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Implemented first by the automotive industry, Returnable Transport Packaging (RTP) solutions have evolved and expanded appreciably. With today's market at slightly over $5 billion, RTP solutions are used in supply chains for almost every industry sector including grocery, food pressing, beverages, pharmaceutical, and electronics.

A key benefit of using RTP is cost-savings. In medium and long-term timescale, switching from traditional packaging to RTP can bring businesses significant savings.

The global economic crisis which began in 2008 has impacted almost every industry sector. Consumers spend less and the competition on the market is stronger than ever. In this climate, companies are revising their business practices to find savings. The attention is often turned to the supply chain. As a result, the RTP market remains strong in spite of the economic turndown.

The drive for RTP solutions is also supported by growing social expectations for companies to introduce sustainable business practices. Customers expect businesses to operate in an environmentally friendly manner, as well as to provide their employees with safe working conditions. RTP products are a great answer to these expectations – they contribute to waste reduction; they are ergonomic and safe to handle. By implementing an RTP system, a company can promote itself as an environmentally and socially responsible business.

Returnable transport packaging also presents a practical and convenient option to stay in line with increasing compliance requirements introduced in recent years by numerous industries.

Returnable Transport Packaging (RTP) entails packaging solutions used for transport of goods that are designed for reuse within a supply chain, such as: pallets, containers, bins, boxes and totes, bulk containers, bins, intermediate bulk containers, dollies, racks, protective dunnage, sleep sheets and others.

The current market for returnable transport packaging is a dynamic one, with several new products introduced in the last few years. At the core of innovations is improved design, product safety and ergonomics.

RTP products are supported by noticeable advancements in logistic services, including sophisticated product tracking systems.

‘Returnable Transport Packaging – Dynamics and Trends', contains comprehensive data on the global market for RTP products, including historical (2007) and forecast data through 2017 market size data. The study presents and discusses market structure and its participants, industry standards and regulations and key factors affecting the marketplace (market drivers and inhibitors). The study also exhibits some recent product innovations and profiles manufacturers of returnable transport packaging products worldwide from global giants such as Orbis Corp. to new market entrants making their way up by offering interesting, innovative solutions.

The information in ‘Returnable Transport Packaging – Dynamics and Trends' is based on primary and secondary research. Primary research included in-depth interviews and collecting opinions from industry representatives – product manufacturers and end-users, product developers and researchers, market experts and others.

The secondary research consisted of gathering data from governmental and industry publications such as annual reports, company literature, industry journals, conference proceedings and reports. Industry organizations and associations, such as: Material Handling Industry of America (MHIA), Reusable Packaging Association (RPA), Reusable Container & Pallet Association (RCPA) and others, were also a valuable source of information for the Report.


- Internediate Bulk Containers, Plastic Totes, containers and bulk containers
- Pallets: wood, steel and plastic
- Drums and barrels: plastic and metal
- Containers: wood, steel and flexible
- Supporting products
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  • Cabka
  • Del-Tec Packaging
  • George Utz Holding AG
  • LINPAC Allibert
  • Orbis Corp
  • Rehrig Pacific Company
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Chapter 1 Executive Summary
Market Definition
Market Size and Growth
Key Factors Affecting the Market
Market Participants - Major Manufacturers
Report Scope
Report Format
Report Methodology
Industry Groups & Organizations
Research Organizations
Market Participants
On-Line Industry Journals
Industry Forums
Industry Reports and White Papers
Academic Papers
Legislative Acts and Standards

Chapter 2: Market Definition
Materials and Technologies used for RTP Production
Materials: Wood
Materials: Plastic
Compression Molding
High Pressure Injection Molding
Profile Extrusion
Rotational Molding
Structural Foam Molding
Other Materials and Technologies
Borstar Technology
Long Fiber Thermoplastic Injection Molding (LFT)
Materials: Metals
Returnable Transport Packaging Products Characteristics
Solid Wood Pallets
Composite Wood Pallets
Metal Pallets
Plastic Pallets
International Standards
International Plant Protection Organization (IPPC) Standards
ASTM Standards
North America
Plastic Containers and Totes
Plastic Bulk Containers
Wood Containers & Crates
ISPM Standards
ASTM Standards
North America
Steel Containers and Racks
Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs)
Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs)
Drums & Barrels
Dunnage & Other Cargo Protecting Products
Other RTP Products
RTP Products Flow Across the Supply Chain
RTP Circulation Models
The Closed Loop System
Challenges to the Closed Loop Model
The Open Loop System
Challenges to the Open Loop System
The Pool Model
Challenges to the Pool Model
RTP Cycle Models – Common Considerations
RTP Assets Tracking
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
RTP vs. Expandable Packaging
Advantages of Using RTP Products & Systems
Reduced Packaging Costs
Cost Comparison: One-Use vs. Returnable Packaging
Improved Workers Safety and Ergonomics
Reduced Labor Costs
Improved Goods Protection
Reduced Transportation Costs
Reduced Waste and Waste Management Costs
Improved Product Flow Through the Supply Chain
Improved Production Velocity
Improved Warehouse Space Utilization
Improved Inventory Management
Reduced Environmental Impacts
Enhanced Business Reputation
Reusable Transport Packaging - Saving Across the Supply Chain
Case Study: Ford
Challenges to RTP Products
High Upfront Capital Investment Costs
Stakeholders Acceptance and Endorsement
When RTP Makes Sense?
How to start with RTP?
Staring with a Pilot Program
Long-Term Management

Chapter 3: Market Size and Growth
Global RTP Markets by Product Type
RTP Containers
Drums & Barrels
RTP Support Products (“Dunnage”)
Other RTP Products
Global RTP Markets Circulation Methods
Global RTP Markets Rent vs. Purchase
Global RTP Markets by Industry Segments
Automotive Industry
Electronic Industry
Appliances Industry
Beverage Industry
Grocery Industry
Food Processing
Fruit & Vegetable Growers
Dairy Industry
Retail Industry
Medical Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry
Home Improvement Industry
Raw Materials Industry
Postal Services Industry
Other Industries
Global RTP Markets by Regions
North America
Other Regions
Global RTP Markets by Cycle Type
Global RTP Markets by Producers

Chapter 4: Factors Affecting RTP Market
Regulatory Framework
Regulation of Wood Packaging Material in International Trade (ISPM No. 15)
Materials Covered
Approved Treatments
Methyl Bromide Phase Out
Reuse of Wood Packaging Material
Repaired Wood Packaging Material
Remanufactured Wood Packaging Material
Standard Management
ISPM 15 Revisions
Geographical Coverage
RTP Markets Implications
Further Reading
Food Packaging Regulations
European Union
Further Reading
United States
Other Regulations
Further Reading
Hazardous Materials Transport Regulations
RTP Market Drivers and Inhibitors
Supply Chain Efficiency Competition
Environmental Legislation
EU Directive 94/62/EC on Packaging and Packaging Waste
German Packaging Ordinance
“Green” Economy Demands
Global Economic Crisis
Other RTP Markets Issues
RTP Products – Health & Safety Considerations
Bacterial Contamination
Chemical Contamination
Pests Infestation
The US Pallets Market Trends
The Number of Purchased Pallets Has Increased
Companies Plan to Purchase More Pallets
Pallets Purchasing Decisions are Made at Local Level
Wood Pallets Wins the Market
The Market for Used Pallets Remains Strong
Pallets Are Used for Both Warehousing and Shipping
Most Pallets are Used in a Closed Loop System
A Pallet Serves Six Trips on Average
Pallet Rental Option Grows in Popularity
Pallet Cost is the Main Driver for Change
Pallet Wars: Wood vs. Plastic
RTP and Carbon Footprint Reduction
Study Results
Landfill Waste Reduction
Other Recommendations

Chapter 5: Market Participants - Major Manufacturers' Profiles
Amatech Polycel
Creative Techniques Inc.
Del-Tec Packaging Associates, Inc.
DS Smith Plastics
Eltete TPM Ltd.
Georg Utz Holding AG
Green Peas Solutions Ltd.
LINPAC Allibert
Loadhog Ltd.
MJ Systems Ltd.
Monoflo International, Inc.
Myers Industries Inc.
Nefab AB
Orbis Corp.
Overath GmbH
PalletOne, Inc.
Polymer Solutions International, Inc.
Rehrig Pacific Company
Remcon Plastics, Inc.
Returnable Packaging Resource (RPR)
RPP Containers
Schoeller Arca Systems
SSI Schaefer Systems
Snyder Industries Inc.
TriEnda Lexington Logistics LLC
Viscount Plastics (LINPAC Viscount)
Weir & Carmichael

Apppendix A: Industry Groups and Organizations
Other Organizations

Appendix B: Abbreviations and Acronyms Used in the Report
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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- Cabka
- CHEP China
- Click-Lok SimPack International
- Creative Techniques
- Del-Tec Packaging
- DS Smith Plastics
- Eltette TPM Ltd
- George Utz Holding AG
- Green Peas Solutions
- Greif
- LINPAC Allibert
- MJ Systems
- Monoflo International Inc. Myers Industries
- Orbis Corp
- Overath
- PalletOne
- Polymer Solutions International
- Rehrig Pacific Company
- RPP Containers
- RPR Inc
- Schoeller Arca Systems
- SSI Schaefer Systems
- TriEnda
- Viscount Plastics
- Weir & Carmichael
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown