Crowdstorm. The Future of Innovation, Ideas, and Problem Solving

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Most of the best people do not work for you. But this does not have to mean that you cannot work with them. Crowdstorming shows how leading organizations are tapping into outside talent for everything from strategy and business development to design and marketing.

The Internet has enabled organizations to greatly expand their searches far beyond their four walls. Instead of ten or one hundred people, organizations from startups to Fortune 500 firms can work with thousands or tens of thousands to discover and assess many more ideas (as well as prototypes, partners, and people). We call this crowdstorming.

Crowdstorm will teach you how to effectively work with external networks to solicit, refine, and select ideas. By learning the patterns and gathering the right tools, organizations will discover the best approaches to planning, organizing, and executing crowdstorming projects. This practical guide shows you:

  • How to address internal concerns about working with external talent
  • How to pose the right questions to large groups of participants
  • How to build fair incentives that compel that community to participate
  • How to effectively manage online crowdstorming processes
  • The technology alternatives to enable crowdstorming
  • How to evaluate results and select the best ideas

Based on the experience and research from many hundreds of projects with leading Fortune 500 organizations as well as startups, Crowdstorm will help you harness the power of the crowd to capture your business′s next big idea.

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Introduction v

Chapter 1 First, Some Context 1

Chapter 2 Intellectual Property, Confidentiality, and Brands 21

Chapter 3 Ask the Right Question 41

Chapter 4 Fair Incentives to Motivate 59

Chapter 5 Build the Coalition 81

Chapter 6 Recruit the Best Participants 103

Chapter 7 Manage Communities to Facilitate Great Outcomes 121

Chapter 8 Understand Participant Contributions 145

Chapter 9 Reign in the Tyranny of Ideas 161

Chapter 10 Choose the Right Online Space 181

Chapter 11 Meta 199

Acknowledgments 209

Notes 211

Index 221

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Shaun Abrahamson is an early stage investor and advisor. For the last decade, he has worked with some of today′s leading startups. At Mutopo, he advises global firms on how to benefit from online connections with customers and experts. He built computer–aided design tools at MIT, studied at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership, lectured at the Wharton School and New York University, and contributed to the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Peter Ryder is the former president of jovoto, Inc., a startup whose platform and community help companies innovate and solve challenges facing their business. After a successful career in consulting at Deloitte, CSC, and Accenture helping organizations use technology to transform their operations, he now invests in new ventures and advises organizations on how to take advantage of new technologies in today′s digital economy.

Bastian Unterberg is the founder and CEO of jovoto, a Berlin– and NYC–based firm that organizes a 40,000–person strong creative community to work with global brands on problems ranging from new product design to sustainable architecture. His work has been featured in various media such as Page, New York Times, Focus, and Fast Company. An active speaker, Bastian presents at various national and international conferences.

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