Derivatives Pricing: The Classic Collection

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A unique collection of 19 historic papers on quantitative finance

- including groundbreaking work by Louis Bachelier, Fischer Black, Robert Merton, Robert Engle and Bruno Dupire. The papers have been specially selected by Peter Carr, professor at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at NYU and head of quantitative research at Bloomberg

- A collection of the most influential papers on options pricing and derivatives published over the past 100 years - as valuable today as they have ever been

- Each chapter holds direct examples that remain cornerstones of modern business practice - combining leading academic thought with the practical insights of authors with years of shop-floor knowledge

- Peter Carr presents world-famous papers as well some less widely known gems that are nonetheless as vital to the subject as a whole

- Each chapter is highly relevant to financial traders and analysts, and even readers with only a basic grasp of the tools of quantitative finance will find this collection an invaluable guide to financial engineering

- Covers option pricing, unified theories of volatility, the theory of speculation, loss probabilities on loan portfolios, credit risk models for loan books, barrier options and more

- The collection is divided into four key sections: Classics, Hidden Gems, Risk Hall of Fame and Nobel Prize Winners

- Includes timeless contributions from the most famous financial thinkers of modern history Including: Louis Bachelier, Fischer Black, Robert Merton, Robert Engle, Bruno Dupire and others

- Provides access to historically important papers you may have been aware of, but have never had the chance to read - some papers never previously published in books form

- Derivatives Pricing conclusively proves that true innovation has no sell-by-date
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Peter Carr, Bloomberg

Section 1: Classics

1 Theory of Speculation
Louis Bachelier, Deceased

2 The Pricing of Commodity Contracts
Fischer Black, Deceased

3 Bond Pricing and the Term Structure of Interest Rates: A New Methodology for Contingent Claims Valuation
David Heath, University of Illinois; Robert Jarrow, Cornell University and Andrew Morton, Lehman Brothers

4 Changes of Numéraire, Changes of Probability Measure and Option Pricing
Hélyette Geman, University of Paris Dauphine; Nicole el Karoui, Ecole Polytechnique and Jean-Charles Rochet, University of Toulouse

5 The Market Model of Interest Rate Dynamics
Alan Brace and Marek Musiela, BNP Paribas and Dariusz Gatarek, Capital Markets Group

Section 2: Hidden Gems

6 A Unified Theory of Volatility
Bruno Dupire, Bloomberg

7 Arbitrage Pricing with Stochastic Volatility
Bruno Dupire, Bloomberg

8 A General Theory of Asset Valuation Under Diffusion State Processes
Mark B. Garman, Haas Business School

9 Probability of Loss on Loan Portfolio
Oldrich Alfons Vasicek, MKMV

Section 3: Risk Hall of Fame

10 Quantitative Strategies Research Notes
Emanuel Derman, Columbia University and Iraj Kani, Martingale Technologies

11 Pricing with a Smile
Bruno Dupire, Bloomberg

12 A Generalised Framework for Credit Risk Portfolio Models
H. Ugur Koyluoglu, Mercer Oliver Wyman and Andrew Hickman, ERisk

13 Correlation and Dependence in Risk Management: Properties and Pitfalls
Paul Embrechts, Alexander McNeil and Daniel Straumann, ETHZ

14 Barrier Options
Mark Rubinstein, Haas Business School and Eric Reiner, UBS Warburg

15 Thinking Coherently
Philippe Artzner, University of Strasbourg; Freddy Delbaen, Federal Institute of Technology (ETH); Jean-Marc Eber, Lexifi Technologies and David Heath, Carnegie Mellon Pittsburgh

16 Static Simplicity
Jonathan Bowie and Peter Carr, Bloomberg

Section 4: Nobel Prize Winners

17 The Pricing of Options and Corporate Liabilities
Fischer Black, Deceased and Myron Scholes, Oak Hill Capital

18 Theory of Rational Option Pricing
Robert C. Merton, Harvard Business School

19 Autoregressive Conditional Heteroscedasticity with Estimates of the Variance of United Kingdom Inflation
Robert F. Engle, Stern School of Business
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