The Top 100 Contract Research Organisations In Western Europe

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  • Cardialysis BV
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It is estimated that clinical development expenditures outsourced by pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology companies worldwide in 2012 was approximately Euro 20.6 billion. With greatly developed healthcare and medical systems, highly trained investigators and standardisation across multiple countries, in the form of the European Clinical Trials Directive, Western Europe remains a key region for clinical research.

There are several hundred Contract Research Organisations in Western Europe. This report profiles the Top 100 of them. These companies offer their sponsors a full range of outsourced services including: product development, formulation and manufacturing; clinical trial management (preclinical through phase IV); clinical, medical and safety monitoring; preclinical, toxicology, and clinical laboratory services for processing trial samples; data management, biostatistics and medical writing services; regulatory affairs support; and many other complementary services.

The Contract Research Organisations profiled in this report have expertise in all therapeutic areas - from Cardiovascular to Endocrinology to Oncology. They are located right across Western Europe from the United Kingdom and Ireland to Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Profile information for each company typically includes:

- Company Contact Information - Address, Telephone and Fax Numbers, Email and Website Addresses, Social Media Links.
- Key Company Decision Makers - From CEO and Main Board, to Key Senior Managers.
- Specialised fields such as Company Description, Services, Therapeutic Areas, Countries Served, Parent Company, Year Established, Number of Employees and Turnover.

Report Target Market:

1) Contract Research Organisations

Usage: competitive analysis and strategic partner/alliance identification

2) Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical Device Companies

This report is very useful to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies who wish to identify Western Europe’s Top 100 Contract Research Organisations by services offered, therapeutic expertise, size or location.

3) CRO Suppliers

This report is perfect for suppliers of e.g. information technology infrastructure and management information systems who wish to identify top potential customers.

4) CRO, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical Device Associations

The Top 100 Contract Research Organisations In Western Europe is a useful reference tool for CRO, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device associations.

Note: Most people will be aware of some of the major Contract Research Organisations like Chiltern International Limited, ICON Plc and Pierrel Research International AG but this report looks at all 100 of the Top CRO’s in Western Europe - companies like:

- Smerud Medical Research International AS - operating since 1993, the company was the first privately owned Contract Research Organisation to establish itself in all Nordic countries. It currently employs 100 specialists engaged in clinical research, regulatory affairs, data management, biostatistics, quality assurance, intellectual property and medical writing activities. Smerud Medical Research International AS is led by Mr. Knut Smerud, Founder and CEO.

- Trial Form Support International AB (TFS) - headquartered in Lund, Sweden and with 500 employees, the company is the largest non-listed European Contract Research Organisation. Since 1996, TFS has conducted clinical trials in 19 different therapeutic areas covering more than 150 various indications, including numerous orphan drug indications. On April 26th, 2013, the company completed the acquisition of the New Jersey, United States based Oncology and Vaccine specialist Contract Research Organisation, Beardsworth Consulting Group, Inc..

- Opis S.r.l. - founded in 1998 and with 170 employees, Opis is the leading Italian Contract Research Organisation. The company has a presence in over 30 European countries and is headquartered in Milan. It offers a broad spectrum of therapeutic expertise.

Report data field structure is as follows:

- Company Name
- Mailing Address
- Street Address
- Telephone
- Fax
- Email (Company & Executive)
- Website
- Social Media Links
- Parent Company Name
- Year Established
- Number of Employees
- Key Executives
- Company Description
- Services
- Therapeutic Areas
- Countries Served
- Turnover €m
- Location Status
- Ownership

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- Accovion GmbH
- Advanced Drug and Device Services SAS
- Aepodia S.A.
- Aginko Research AG
- A+ Science AB
- Appletree AG
- Ascent Clinical Research Solutions GmbH
- Ascopharm Groupe Novasco
- Assign Clinical Research GmbH
- BioKinetic Europe
- Biomonitor A/S
- BIOP Biometrical Practice AG
- bioskin® GmbH
- Biotrial S.A.
- Cardialysis BV
- Centre de Recherches Biologiques (CERB)
- Chiltern International Limited
- Clinitude
- ClinTec International Ltd
- Cmed Group Ltd.
- Coronis Research SA
- Cromsource
- Cropha sprl
- Crown CRO Oy
- Cutest Systems Ltd
- DAaCRO GmbH & Co. KG
- Datamap GmbH
- Donawa Lifescience Consulting S.r.l.
- Dr. Manfred Koehler GmbH
- Ergomed Limited
- Ecsor sa/nv
- Factory-CRO BV
- factum GmbH
- Fan GmbH
- FGK Clinical Research GmbH
- 4Clinics
- Fovea S.A.
- Genexion SA
- Greatspur Clinical Development Limited
- Grupo P-Value Medical
- HPM Healthcare & Project Management (Geneva) S.A.
- Huntingdon Life Sciences, Inc.
- Hylae Clinical Research AB
- ICON plc
- ICRC-Weyer GmbH
- IDDI (International Drug Development Institute)
- Illingworth Research Ltd
- Inamed GmbH
- Iris Pharma
- IRW Consulting AB
- IST GmbH
- Java Clinical Research Ltd
- KasaConsult bvba
- Kinesis Pharma B.V.
- Klifo A/S
- Link Medical Research
- M.A.R.C.O. GmbH & Co. KG
- MD Biosciences GmbH
- Medevol Ltd
- MedPass International
- MEK Consulting
- O4 Research Ltd
- Onorach Ltd
- Opis S.r.l.
- Orion Clinical Services Ltd
- Oy Medfiles Ltd
- Pelvipharm
- Pharmacosmos CRO A/S
- Pharmalog Institut für klinische Forschung GmbH
- Pharmalys Ltd
- Pharmatest Services Ltd.
- Phaze S.A.
- Phidea S.r.l.
- Pierrel Research International AG
- Prisma - CRO GmbH
- proDERM® Institute for Applied Dermatological Research
- Profil Institute for Metabolic Research (Profil®)
- proinnovera GmbH
- QED Clinical Services Limited
- Qualitis Ltd
- Quanticate Ltd
- RenaSci Ltd
- Richmond Pharmacology Limited
- Scope International AG
- Smerud Medical Research International AS
- Specialized Medical Services-oncology BV (SMS-oncology)
- Squarepoint-Pointcarre
- SSS International Clinical Research GmbH
- Syne Qua Non Limited
- TFS Trial Form Support International AB
- The Clinical Trial Company Ltd.
- The Medicines Evaluation Unit Ltd
- Venn Life Sciences Holdings Plc
- William Harvey Research Limited
- Winicker Norimed GmbH
- Zeincro Group
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown