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Solar Eruptions and Energetic Particles. Volume 165. Geophysical Monograph Series

  • ID: 2489249
  • Book
  • January 2006
  • 386 Pages
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 165.

Coronal mass ejections (CMEs) are the most energetic events in the heliosphere. During solar cycle 23, the close connection between CMEs and solar energetic particles (SEPs) was studied in much greater detail than was previously possible, including effects on space weather.

This book reviews extensive observations of solar eruptions and SEPs from orbiting and ground–based systems. From SOHO and ACE to RHESSI and TRACE, we now have measurements of unprecedented sensitivity by which to test assumptions and refine models.

Discussion and analysis of:

  • Coronal mass ejections and energetic particles over one solar cycle
  • Implications of solar eruptions for space weather and human space exploration
  • The elemental, isotopic, and ionic charge state composition of accelerated particles
  • Complex interconnections among CMEs, flares, shocks, and energetic particles will make this book an indispensable resource for scientists working on the Sun–Earth connection, including space physicists, magnetospheric physicists, atmospheric physicists, astrophysicists, and aeronomists.
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Natchimuthukonar Gopalswamy, Richard Mewaldt, and Jarmo Torsti ix

Solar Eruptions and Energetic Particles: An Introduction
N. Gopalswamy, R. Mewaldt, and J. Torsti 1

A Historical Perspective on Coronal Mass Ejections
R. A. Howard 7

Solar Energetic Particles and Coronal Mass Ejections: A Perspective
J. R. Jokipii  15

Coronal Mass Ejections

Observational Properties of Coronal Mass Ejections
S. W. Kahler  21

A Broad Perspective on Automated CME Tracking: Towards Higher Level Space Weather Forecasting
Eva Robbrecht and David Berghmans  33

Initiation of Coronal Mass Ejections
Ronald L. Moore and Alphonse C. Sterling  43

Magnetic Helicity and Coronal Mass Ejections
A. Nindos 59

Bursting the Solar Bubble: The Flare–Coronal Mass Ejection Relationship
Richard Harrison 73

Models of Solar Eruptions: Recent Advances From Theory and Simulations
Ilia I. Roussev and Igor V. Sokolov  89

Solar Energetic Particles

Solar Energetic Particles: An Overview
Tycho von Rosenvinge and Hilary V. Cane  103

The Source Material for Large Solar Energetic Particle Events
R. A. Mewaldt, C. M. S. Cohen, and G. M. Mason  115

Observations of Energy–Dependent Charge States in Solar Energetic Particles
M. A. Popecki  127

Modeling the Energy–Dependent Charge States of Solar Energetic Particles
Leon Kocharov  137

Solar Energetic Particle Composition
Berndt Klecker  147

Flares and Energetic Particles

Radiative Diagnoses of Energetic Particles
A. L. MacKinnon 157

Gamma Radiation From Flare–Accelerated Particles Impacting the Sun
Gerald H. Share and Ronald J. Murphy  177

Particle Acceleration in Solar Flares and Escape Into Interplanetary Space
Markus J. Aschwanden  189

Solar Energetic Electrons, X–rays, and Radio Bursts
R. P. Lin  199

CME–Driven Shocks and SEPs in the Heliosphere

Coronal Mass Ejections and Type II Radio Bursts
Nat Gopalswamy  207

EIT Waves and Coronal Shock Waves
G. Mann  221

Radio Bursts and Solar Energetic Particle Events
K.–L. Klein  233

Diffusive Ion Acceleration by CME–Driven Shocks
Martin A. Lee  245

Acceleration of SEPs: Role of CME–Associated Shocks and Turbulence
R. Vainio  253

Spectral and Compositional Characteristics of Gradual and Impulsive Solar Energetic Particle Events
Allan J. Tylka and Martin A. Lee  263

Observations of Energetic Storm Particles: An Overview
Christina M. S. Cohen  275

Fifty Years of Ground Level Solar Particle Event Observations
C. Lopate  283

The Propagation of Solar Energetic Particles in the Interplanetary Medium
Wolfgang Dröge  297

Radial and Latitudinal Variations of the Energetic Particle Response to ICMEs
David Lario  309

KET Ulysses Observations of SEP in and out of the Ecliptic
Alexei Struminsky and Bernd Heber  321

Space Weather

Geoeffective Coronal Mass Ejections and Energetic Particles
Eino Valtonen  335

The Creation of New Ion Radiation Belts Associated With Solar Energetic Particle Events and
Interplanetary Shocks
J. E. Mazur, J. B. Blake, P. L. Slocum, M. K. Hudson, and G. M. Mason  345

Energetic Particles in the Magnetosphere and Their Relationship to Solar Wind Drivers
I. Roth, M. K. Hudson, B. T. Kress, and K. L. Perry   353

Space Weather Challenges Intrinsic to the Human Exploration of Space
Ronald E. Turner  367

Space Weather: From Solar Eruptions to Magnetospheric Storms
Hannu E. J. Koskinen and K. Emilia J. Huttunen  375

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Natchimuthukonar Gopalswamy
Richard Mewaldt
Jarmo Torsti
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown