Avago FBAR Filter All-Silicon MEMS Duplexer Reverse Costing Analysis

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The highest volume production MEMS using TSV Technology based on AlN piezoelectric active layer

With more than 1 Billion units produced per year and a market share of 65%, Avago Technologies clearly dominates the BAW filter market. The ACMD-7612 is an UMTS Duplexer manufactured with Avago's film bulk acoustic resonator (FBAR) technology which uses AlN piezoelectric material for resonating layers.

The filters are hermetically wafer-level packaged with Avago's Microcap bonded-wafer CSP technology, allowing the filters to be assembled in a molded chip-on-board module of less than 1.2 mm high.

TSVs are etched in the cap in order to report electrical contacts and thus reduce filter dies size.

The ACMD-7612 is targeted for handsets or data terminals operating in the UMTS Band I frequency range and features a Maximum RF Input Power to Tx Port of ±33 dBm.

This report provides complete tear-down of the FBAR duplexer with:

- Detailed photos
- Material analysis
- Schematic assembly description
- Manufacturing Process Flow (including AlN process, wafer capping and TSV manufacturing)
- In-depth manufacturing cost analysis
- Supply chain evaluation
- Selling price estimation
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- Executive Summary
- Reverse Costing Methodology

Company Profile
- Avago Technologies Profile

Physical Analysis
- Physical Analysis Methodology
- Package Characteristics & Markings
- Package X-Ray
- Package Opening – Main Parts
- Package Cross-Section
- MEMS Dies Dimensions
- MEMS Dies Markings
- MEMS Dies Bond Pads & TSV
- Tx Die Opening
- Tx Die Cap
- Tx Die FBAR
- Rx Die Opening
- MEMS Die Cross-section – Overview
- MEMS Die Cross-section – TSV
- MEMS Die Cross-section – Membrane
- MEMS Die Cross-section – Contacts

Manufacturing Process Flow
- Global Overview
- MEMS Process Overview
- FBAR Process Flow
- Cap Process Flow
- Wafer Bonding Process Flow
- Description of the Wafer Fabrication Unit
- Component Packaging Process Flow

Cost Analysis
- Synthesis of the Cost Analysis
- Main Steps of Economic Analysis
- Yields Explanation
- Yields Hypotheses
- Dies per wafer & Probe Test
- MEMS Front-End Cost
- MEMS Front-End cost per Process Steps
- Back-End 0: Probe Test & Dicing Cost
- MEMS Dies Cost
- Back-End: Packaging Cost
- Back-End: Packaging Cost per steps
- Back-End: Final test Cost
- ACMD-7612 Component Cost (FE + BE 0 + BE 1)

Estimated Price Analysis
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown