some brands succeed in consistently outperforming their competitors, it all boils down to the right growth code. In this highly practical and readable book you will learn what makes the success of the world′s leading brands and how you can apply these lessons to your own product or service. Learning from winning brands is the best way to create new winning brands. Put the Buchholz and Wördemann method to work on any marketing challenge and develop a winning strategy for your brand. Marketing
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Acknowledgements xi

Something New xiii

Overview xv

1 The Road to a New Method 1

The Marketing Meltdown 1

The Inkling of an Idea 3

Detective Work 5

Uncovering Growth Codes 7

The blw Method 9

The Big Opportunity 13

Summary 15

2 Portal 1: Benefits & Promises 17

1 Addressing Life Interests 21

2 Pinpointing a Threat 26

3 Adopting a Spirit 31

4 Finding the Magic 35

5 Making a Mind–Movie 39

Summary 43

3 Portal 2: Norms & Values 45

1 Eliminating Guilt 51

2 Challenging Pride 55

3 Exposing Inconsistences 60

4 Overturning Taboos 63

Summary 67

4 Portal 3: Perceptions & Programs 69

1 Marking Your Territory 76

2 Cutting into Another Market 84

3 Redefining your League 88

4 Inverting a Negative 94

5 Resetting Routines 98

Summary 102

5 Portal 4: Identity & Self–Expression 103

1 Demonstrating Character 111

2 Advocating an Ideology 118

3 Attesting Kinship 123

4 Creating a Hero 127

5 Expressing Personal Messages 132

Summary 135

6 Portal 5: Emotions & Love 137

1 Being a Friend 142

2 Tapping into Emotions 144

3 Nurturing a Yearning 149

4 Arousing Empathy 155

Summary 158

7 Working with Growth Codes 159

Case Study: Siemens S4 Power Mobile Phone 164

Case Study: Siemans S6 Mobile Phone 167

Case Study: Siemans S10 Mobile Phone 170

Test Case: A Cold Relief Bubble Bath 172

Test Case: A Radio Station 176

Test Case: A Lip Balm 182

Summary 184

8 Taking Growth codes into the Internet Age 187

Bibliography 199

Index 217

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Andreas Buchholz (born in 1963) and Wolfram Wördemann (born in 1965) started their business career at Procter & Gamble, marketing Vicks, Pampers etc. In 1994, Buchholz & Wördemann founded their own advertising agency which, in 1999, merged with White Lion International (Krefeld, Germany), Europe′s leading discount agency. Their mission, is to deliver more marketing effectiveness at rates up to 50% more competitive vs. traditional agencies. Today, Buchholz & Wördemann are on the board of White Lion, work as consultants to international corporations and hold seminars and workshops on their new blw method. If you want to get in touch. www.white–lion.de or call + 49 (0) 6172 66 40 50
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