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Wood Resource Quarterly (WRQ)- now in its 18th year - is the number one source for global wood price data and market information including comprehensive analysis of wood market trends for the international forest industry. Each report is approximately 50 pages in length and includes delivered sawlog prices and pulpwood prices and market information from all major regions of the world, including Europe, North America, South America, Oceania and Asia .

The key factor determining a company's global cost competitive position remains its raw material base and the cost of available wood resources. Wood costs account for between 40-50 % of the production costs for pulp manufacturing, and 65-75 % of the total production costs for sawmills. Timely knowledge of global wood fiber costs and trends remains a cornerstone for competent internal strategic planning within the forest products industry.

The report of approximately 50 pages also provides global indices of wood costs, global wood fiber market commentary, pulp grade fiber costs, and a summary of trade of wood chips around the world each quarter. Join the large group of international forest industry analysts in over 18 countries in subscribing to the only publication that has consistently tracked delivered wood fiber prices and market developments worldwide since 1988.

Pulpwood Prices and Wood Chip Prices Worldwide

Wood fiber prices (average and range) are reported in both local currency and US$ per cubic meter and oven dried metric ton. The prices are updated each quarter and supported by graphs showing a 18 year history of movements in delivered wood fiber price levels, and changes in foreign currency/US$ exchange rates. The regions covered by the WRQ account for as much as 85-90% of the world's wood-based pulp production capacity.

Global Sawlog Prices

The sawlog price is the key factor when tracking changes in competitiveness for the global sawmilling industry and for understanding current and future regional developments around the world. Wood is the cost factor with the largest fluctuation and accounts for as much as 65-75 % of the total production cost for modern sawmills. WRQ tracks conifer sawlog prices in 18 regions, together accounting for almost 80 % of the world's conifer lumber production. In each issue, delivered sawlog prices, in comparable units, are presented in graphs with data going back to 1995.
Global Forest Resource and Forest Products Updates

In addition to global wood prices and market commentary for over 20 regions worldwide, each issue also highlights the following sections on a regular basis:

- Global Plantation Update
- Timberland Investment Update
- Pulp Market Update
- Global Pulp Capacity Update
- Biomass Market Update
- Country Profiles

Profiles of Current Market Developments

Each log market report contains a special report covering a timely topic. Featured articles in recent issues have included:

- Global sawlog prices
- Timber harvests and log trade in Europe
- Brazil – the changing wood fiber market
- Timber harvests and log trade in Russia
- China , the fastest growing pulp fiber market in the world
- Eucalyptus in the international wood chip market
- Illegal logging and global wood markets
- South Africa – Increased Pulp Production or Chip Exports?

*A subscription includes a hard copy mailed each quarter and online access to download the issue in PDF format as well as access to back catalogue to 2007.
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