Advances in Bioceramics and Biotechnologies II. Ceramic Transactions, Volume 247. Ceramic Transactions Series

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A collection of papers from the below symposia held during the 10th Pacific Rim Conference on Ceramic and Glass Technology (PacRim10), June 2–7, 2013, in Coronado, California 2012:

Advances in Biomineralized Ceramics, Bioceramics, and Bioinspired Designs

Nanostructured Bioceramics and Ceramics for Biomedical Applications

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Vapor Deposition Polymerization as an Alternative Method to Enhance the Mechanical Properties of Bio–Inspired Scaffolds 3Pei Chun Chou, Michael M. Porter, Joanna McKittrick, and Po–Yu Chen

The Natural Process of Biomineralization and In–Vitro Remineralization of Dentin Lesions 13
Stefan Habelitz, Tiffany Hsu, Paul Hsiao, Kuniko Saeki, Yung–Ching Chien, Sally J. Marshall, and Grayson W. Marshall

Synthesis of Highly Branched Zinc Oxide Nanowires 25Wenting Hou, Louis Lancaster, Dongsheng Li, Ana Bowlus, and David Kisailus

A Comparison on the Structural and Mechanical Properties of Untreated and Deproteinized Nacre 37Maria I. Lopez, Po–Yu Chen, Joanna McKittrick, and Marc A. Meyers

Reinforcing Structures in Avian Wing Bones 47E. Novitskaya, M.S. Ribero Vairo, J. Kiang, M.A. Meyers, and J. McKittrick

Structural Differences between Alligator Pipehorse and Bay Pipefish Tails 57Zherrina Manilay, Vanessa Nguyen, Ekaterina Novitskaya, Michael Porter, Ana Bertha Castro–Cesena, and Joanna McKittrick

Initial Investigations in Applying a PILP–Mineralization System to Calcium Oxalate Formation using Vapor Diffusion 65Douglas E. Rodriguez, Saeed R. Khan, and Laurie B. Gower

Utilizing Kaolinite and Amorphous Calcium Carbonate Precursors to Synthesize Oriented Aragonitic Structures 75Jong Seto

Use of Biomineralization Media in Biomimetic Synthesis of Hard Tissue Substitutes 91A. Cuneyt Tas

Structural Characterization and Compressive Behavior of the Boxfish Horn 105Wen Yang, Vanessa Nguyen, Michael M. Porter, Marc A. Meyers, and Joanna McKittrick

Comparative Evaluation of Crystallization Behavior, Micro Structure Properties and Biocompatibility of Fluorapatite–Mullite Glass–Ceramics 113S. Mollazadeh, A. Youssefi, B. Eftekhari Yekta, J. Javadpour, T.S. Jafarzadeh, M. Mehrju, and M. A. Shokrgozar


Size Control of Magnetite Nanoparticles and their Surface Modification for Hyperthermia Application 127Eun–Hee Lee and Chang–Yeoul Kim

Design, Synthesis, and Evaluation of Polydopamine–Laced Gelatinous Hydroxyapatite Nanocomposites for Orthopedic Applications 135Ching–Chang Ko, Zhengyan Wang, Henry Tseng, Dong Joon Lee, and Camille Guez

Application of Scratch Hardness Tests for Evaluation of Partially Sintered Zirconia CAD/CAM Blocks for All–Ceramic Prosthesis 149Da–Jeong Lee, Seung–Won Seo, Hyung–Jun Yoon, Hye–Lee Kim, Jung–Suk Han, and Dae–Joon Kim

Functionalized Alkoxysilane Mediated Synthesis of Nano–Materials and their Application 155P. C. Pandey and Ashish K. Pandey

Development of Bioactive Glass Scaffolds for Structural Bone Repair 167Mohamed N. Rahaman, Xin Liu, and B. Sonny Bal

Fabrication, Characterization and In–Vitro Evaluation of Apatite–Based Microbeads for Bone Implant Science 179J. Feng, M. Chong, J. Chan, Z.Y. Zhang, S.H. Teoh, and E.S. Thian

A Functionalized Nanoporous Alumina Membrane Electrochemical Sensor for DNA Detection with Gold Nanoparticle Amplification 191Weiwei Ye and Mo Yang

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Joanna McKittrick
Roger Narayan
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