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Concepts of individual and global citizenship have flourished in recent years and Sian Lazar’s timely reader introduces cutting–edge approaches to citizenship in the contemporary world. This collection brings together twenty–five critical essays that offer crucial insights for students and researchers into the historical developments of citizenship, and contemporary relationships between people, the state, and the law from a cross–cultural perspective. The Anthropology of Citizenship discusses some of the most important pieces in the political philosophy and anthropological theory of the theme, exploring the historical development of understandings of citizenship and its variability across the world.

Lazar offers readings in Part I that highlight contemporary thinking on citizenship through key political and anthropological theorists.  Part II reveals the rich ethnographic record available on political processes and citizenship, illuminating the relationship between citizens and the state, and between citizens, the state and non–citizens. The contributors demonstrate the potential for the anthropology of citizenship to make exciting contributions to anthropology, political economy, sociology and social theory.

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Introduction 1Sian Lazar

Part I Theoretical Foundations 23

Introduction 25

I.1 Civic Republican Traditions 27

1 The Democratic Citizen 29Pericles

2 The Politics 31Aristotle

3 The Social Contract, 1762 35Jean–Jacques Rousseau

4 The Decline of the Nation–State and the End of the Rights of Man, 1951 38Hannah Arendt

I.2 Liberal Traditions 41

5 Two Treatises of Government, 1689 43John Locke

6 Declaration of the Rights of Man, France, 1789 47

7 The Second Constitution of Haiti (Hayti), May 20, 1805 49

8 Citizenship and Social Class, 1950 52T. H. Marshall

The Liberal–Communitarian Debate 61

9 The Ideal of Community and the Politics of Difference, 1986 63Iris Marion Young

I.3 Constructing an Anthropology of Citizenship 73

10 Cultural Citizenship in San Jose, California, 1994 75Renato Rosaldo

11 Cultural Citizenship as Subject–Making: Immigrants Negotiate Racial and Cultural Boundaries in the United States, 1996 79Aihwa Ong

12 Spaces of Insurgent Citizenship, 1999 93James Holston

Part II Ethnographic Explorations 99

II.1 Citizenship Regimes, Subject–Formation and the State 101

Introduction 103

13 Education for Credit: Development as Citizenship Project in Bolivia, 2004 107Sian Lazar

14 Producing Good Citizens: Languages, Bodies, Emotions, 2008 120Véronique Benei

15 Biological Citizenship: The Science and Politics of Chernobyl–Exposed Populations, 2004 139Adriana Petryna

Inclusive Citizenship and Claims–Making from Below 147

16 Reframing Agrarian Citizenship: Land, Life and Power in Brazil, 2009 149Hannah Wittman

17 Life Itself: Triage and Therapeutic Citizenship, 2010 163Vinh–Kim Nguyen

II.2 Citizenship beyond the Nation–State 177

Introduction 179

18 The Queen of the Chinese Colony: Contesting Nationalism, En–Gendering Diaspora, 2005 181Lok C. D. Siu

19 Transborder Citizenship: An Outcome of Legal Pluralism within Transnational Social Fields, 2005 196Nina Glick Schiller

20 Difficult Distinctions: Refugee Law, Humanitarian Practice and Political Identification in Gaza, 2007 208Ilana Feldman

Urban Citizenship 227

21 The Implosion of Modern Public Life, 2000 229Teresa P. R. Caldeira

22 Contesting Citizenship in Urban China: Peasant Migrants, the State and the Logic of the Market, 1999 248Dorothy J. Solinger

II.3 The Citizen and the Non–citizen 267

Introduction 269

23 The War of ‘Who is Who’: Autochthony, Nationalism and Citizenship in the Ivoirian Crisis, 2006 271Ruth Marshall–Fratani

24 Practicing German Citizenship, 2008 292Ruth Mandel

25 The Legal Production of Mexican/Migrant ‘Illegality’, 2005 309Nicholas de Genova

Index 326

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Sian Lazar
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