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Drawing together leading scholars from a variety of academic disciplines, this entirely new collection of commissioned essays reports the leading edge of research and analysis into the contemporary urban condition. With more than half of the world′s population living in urban environments, cities are places of huge complexity and diversity and the processes, networks, and structures that bind them together reach out across the globe. 

This volume considers the state of the city and contemporary urbanization from a range of intellectual and international perspectives. Whilst considering established themes, such as urban divisions and differences, publics and cultures, politics and planning, The New Blackwell Companion to the City also addresses new debates concerning materiality, mobilities, affect, and the environment.   Incorporating international examples from the US to Europe, and China to South Africa, this book explores the economic, social, cultural, environmental, and political issues that flow from and within the modern city.
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List of Contributors x

Preface xiiiGary Bridge and Sophie Watson

Acknowledgments xv

Part I City Materialities 1

1 Reflections on Materialities 3Gary Bridge and Sophie Watson

2 Neoliberal Urbanism: Cities and the Rule of Markets 15Nik Theodore, Jamie Peck, and Neil Brenner

3 The Liquid City of Megalopolis 26John Rennie Short

4 Ups and Downs in the Global City: London and New York in the Twenty–First Century 38Susan S. Fainstein, Ian Gordon, and Michael Harloe

5 Ethnography of an Indian City: Ahmedabad 48Amrita Shah

6 Landscape and Infrastructure in the Late–Modern Metropolis 57Matthew Gandy

7 Objects and the City 66Harvey Molotch

8 Ecologies of Dwelling: Maintaining High–Rise Housing in Singapore 79Jane M. Jacobs and Stephen Cairns

9 The Urbanization of Nature: Great Promises, Impasse, and New Beginnings 96Maria Kaika and Erik Swyngedouw

10 One Hundred Tons to Armageddon: Cities Combat Carbon 108Peter Droege

11 The New Military Urbanism 121Stephen Graham

12 The City s New Trinity in Contemporary Shanghai: A Case Study of the Residential Housing Market 134Wang Xiaoming, translated by Tyler Rooker

13 Residence Through Revolution and Reform 142Ray Forrest

Part II City Mobilities 155

14 Reflections on Mobilities 157Gary Bridge and Sophie Watson

15 Nothing Gained by Overcrowding : The History and Politics of Urban Population Control 169Andrew Ross

16 Transnationality and the City 179Nina Glick Schiller

17 Migrants Making Technology Markets 193Tyler Rooker

18 Analytic Borderlands: Economy and Culture in the Global City 210Saskia Sassen

19 Nomadic Cities 221David Pinder

20 Mobility and Civility: Police and the Formation of the Modern City 235Francis Dodsworth

21 Disease and Infection in the City 245Simon Carter

22 Urban Choreographies: Dance and the Politics of Space 255Daniel J. Walkowitz

23 Cities on Wheels: Cars and Public Space 265Brian Ladd

Part III City Affect 275

24 Reflections on Affect 277Gary Bridge and Sophie Watson

25 Intensities of Feeling: Cloverfield, the Uncanny, and the Always Near Collapse of the City 288Steve Pile

26 The Future of New York s Destruction: Fantasies, Fictions, and Premonitions after 9/11 304Max Page

27 Public Spaces? Branding, Civility, and the Cinema in Twenty–First–Century China 317Stephanie Hemelryk Donald

28 The Postmetropolis and Mental Life: Wong Kar–Wai s Cinematic Hong Kong 327Christoph Lindner

29 Imagining Naples: The Senses of the City 337Lesley Caldwell

30 City Life and the Senses 347John Urry

31 The Politics of Urban Intersection: Materials, Affect, Bodies 357AbdouMaliq Simone

32 The City, the Psyche, and the Visibility of Religious Spaces 367Andrew Hill

Part IV City Publics and Cultures 377

33 Reflections on Publics and Cultures 379Gary Bridge and Sophie Watson

34 Reflections on the Public Realm 390Richard Sennett

35 City–zenship in Contemporary China: Shanghai, Capital of the Twenty–First Century? 398Michael Keith

36 Just Diversity in the City of Difference 407Kurt Iveson and Ruth Fincher

37 The Emergence of Cosmopolitan Soho 419Judith R. Walkowitz

38 Modernity and Gaslight: Victorian London in the 1950s and 1960s 431Frank Mort

39 The Doing Undone: Vagrancies for the Acoustic City 442Rob Stone

40 Sustainable Cultural Spaces in the Global City: Cultural Clusters in Heritage Sites, Hong Kong and Singapore 452Lily Kong

41 Spatializing Culture: Embodied Space in the City 463Setha Low

42 The Street Politics of Jackie Smith 476John Paul Jones III

43 Walking and Performing the City : A Melbourne Chronicle 488Benjamin Rossiter and Katherine Gibson

Part V City Divisions and Differences 499

44 Reflections on Division and Difference 501Gary Bridge and Sophie Watson

45 The Lost Urban Sociology of Pierre Bourdieu 511Mike Savage

46 Traveling Theory: Embracing Post–Neoliberalism Through Southern Cities 521Jenny Robinson and Sue Parnell

47 Race, Class, and Inequality in the South African City 532Jeremy Seekings

48 Oxford Street, Accra: Spatial Logics, Street Life, and the Transnational Imaginary 547Ato Quayson

49 Harlem Between Ghetto and Renaissance 561Sharon Zukin

50 Gentrification of the City 571Tom Slater

51 The Homosexuality of Cities 586Julie Abraham52 Gendering Urban Space 596Jessica Ellen Sewell

53 Nights in the Global City 606Sophie Body–Gendrot

Part VI City Politics and Planning 617

54 Reflections on Politics and Planning 619Gary Bridge and Sophie Watson

55 Urban Planning in an Uncertain World 631Ash Amin

56 The Three Historic Currents of City Planning 643Peter Marcuse

57 Photourbanism: Planning the City from Above and from Below 656Anthony Vidler

58 Shaping Good Cities and Citizens 667Evelyn S. Ruppert

59 Regional Urbanization and the End of the Metropolis Era 679
Edward W. Soja

60 Invisible Architecture: Neighborhood Governance in China s Cities 690John Friedmann

61 Retreat from a Totalitarian Society: China s Urbanism in the Making 701Fulong Wu

62 Transnational Urban Political Ecology: Health and Infrastructure in the Unbounded City 713Roger Keil

63 Entrepreneurial Urbanism, Policy Tourism, and the Making Mobile of Policies 726Kevin Ward

64 Making Up Global Urban Policies 738Allan Cochrane

65 Urban Governance in Europe: What Is Governed? 747Patrick Le Galès

Index 759

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Gary Bridge
Sophie Watson
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