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The History and Dynamics of Global Plate Motions. Volume 121. Geophysical Monograph Series

  • ID: 2489266
  • Book
  • January 2000
  • Region: Global
  • 398 Pages
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd

Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 121.

The new global tectonics that emerged three decades ago profoundly changed our view of the Earth and its evolution. Although the theory of plate tectonics gives a kinematic description of much of Earth′s surface motions, our dynamical understanding remains incomplete and unsatisfactory in many ways. Key remaining issues include the mechanics of plate boundaries and intraplate deformation, the relation between plate–scale dynamics and hotspot volcanism, vertical surface motions (dynamic topography) associated with subduction, and the origin of the plate–tectonic style of convection itself. The past two decades have seen fairly steady progress on a number of these problems, spurred in large part by the advent of 3–D seismic imaging of the Earth′s interior. More recently, advances in high performance computing have provided long–needed 3–D geodynamic modeling tools that are yielding new insights into the relation between mantle convection and plate tectonics, and the interpretation of seismic heterogeneity structure.

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Mark A. Richards, Richard G. Gordon, and Rob D. van der Hilst vii

Introduction: Plate Tectonics and Mantle Convection Three Decades Later
Mark A. Richards, Richard G. Gordon, and Rob D. van der Hilst 1

Section 1: Convection, Rheology, and Plates

The Relation Between Mantle Dynamics and Plate Tectonics: A Primer
David Bercovici, Yanick Ricard, and Mark A. Richards 5

The Quest for Self–Consistent Generation of Plate Tectonics in Mantle Convection Models
Paul J. Tackley 47

On the Competing Roles of Fault Reactivation and Brittle Failure in Generating Plate Tectonics
from Mantle Convection
Michael Gurnis, Shijie Zhong, and John Toth 73

Section 2: Continental Dynamics and Intraplate Deformation

What the Mantle Sees: The Effects of Continents on Mantle Heat Flow
A. Lenardic, L Guillou–Frottier, J.–C. Mareschal, G. Jaupart, L.–N. Moresi, and W. M. Kaula 95

On the Determination of Self–Consistent Strain Rate Fields Within Zones of Distributed
Continental Deformation
William E. Holt, Bingming Shen–Tu, John Haines, and James Jackson 113

Diffuse Oceanic Plate Boundaries: Strain Rates, Vertically Averaged Rheology, and Comparisons
with Narrow Plate Boundaries and Stable Plate Interiors
Richard G. Gordon 143

Section 3: Tectonics and Dynamics of the Australian Region

Mesozoic/Cenozoic Tectonic Events Around Australia
R. Dietmar Muller, Carmen Gaina, Anahita Tikku, Dona Mihut, Steven C. Cande, and Joann M. Stock 161

Absolute Plate Motion, Mantle Flow, and Volcanism at the Boundary Between the Pacific and Indian
Ocean Mantle Domains Since 90 Ma
Carmen Gaina, R. Dietmar Muller, and Steven C. Cande 189

Models of Mantle Convection Incorporating Plate Tectonics: The Australian Region
Since the Cretaceous
Michael Gurnis, Louis Moresi, and R. Dietmar Muller 211

Section 4: Seismic Tomography and Global Mantle Flow

Mapping the Lithosphere and Asthenosphere With Surface Waves: Lateral Structure and Anisotropy
Goran Ekstrom 239

A Comparison Between Tomographic and Geodynamic Models of the Earth′s Mantle
Charles Megnin and Barbara Romanowicz 257

Constraints on Mantle Convection From Seismic Tomography
Hrafnkell Karason and Rob D. van der Hilst 277

Mantle Convection and Plate Motion History: Toward General Circulation Models
Mark A. Richards, Hans–Peter Bunge, and Carolina Lithgow–Bertelloni 289

Section 5: Hotspots and Plate Motions

Large Igneous Provinces and Plate Tectonics
Olav Eld holm and Millard F. Coffin 309

Recent Progress on the Plate Motion Relative to Hotspots
Yasushi Harada and Yozo Hamano 327

Global Hotspot Reference Frames and Plate Motion
Ian O. Norton 339

Fast Paleogene Motion of the Pacific Hotspots From Revised Global Plate Circuit Constraints
Carol A. Raymond, Joann M. Stock, and Steven C. Cande 359

Effects of Mantle Flow on Hotspot Motion
Bern hard Steinberger and Richard J. O′Connell 377

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Mark A. Richards
Richard G. Gordon
Robert D. van der Hilst
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown