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With both nickel and cobalt featuring heavily in modern industry, there is an ongoing and intense interest in ore supplies and processing, applications development, and recycling. This book presents a collection of authoritative papers covering the latest advances in all aspects of nickel and cobalt processing, including fundamentals, technology, operating practices, and related areas of Platinum–Group Metals (PGM) processing. Special emphasis is given to the treatment of sulphide and laterite ores, concentrates, and secondary materials for the production of nickel and cobalt.
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Laterites – Still a Frontier of Nickel Process Development 3A. Taylor

Cobalt ( the Technology Enabler ): CDI Review & Future Challenges 25D. Weight

The Recycling of Cobalt from Alloy Scrap, Spent Batteries or Catalysts and Metallurgical Residues An Overview 53C. Ferron

Ni Laterite Hydrometallurgy

Acid Leaching of Nickel Laterites with Jarosite Precipitation 75D. White, and J. Gillaspie

Extraction of Nickel, Cobalt and Iron from Laterite Ores by Mixed Chloride Leach Process 97V. Lakshmanan, R. Sridhar, R. DeLaat, J. Chen, M. Halim, and R. Roy

Reductive Leaching of Limonitic Laterites Using Ferrous Sulphate 107M. Zuniga, and E. Asselin

Sulfuric Acid Leaching Characteristics of Ni–Doped Goethite 117G. Li, W. Cai, M. Rao, Q. Zhi, and T. Jiang

Characteristics of Nickel Laterite Crushed Ore Agglomerates 125A. Janwong, N. Dhawan, T. Vethsodsakda, and M. Moats


Acid Mist Abatement in Base Metal Electrowinning 143T. Robinson, D. White, and R. Grassi

Boleo Cobalt Electrowinning Development 155J. Lu, D. Dreisinger, and T. Gluck

Comparison of Intercell Contact Bars for Electrowinning Plants 177C. Boon, R. Fraser, T. Johnston, and D. Robinson

High Current Density Electrowinning of Nickel in EMEW® Cells 191J. Robinson, I. Ewart, M. Moats, and S. Wang

Helm TrackerTM Cathode Current Sensing Technology 201R. Fraser, T. Johnston, J. Yesberg, S. Nolet, and C. Boon

Pyrometallurgy: Solid–State Processing

Cobalt Recovery through Sulphating Roast of Cu/Co Concentrate of Katanga Mining 213K. Adham

Experimental Study on Reduction–Magnetic Separation Process of Low–Grade Nickel Laterite Ore 221F. Chen, B. Zhang, W. Li, Q. Wang, and X. Hong

State of the Art Refractory Corrosion Test Work for the Nonferrous Metals Industry 231D. Gregurek, A. Ressler, V. Reiter, A. Franzkowiak, A. Spanring, B. Drew, and D. Flynn

Ores and Processing

Mineralogical Characterization of Cobaltic Oxides from the Democratic Republic of Congo 243Y. Vanbrabant, C. Burlet, and P. Louis

PolyMet Mining Corporation s NorthMet Process Development 255D. Dreisinger, M. Ounpuu, D. Imeson, and N. Verbaan

Talvivaara Nickel Mine – from a Project to a Mine and Beyond 269M. Riekkola–Vanhanen, and L. Palmu

The Sintering Character of Limonitic Nickel Laterite 279C. Wu, H. Li, Y. Chen, C. Li, and Z. ZhangPyrometallurgy: Smelting

Nickel, Cobalt and Copper Recovery from Sea Nodules by Direct Smelting Process 291K. Sahu, S. Agarwal, D. Mishra, A. Agrawal, N. Randhawa, K. Godiwalla, and R. Jana

Alternative Coolants and Cooling System Designs for Safer Freeze Lined Furnace Operation 299M. Kennedy, P. Nos, M. Bratt, and M. Weaver

Outotec′s Ausmelt Top Submerged Lance (TSL) Technology for the Nickel Industry 315R. Andrews, R. Matusewicz, L. Aspola, and S. Hughes

Processing of PGM Containing Ni/Cu Bulk Concentrates in a Sustainable Way by Outotec Direct Nickel Flash Smelting Process 325S. Jyrkonen, K. Haavanlammi, M. Luomala, J. Karonen, and P. Suikkanen

Nickel–Chromium–Boron Alloys Production by Aluminothermic Processes 335O. Yilmaz, M. Alkan, and O. Yücel

Applications & Recycling

Numerical Simulation of Temperature Field in Directional Solidification of Turbine Blade by Liquid Metal Cooling Method 343N. Tang, Q. Xu, and B. Liu

Influence of Thermomechanical Treatment on Structure and Properties of a Cobalt Based Superalloy 353P. Sarkar, S. Prasad, M. Chatterjee, and M. Rao

Effect of Processing Conditions on Structure, Properties and Performance of a Nickel Base Cast Superalloy for High Temperature Applications 357M. Chatterjee, A. Kishore, P. Sarkar, and M. Rao

Development of Nickel Boron Alloys for Brazing Materials 365K. Tasyürek, M. Alkan, and O. Yücel

Ni and Co Hydrometallurgy

Continuous Co–Precipitation Behaviour and Stability of Arsenic(V) from Fe(II,III)–Al(III)–Ni(II) Sulphate Effluent Solutions 371C. Doerfelt, and G. Demopoulos

Hydrochloric Acid Regeneration via Calcium Sulfate Crystallization for Non–Ferrous Chloride Leaching Processes 379T. Feldmann, and G. Demopoulos

Hydrometallurgical Nickel Laterite Processing: A Review of Current SX Flowsheets and Industry Trends 391A. Fischmann, S. Wiggett, T. Bednarski, V. Cocalia, and C. Bourget

Studies on Refining Cobalt Salt Solution by Extraction Chromatography to Prepare High Purity Cobalt 405C. Song, Z. Li, L. Shuling, C. Zhenping, and W. Lijun

The Starved Acid Leaching Technology (SALT) for Recovery of Nickel and Cobalt from Saprolites and Caron Plant Residues 413D. Dreisinger, and J. Clucas

Selective Production of Co and Ni Powders Through Hydrothermal Reduction of Leach Solutions of a Synthetic Matte Containing Cu–Ni–Co–Fe–S 425D. Mishra, K. Park, K. Sahu, A. Agrawal, and C. Nam

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Subject Index 437

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