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The Rocky Mountain Region: An Evolving Lithosphere. Tectonics, Geochemistry, and Geophysics. Volume 154. Geophysical Monograph Series

  • ID: 2489222
  • Book
  • January 2005
  • 442 Pages
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd

Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 154.

The Rocky Mountains provide a key region for understanding the evolution of the western North American continent and processes that shape continents in general.
As a result, the region has prompted intense and pioneering geologic investigations for over a century, offering scientists an exceptionally rich field laboratory in which to gather data and to make and test interpretations. The Continental Dynamics of the Rocky Mountain (CD–ROM) experiment (1995–2004), from which this book derives, follows in this tradition, motivated by three leading questions: how are continents initially formed and stabilized; how do old lithospheric structures and boundaries influence younger tectonic events; and how did processes related to the plate boundary affect the evolution of the Cenozoic Rocky Mountains? To successfully answer such questions requires integrated studies focused from the surface, through the crust, into the mantle, and with a four–dimensional approach that also encompasses the time dimension.

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Karl E. Karlstrom and G. Randy Keller ix

Karl E. Karlstrom and G. Randy Keller 1

Tectonics, Structure Geology, Regional Geophysics
2D Laramide Geometries and Kinematics of the Rocky Mountains, Western U.S.A.
Eric A. Erslev 7

Complex Proterozoic Crustal Assembly of Southwestern North America in an Arcuate
Subduction System: The Black Canyon of the Cunnison, Southwestern Colorado
Micah I. Jessup, Karl E. Karlstrom, James Connelly, Michael Williams, Richard Livaccari, Amanda Tyson, and Steven A. Rogers 21

Signs From the Precambrian: The Geologic Framework of Rocky Mountain Region
Derived From Aeromagnetic Data
Carol A. Finn and Paul K. Sims 39

Low–Temperature Cooling Histories of the Cheyenne Belt and Laramie Peak Shear Zone,
Wyoming, and the Soda Creek–Fish Creek Shear Zone, Colorado
Shari A. Kelley 55

The Proterozoic Ancestry of the Colorado Mineral Belt: 1.4 Ga Shear Zone System in Central Colorado
Annie M. McCoy, Karl E. Karlstrom, Colin A. Shay and Michael L. Williams 71

Structure of the North Park and South Park Basins, Colorado: An Integrated Geophysical Study
Leandro Treviiio and G. Randy Keller 91

Gravity Modeling of the Colorado Mineral Belt
Annie M. McCoy, Mousumi Roy, Lendro Treviiio, and G. Randy Keller 99

Paleomagnetic and Geochronologic Data Bearing on the Timing, Evolution, and Structure
of the Cripple Creek Diatreme Complex and Related Rocks, Front Range, Colorado
Jason S. Rampe, John IN Geissman, Mark B. Melker, and Matthew T: Heizler 107

Isostatic Constraints on Lithospheric Thermal Evolution: Application to the Proterozoic
Orogen of the Southwestern United States
R. M. Flowers, L. H. Royden, and S. A. Bowring 125

Geochemistry, Geochronology and Xenolith Studies

Contrasting Lower Crustal Evolution Across an Archean–Proterozoic Suture: Physical, Chemical and Ceochronologic Studies of Lower Crustal Xenoliths in Southern Wyoming and Northern Colorado
G. Lang Farmer, Samuel A. Bowring, Michael L. Williams, Nikolas I. Christensen, Jennifer T. Matzel, and Liane Stevens 139

40Ar/39ArT hermochronologic Record of I.45 – 1.35 Ga lntracontinental Tectonism in the Southern Rocky Mountains: Interplay of Conductive and Advective Heating with lntracontinental Deformation
Colin A. Shaw, Matthew T. Heizler, and Karl E. Karlstrom 163

Characterization and Age of the Mesoproterozoic Debaca Sequence in the Tucumcari Basin, New Mexico
Jose FA. Amarante, Shari A. Kelley, Matthew T. Heizler, Melanie A. Barnes, Kate C. Miller, and Elizabeth L: Anthony 185

Controlled Source Seismic Studies

Background and Overview of Previous Controlled Source Seismic Studies
Claus Prodehl, Roy A. Johnson, G. Randy Keller . Catherine M. Snelson, and Hanna–Maria Rumpel 201

Inter–Wedging Nature of the Cheyenne Belt–Archean–Proterozoic Suture Defined by Seismic Reflection Data
E. A. Morozova, X. Wan, K. R. Chamberlain, S. B. Smithson, R. Johnson, and K. E. Karlstrom 217

Seismic Investigation of the Yavapai–Mazatzal Transition Zone and the Jemez Lineament
in Northeastern New Mexico
Maria Beatrice Magnani, Alan Levander, Kate C. Miller, Tefera Eshete, and Karl E. Karlstrom 227

Listric Thrust Faulting in the Laramide Front of North–Central New Mexico Guided
by Precambrian Basement Structures
Maria Beatrice Magnani, Alan Levander, Eric A. Erslev, Nicole Bolay–Koenig, and Karl E. Karlstrom 239

An lntegrated Geophysical Study of the Southeastern Sangre de Cristo Mountains,
New Mexico: Summary
Oscar Quezada, G. Randy Keller, and Christopher Andronicos 253

An lntegrated Geophysical Analysis of the Great Divide Basin and Adjacent Uplifts,
Southwestern Wyoming: Summary
Veronica I. Cline and G. Randy Keller 255

Results of the CD–ROM Project Seismic RefractionIWide–Angle Reflection Experiment:
The Upper and Middle Crust
Hanna–Maria Rumpel, Claus Prodehl, Catherine M. Snelson, and G. Randy Keller 257

Regional Crustal Structure Derived from the CD–ROM 99 Seismic RefractionIWide–Angle
Reflection Profile: The Lower Crust and Upper Mantle
Catherine M. Snelson, G. Randy Keller, Kate C. Miller, Hanna–Maria Rumpel, and Claus Prodehl 271

Crust and Upper Mantle Velocity Structure of the Southern Rocky Mountains
from the Jemez Lineament to the Cheyenne Belt
Alan Levander, Colin Zelt, and Maria Beatrice Magnani  293

Passive Source Seismic Studies

Passive Source Seismology of the Rocky Mountain Region
Anne Sheehan, Vera Schulte–Pelkum, Oliver Boyd, and Charles Wilson 309

Lithospheric Stratigraphy Beneath the Southern Rocky Mountains, USA
Brian Zurek and Ken Dueker 317

Upper Mantle Tomographic Vp and V, Images of the Rocky Mountains in Wyoming,
Colorado and New Mexico: Evidence for a Thick Heterogeneous Chemical Lithosphere
Huaiyu Yuan and Ken Dueker 329

Upper Mantle Anisotropy Beneath Precambrian Province Boundaries, Southern Rocky Mountains
Otina C, Fox and Anne E Sheehan 347

Attenuation Tomography Beneath the Rocky Mountain Front: Implications for the
Physical State of the Upper Mantle
0liver S. Boydand, Anne F Sheehan 367

CDROM lnterstation Pn Study Along the Rio Grande Rift
Lynda A. Lastowka and Anne F. Sheehan 379

Rayleigh Wave Constraints on Shear–Wave Structure and Azimuthal Anisotropy
Beneath the Colorado Rocky Mountains
Aibing Li, Donald W Forsyth, and Karen M. Fischer 385

Synthesis Papers

The Dynamic Nature of the Continental Crust–Mantle Boundary:
Crustal Evolution in the Southern Rocky Mountain Region as an Example
G. Randy Keller, Karl E. Karlstrom, Michael L. Williams, Kate C. Miller, Christopher Andronicos,
Alan R. Levander, Catherine M. Snelson, and Claus Prodehl 403

Synthesis of Results From the CD–ROM Experiment: 4–D Image of the Lithosphere Beneath
the Rocky Mountains and Implications for Understanding the Evolution of Continental Lithosphere
Karl E. Karlstrom, Steven 1. Whitmeyer, Ken Dueker, Michael L. Williams, Samuel A. Bowring,
Alan Levander, E. D. Humphreys, G. Randy Keller, and the CD–ROM Working Group 421

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Karl E. Karlstrom
G. Randy Keller
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown