Fresh Talent Pool Landscape in 20 Emerging Countries

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This report covers fresh talent pool in 20 emerging countries across different IT, ITeS and Technology skills. The report can be customized at country level or at Industry level or a combination of both.

Executive Summary:

Growing economies are one of the major drivers for employment creation. It is hardly surprising that only those countries that are at the forefront of economic growth create the most jobs (approximate in percentage). As a direct consequence of burgeoning growth, naturally there is tremendous competition among sectors, such as Healthcare, Construction, IT/ITES, Telecom, Automotive, BFSI and Retail for acquiring talent across these emerging economies.

With increasing competition and high cost of human resources, the recruitment process is becoming progressively more challenging. Interestingly, because of this more and more companies are considering a change in focus from experienced hires to fresh graduates. 21st century has transformed into an era where more than 50 percent of the vacant positions are being filled by fresh talent.

'Fresh Talent Pool Landscape in 20 Emerging Countries' identified the imbalances in the availability of fresh graduates. To add to these woes, there is the matter of the quality of fresh graduates across various emerging geographies. As a result, recruitment in emerging economies has become a demanding and involved process, which requires deep insight to target the right graduates from the right education institution.

The objective of this report is to assist firms in prioritizing their recruitment from educational institutions based on their needs and reach out to the best talent in each of the 20 emerging economies. The report could also be used to strategize hiring and thereby reducing cost of extensive travelling across the globe.

Scope and economies considered: India, China, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Thailand, Poland, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Russia, Brazil, South Africa, Egypt, South Korea, Argentina, Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh.

The growth of various industries in most of these emerging economies is also reflected in the staggered growth in the availability of fresh graduates.
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1. Executive Summary of talent landscape at country Level

2. Summary of higher education system

3. Fresh talent landscape by country
- Segmentation of fresh talent pool by stream
- Segmentation of fresh talent pool by education level (Degrees)
- Segmentation of fresh talent pool by regions/cities
- Projections of fresh talent pool by streams
- Projections of fresh talent Pool by degrees
- Diversity ratio in fresh talent pool

4. Key research institutes by country

5. Recommendations to MNCs on recruitment and research tie-ups at country level

6. Research methodology
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