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Advanced Instrumentation and Computer I/O Design. Defined Accuracy Decision, Control, and Process Applications. 2nd Edition

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Written by an expert in the field of instrumentation and measurement device design, this book employs comprehensive electronic device and circuit specifications to design custom defined–accuracy instrumentation and computer interfacing systems with definitive accountability to assist critical applications.

Advanced Instrumentation and Computer I/O Design, Second Edition begins by developing an understanding of sensor–amplifier–filter signal conditioning design methods, enabled by device and system mathematical models, to achieve conditioned signal accuracies of interest and follow–on computer data conversion and reconstruction functions. Providing complete automated system design analyses that employ the Analysis Suite computer–assisted engineering spreadsheet, the book then expands these performance accountability methods coordinated with versatile and evolving hierarchical subprocesses and control architectures to overcome difficult contemporary process automation challenges combining both quantitative and qualitative methods. It then concludes with a taxonomy of computer interfaces and standards including telemetry, virtual, and analytical instrumentation.

Advanced Instrumentation and Computer I/O Design, Second Edition offers:

  • Updated chapters incorporating the latest electronic devices and system applications
  • Improved accuracy of the design models between their theoretical derivations and actual measured results
  • End–of–chapter problems based on actual industry, laboratory, and aerospace system designs
  • Multiple real–world case studies performed for technology enterprises
  • Instrumentation Analysis Suite for computer I/O system design
  • A separate solutions manual

Written for international engineering practitioners who design and implement industrial process control systems, laboratory instrumentation, medical electronics, telecommunications, and embedded computer systems, this book will also prove useful for upper–undergraduate and graduate–level electrical engineering students.

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1 Thermal, Mechanical, Quantum, and Analytical Sensors 1

1–0 Introduction 1

1–1 Instrumentation Error Interpretation 1

1–2 Temperature Sensors 4

1–3 Mechanical Sensors 7

1–4 Quantum Sensors 13

1–5 Analytical Sensors 18

Problems 25

Bibliography 27

2 Instrumentation Amplifiers and Parameter 29

2–0 Introduction 29

2–1 Device Temperature Characteristics 30

2–2 Differential Amplifiers 31

2–3 Operational Amplifiers 35

2–4 Instrumentation Amplifiers 39

2–5 Amplifier Parameter Error Evaluation 47

Problems 50

Bibliography 51

3 Filters for Measurement Signals 53

3–0 Introduction 53

3–1 Bandlimiting Instrumentation Filters 53

3–2 Active Filter Design 58

3–3 Filter Error Evaluation 68

3–4 Bandpass Instumentation Filters 73

Problems 82

Bibliography 83

4 Signal Conditioning Design and Instumentation Errors 85

4–0 Introduction 85

4–1 Low–Level Signal Acquisition 85

4–2 Signal Quality in Random and Coherent Interference 89

4–3 DC, Sinusoidal, and Harmonic Signal Conditioning 95

4–4 Analog Signal Processing 101

Problems 106

Bibliography 108

5 Data Conversion Devices and Parameters 109

5–0 Introduction 109

5–1 Analog Multiplexers 109

5–2 Sample Hold Devices 112

5–3 Digital–to–Analog Converters 115

5–4 Analog–to–Digital Converters 121

Problems 136

Bibliography 136

6 Sampled Data and Reconstruction with Intersample Error 139

6–0 Introduction 139

6–1 Sampled Data Theory 140

6–2 Aliasing of Signal and Noise 144

6–3 Sampled Data Intersample and Aperture Errors 150

6–4 Output Signal Interpolation Functions 156

6–5 Video Sampling and Reconstruction 165

Problems 166

Bibliography 167

7 Instrumentation Analysis Suite, Error Propagation, Sensor Fusion, and Interfaces 169

7–0 Introduction 169

7–1 Aerospace Computer I/O Design With Analysis Suite 169

7–2 Measurement Error Propagation in Example Airflow Process 183

7–3 Homogenerous and Heterogeneous Sensor Fusion 186

7–4 Instrumentation Integration and Interfaces 192

Problems 199

Bibliography 202

Appendix 203

8 Instumented Processes Decision and Control 207

8–0 Introduction 207

8–1 Process Apparatus Controlled Variability and Tuning 209

8–2 Model Reference to Remodeling Adaptive Control 220

8–3 Empirical to Intelligent Process Decision Systems 229

Problems 240

Bibliography 243

9 Process Automation Applications 245

9–0 Introduction 245

9–1 Ashby Map Guided Equiaxed Titanium Forging 246

9–2 Z–Fit Modeled Spectral Control of Exfoliated Nanocomposites 247

9–3 Superconductor Production with Adaptive Decision and Control 250

9–4 Neural Network Attenuated Steel Annealing Hardness Variance 259

9–5 Ultralinear Molecular Beam Epitaxy Flux Calibration 263

Bibliography 269

Index 271

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PATRICK H. GARRETT, PhD, P.E., is an Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Cincinnati, where he has developed courses in manufacturing, controls, and process instrumentation. The author of several internationally adopted textbooks on instrumentation and process control, he continues to be involved in long–term research projects, for both government and private sectors, focused on performance advancement of information–intensive real–time systems. A member of the IEEE, Dr. Garrett has been an American Council on Education reviewer, a White House intern, and visiting scientist at the Air Force Materials & Manufacturing Directorate.

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown