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Life's Missing Instruction Manual. The Guidebook You Should Have Been Given at Birth

  • ID: 2516973
  • Book
  • April 2013
  • 176 Pages
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
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Packed with life lessons most people will wish they′d learned earlier,
Life′s Missing Instruction Manual uses humor and anecdote to present practical steps readers can use to take control of their lives, overcome any obstacle, and find fulfillment.
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FOREWORD Gay Hendricks, Ph.D. xiii


Introduction: How to Use This Manual

Introduction 3

You: Congratulations on Your Life

Your Point of Power Is Now 7

I Wish I Had Learned . . . ∼ Jim Edwards 9

You Can Be Happy Now 9

Life Doesn t Have to Be Hard 10

You Are Behind Your Eyes 10

Your Feelings Are Hidden Thoughts 11

Everything Is Energy Directed by Your Thoughts 12

You Can t Stop Your Thoughts but You Don t Have to Listen to Them, Either 12

Everything Is a Projection from Inside You 13

Your Nature Is Your Current Act 14

How to Know What You Want 14

You Get More of Whatever You Focus on 15

Whatever You Say after I Am Defines Who You Become 15

What You Love or What You Hate Will Be Drawn to You 16

Your Body Requires No Assembly 16

Great Hair, Great Day 16

Your Memory Will Never Be Accurate 17

Love 17

Sex 18

Food 18

Exercise 18

Three Life Lessons I Wish I Had Learned Earlier ∼ Dr. Paul Hartunian 19

Internal Capabilities: Understanding Your Life s Potential

Anything Is Possible 23

You Create Your Future with a Pen 23

Achieving Your Goals Is Easy 24

Your Mind Operates under Its Own Conception 24

How to Feel Better in One Minute 25

A Smile Is Universally Understood 25

Exercise: Laugh Like a Child with Milk Coming Out Your Nose 26

Your Language Can Create Attractors 26

Behind Every Behavior Is a Belief 27

Reclaim Your Self–Esteem: Transform Your Self–Talk from Negative to Positive ∼ Dr. Joe Rubino 27

Three Secrets to Manage Your Time 33

Naps Are Good 34

Letting Go of Your Fears ∼ Cindy Cashman 34

How to Break Through the Hidden Obstacle Holding You Back from What You Truly Want

∼ Craig Perrine 38

Who You See Is Who You Will Be . . . ∼ Kevin Hogan 42

To Everything, Turn! Turn! Turn! ∼ Alan R. Bechtold 44

What I Wish I d Learned When I Was Younger ∼ Bob Scheinfeld 48

The Great Philosophers Were Only Giving You Their Views 49

External Connections: Caring for Others in Your Life

The Most Valuable Life Lesson You ll Ever Learn ∼ Chip Tarver 53

Your Relationships Are for Your Growth 54

Your Parents Did the Best They Could 54

Your Children Will Become What They Become 55

You Can Achieve Anything with Support 55

Listening ∼ John Milton Fogg 56

What You Do Influences People Down the Chain 57

People Like Nice People 58

People Want to Be Loved 58

Having a Role Model Can Bring Out the Best in You 58

How to End an Argument 59

How to Deal with an Enemy 59

The Man Who Offered to Beat Me Up 59

Everyone Is Going through Something 61

Failing Life ∼ Bill Harris 61

Troubleshooting: Taking Care of Yourself

The Universe Always Says Yes 67

Once You Get the Lesson, You Don t Need the Experience 67

Give What You Want to Receive 67

You Get the Results You re Supposed to Get 68

This, Too, Will Pass 68

Be Not Afraid 69

What You Fear May Contain What You Seek 69

Be Willing to Delay Gratification to Achieve Astonishing Results 70

The Lesson That Takes a Lot of the Speed Bumps Out of Life ∼ Ann Taylor 70

Miracles Happen All the Time No Exceptions 75

Confusion Is the Wonderful State before Clarity 75

The More Clutter around You, the More Clutter in You 75

The Night Window Is Your Chance to Place Your Order 76

Welcome Ghosts 76

Do Not Strive for Perfection 78

Perfect As Is ∼ John Burton 79

How You Feel Really Does Matter ∼ Mandy Evans 80

Forgiveness ∼ Jeremy Likness 83

Logic Doesn t Exist 84

How to Make a Decision 85

You Will Always Want to Be Right and Rarely Will Be 86

Everything You Hear Isn t True 86

Judgment Is Not Evil ∼ Bruce M. Burns 87

Names Do Hurt 87

Predicting the End of the World Will Make You Look Bad 87

All Time Happens Now 88

What Time Is It For? 88

Optimum Performance: Getting the Best Out of Your Life

Indian Wisdom: Two Wolves 91

Don t Be Afraid to Ask for Help 91

To Change, Burn Your Bridges 92

What to Do When You Are Afraid ∼ Dr. Larina Kase 92

My Inherited Fear of Financial Ruin ∼ Dr. Robert Anthony 93

Are You Playing the Role of Victim? ∼ Nerissa Oden 98

How to Get a Job 99

Get a Pet 100

Illness Is a Call from Your Body 100

Pay Your Taxes 101

The Favorite Question of Your Mind Can Drive You Batty 101

Specifications: What You Need to Know About Others

People Idolize the Past, Complain about the Present, and Fear the Future 105

People Never Question Their Own Beliefs, so Don t Try to Change Them 105

People Will Tend to Say Yes If You Start Them Saying Yes 106

People Do Things Only for the Good Feelings They Get 106

People Will Pay Any Amount of Money to Have Their Inner States Changed 107

People Want to Be Happy Period 107

People Respond to Flattery 107

People Will Never Argue with You If You Never Make Them Wrong 108

People Always Act for Positive Reasons, Even If the Behavior Is Negative 108

People Will Respond to You If You Get Out of Your Ego and into Theirs 109

People Want to Be Recognized 109

People Universally Feel Deprived 109

People Are Collectors of Something, Whether of Books, Thimbles, or Recipes, Though They May Deny It 110

People Will Continue with a Bad Habit until It Hurts 110

People Will Do Whatever You Want as Long as They Don t Have a Counterthought to Your Request.

Handle the Objection and They Will Comply 110

People Feel That Someone Else Is in Control and Desperately Seek Ways to Have Power Again 111

People Will Follow Commands That Make Them Feel Superior 111

People Are Deeply Affected by What Others Think 112

People Only Act for Self–Serving Reasons,

No Matter What They Say or What You Think 112

People Unconsciously Respond to Your Unconscious Intentions 113

People Will Never Change Their Human Emotions or Basic Desires Only Their Dress and Their Tools Will Change 113

Proper Usage: Defining Your Life s Purpose

You Can Have Whatever You Want as Long as You Don t Want It 117

Rags to Rages ∼ Mark Joyner 117

Crazy Wisdom ∼ Blair Warren 118

Growing Old May Be a Choice 119

Money Is Energy 120

Marketing Is Not Evil 120

Failure Is Not Death 123

How to Handle Death 123

The Only Thing You Can Count On 123

The Healer s Secret How Can This Secret Transform Your Relationships? ∼ William Wittmann, M.Ed., LMP 127

Three Secrets ∼ Marc Gitterle, M.D. 130

Assembly Required: Creating Your Future

Almost All First Steps Are Awkward 137

Don t Fall Back ∼ Bill Hibbler 137

A New Way to Easily Achieve Your Goals 140

Spinning the Roulette Wheel to Self–Fulfillment ∼ Dr. Rick Barrett 142

The Top 10 Destructive Money Beliefs (and How to Overcome Them) ∼ Dan Klatt 147

Your Mind Is an Instrument for Poverty or Prosperity ∼ Randy Gage 150

When Bad Things Happen to Good People 150

Everything You Do Will Be a Success 151

Life is Short ∼ Jillian Coleman 152

The Owner s Manual I Wish I Had Gotten at Birth ∼ Pat O Bryan 153

Aude aliquid dignum 157


Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown