Planet Entrepreneur. The World Entrepreneurship Forum's Guide to Business Success Around the World

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We are living in a world of incredible challenge and changes, and for both the entrepreneur and potential entrepreneur alike, this also means it is a world of ample opportunities. From the fall of the Berlin Wall to the rise of e–commerce and social media, there are now, today, more markets, tools, and opportunities for entrepreneurs than ever before. Even better: we are now also living in a world more predisposed to entrepreneurial solutions than ever, and we need those solutions — not just to create the Next Big Thing, but to solve the Next Big Problem. Every issue that individuals, communities, and nations face offers the entrepreneur the chance to make a difference. For anyone ready to embark on a mission to solve problems, create communities, build businesses, tap technology, and think entrepreneurially, this new world is teeming with opportunities for success.

Through real–life examples, Planet Entrepreneur explains the full extent of today′s global entrepreneurial revolution and its vital importance for our future. Discover what the emerging markets are, and learn how to tap into them to achieve success. Written by members of the World Entrepreneurship Forum, Planet Entrepreneur offers insights on:

  • The global entrepreneurial revolution
  • The future of financing
  • The rise of the self–employed army
  • The transformation of innovation
  • The view from the "bottom of the pyramid"
  • And more

Learn how the worlds′ best entrepreneurs are starting profitable businesses, innovating, or creating organizations to alleviate social needs across the globe. Planet Entrepreneur teaches how anyone can develop an entrepreneurial mindset, begin a successful venture, and change the world for the better. This is the Era of the Entrepreneur.

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About the World Entrepreneurship Forum vii

World Entrepreneurship Forum’s Founding Members Definition ix

Preface by Tugrul Atamer xi

Acknowledgments xv

Author Note xvii


Chapter 1 The Global Entrepreneurial Revolution 3Inderjit Singh

Chapter 2 The Entrepreneurial Technological Transformation 21Nikhil Agarwal


Chapter 3 Entrepreneurs: The New Global Adventurers 37Dr. Colin Jones

Chapter 4 Going Green: Business as an Agent of Change 49Thais Corral, in collaboration with Jarrod Russell and Daniele Cesano

Chapter 5 Social Entrepreneurship and the End of Charity 63Tony Meloto

Chapter 6 Empowering Women and Minority Entrepreneurship 75Jeannie E. Javelosa

Chapter 7 Untapped Potential at the Base of the Pyramid 89Jack Sim


Chapter 8 Hello Entrepreneurs, Goodbye Borders 105Baybars Altuntas

Chapter 9 New Financing for a New Era 119David Drake

Chapter 10 Social Media: The Game Changer 133Fadi Sabbagha

Chapter 11 Paradigm Shifts in Education 147Anna–Lena Johansson

Chapter 12 Creating an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem 161Nicolas Shea


Chapter 13 Intrapreneurship 179Steven D. Strauss

Chapter 14 Taking Your Business Global in the Digital Age 191Laurel Delaney

Chapter 15 The Self–Employed Entrepreneur 207Steven D. Strauss

Index 217

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"The World Entrepreneurship Forum Guide to Planet Entrepreneur: Business Success Around the World pairs real–world examples of global business changes with insights into how these changes hold wide–ranging and sweeping impacts for everyone′s future, and is recommended by any interested in the future of global commerce. From new routes to financing such as crowdfunding and the new self–employed revolution happening now to how innovation is being re–invented and how big business is in a new position of power in fostering ′green′ practices, this collection covers a range of entrepreneurial changes taking place around the world. The result is a powerful predictor of what is to come as well as an exploration of what is happening in global business communities today, and deserves a place in any serious business book collection." (MidWest Book Reviews 2016)
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